Spiritual Butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, provided by a short life visit of the most spiritual guidance from our Angel.

During a time of great grief, the loss of my son Joseph DeNicola at the spiritual age of 7.  I again see the lessons of when a beautiful being dies.

I had been asking for a sign, from ArchAngel Micheal whom it is said to be the insect symbol and meaning of a golden butterfly.  Following the night held to my soul of the request and many hours of prayer, I asked for him to tell me if my son was doing well, even after death each second on our minds, our children’s well-being and happiness.

The following morning, I awoke to the most beautiful butterfly, whom came to me within their very short period of time after so many transformations of growth, to spend the morning, and sitting on my hand, coming back again to visit and allowing me to hold him on my arm, then again to sitting upon my head.  Few moments, but love and happiness.

The message I was so happy to seeing and learning of the sign of ArchAngel Micheal as being a butterfly and had taken the beautiful experience, to as a visit of my son a message that he is transformed into the most beautiful love. Still, the heartache-filled me as I accepted what I had asked for.

The type of butterfly. A Monarch which within the light of me knowing my son is very much a King.  The butterfly is the most beautiful black and orange wings as her vital host plant, the common milkweed.  My son had passed due to an allergic reaction to Milk proteins.  With my heart, I looked further to this beautiful being, to learning that they are named after Danaus, The Mythical King of Egypt and Son of Zeus.  Tears for the connect to me represented what within I felt.

Dancing over each milkweed sprout she discovers, she finally lays one or two jewel-like eggs on the underside of the emerging leaves.  That is what the Monarch live for. Milkweeds are the only plants on which monarch butterflies will lay their eggs and which caterpillars will feed upon.  It became even more of a blessing since within the area of Green Bay WI that I live, due to drought and the hard long winters, this amazing beautiful creator survived and after all the cycles of growth, and distance of travel of migration towards my area, it chose to spend moments with me.

Their life span is so spiritual and with it the most blessed message. A short life, but to contribute such beauty and love.  Just like my Joseph.

The first transformation birth, her mother, finding during the time of February to March, came out of her hibernating state to search and find a mate.  Can you place yourself, just there for a moment?  How big of an area do you live, how dangerous would it be with all the day to day of us, that they need to overcome, as well the matter of looking for a mate, in a large place to them.   Once she finds her mate, they look for the ideal place traveling east and north, to lay eggs.  This creation a new generation by the direction only that of which they are directed, without a compass. Think about that, they only travel the same path within their lifetimes, millions within the same direction pull.. who directs them and by what grace.

March – April laying their eggs on the milkweed plants, which they depend on us to plant and harvest and in nearly four days, the hatching caterpillars or the larvae appear. • Then the only job of the larvae is to eat and grow up..within its own time frame set, it finds its place and begins the course of transformation.  Silk, dressing used to cocoon.

In 10 days, you can see the larvae entering the Chrysalis stage. During this time, on looking from the outside, nothing seems to happen, but inside the chrysalis, the previous body elements of the caterpillar are going through an amazing conversion, called metamorphosis, to develop into stunning parts that go to make the emerging butterfly.  Think about that, from the outside, we cannot see the changes it is within…wings grow…..  our soul.

Then beautiful butterfly will commence its journey to feed on flowers, simply enjoying its short life of just about 2-6 weeks. Unfortunately, this initial generation of monarch butterfly then dies after having laid eggs for the second generation.

2- 6 weeks, that is all.. Once it has completed its journey knowing by laying those eggs, it will die…

I looked within, deeply when she visited me and said how blessed am I to take a few moments from all that magick in such a short lifetime.  To be touched loved and happy together just a blessing.

I took a few picture of our time together that I am now sharing with you. May 18 was that wonderful morning.   I had thought only at that moment blessed, but that blessing was not just that day.

Today exactly 10 days after on May 28, I woke up and always watch the sunrise, but today the sky was just so beautiful because the sky above the sun coming up had been the color of the rainbow after it rained all the night prior.  Rain has a very calming effect and meaning for the last day, that my son’s heart had still been beating, prior to them taking him into the OR to donate his organs, to taking him off the support… it was raining and the day prior I told my Angels to give me a sign.  They did just that, a sign on a house across the hospital that said, Rain Rain go away come back another day.  A song to learning he was just singing the week prior wanting to go to the park with his aunt over and over nonstop…

I had been on the phone with my sister and said wow a rainbow sky this morning May 28th.  With a smile and a sense of calm over me.  I had hung up with her, and as I looked on the floor in front of me, there she was… her wings still beautiful and spread open, I ran over to her on the floor in front of me, but to notice that she had made her final transformation.

Now, I sit here, as I picked her up in my hands without a care and thanked her so much.  I took her inside, cleaned her up and placed her on the most beautiful altar with candles and incense and crystal stones all around her… She is still so beautiful.. my little Angel.  I said many prayers and blessings and thanks to my Angels for her today.  She came back to me, on her last day, same as my son.

The meaning of this all during such a large time of transformation within me spiritually.  I am within, searching now…. I love you my little butterfly… as your final transformation is this too a sign from the Angels that within a short time, and regardless of the time it was the happiness and feeling we shared with each other that even after your final transformation, I will hold to honor, that you picked me… Thank you, my Angels.

I love you my Joseph… within all of this Mom can say I know you have your wings, my son.  Time for me to now cocoon to find the lightness and beauty that left me after your death, for I honor that little butterfly to take such an angelic task to brighten up my day.  Just like you, my son so brave always regardless to what stood in our way, you spoke your truth and showed your love to me as I did you.  Brave, is not the word.   Hero, always each day my little hero so brave always gave love and made beauty always. My son.  Grace in such a short time beauty and the lightness of love.

Think her only one path had been set for generations, but she was brave enough to not only live to create her eggs, maybe a sacrifice she might have made, and took that time to visit with me? For her and your honor, just like butterflies I within will look to grow, and learn from this all.

I start by planting some milkweed and watching out for your eggs…little butterfly.  In your honor to give to your next generation and a safe place…to grow.  I hope to find them and talk with them each day as I garden and tell them how very brave you were to show me love and a message from the Angels.  May your wings be of gold as we transform the simplicity of life.2805-173906 1805-093010 1805-092914

I always will keep such a wonderful story… alive a spiritual butterfly…

Both of you… for your lives are among the most wonderful natural events to our universe.

I love you Joseph and little butterfly.. may you both find each other…Butterfly kisses… to both of you… Mommy


Like to the Life Span of the Monarch Butterfly – See more at http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/life-span.html#sthash.qQkwM5Ff.dpuf

My day on May 18 and picture link

– See more at http://www.monarch-butterfly.com/life-span.html#sthash.qQkwM5Ff.dpuf

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