We are still Food Allergy Parents… we are grieving, understand the risks.. Help us #Teal Pumpkin Project

food allergy support group

“Mommy loves you Joseph guide us as we send to you always our love and you are never alone, we are never alone. I love you, my Angel…”

Imagine that the only moment you have with your child now is a message that you speak out loud, or posting it to a message for another to feel to make a difference, the importance of your experience. Why do we post on social media, well it is many a phone call.. a larger group that with my purest intent to understand my messages. That they touch you to make a difference. A difference NOW before, another has to experience if they would just awaken to the lesson.

A lesson that most can see now, before and understand. Proactive messaging.. someone might just fall upon a post, just at the right time… think about that.. I do so believe time is very much a blessing cherish each moment.

I am reaching out to you all to offer you a chance to make a difference in each of your lives. To change the direction for many, to a safer way.

So you DO NOT find my message I am posting interesting since you are heading out the door to make it to the office. Kids are running around, or you have to much more important things to do, like grab a cup of Joe.. Well guess what you just walked by around 3 people whom are effected by this message. You just stood next to someone that might very much be effected tomorrow. You might have just sent off a child or a loved one who might or yourself face the same, maybe not food allergies but a restriction that will cause them their life if not handled with care. It is like a murderer standing down the block you walk each day, waiting to pick the right one.. I feel a little dark is due.. I speak alot of light, but reality is darkness comes with either a lesson or a karmic redo. In some form of matter be it now or a redo in your next lifetime.

Either themselves or a loved one, might be that someone now. Someone, once said, that the matter of what we cannot see, will come to us if we do not take the time to look in the moment. I guess that was me, saying it.. I like to speak of my spiritual guidance as in a third party… I am certified crazy I am going with it.. lol.. But you get my message.

I have to say the time of my sons passing being on Halloween, is a sign in front of me, up to each moment it lead us there. He was pumpkin crazy since day one.. ask any of his family.. very much a message. So I tend to try to see the lesson in all matters, regardless the energy of pain that comes from it. The pain is the lesson. The tears of understanding the blessing.

Third party voice ” that’s deep”.. lol

See, I do believe that he passed with his message to help. Just like his birth, he decided the time. Right between St. Patricks and St Josephs Day. l understood that message on that magical moment. I remember being at a cousin of my ex basement apartment and looking at a calendar and saying wow he is divine, just the right message for me to know how much he will change in life and after his death. He started off by a gratitude wish to the heavens, a child that I would name after St. Joseph for saving me on 911. The day of his returning to the unconditional love from all, in which he was birthed, he just might have decided on the day returning back to that unconditional love. He was pronounced brain dead 11/4, but in my heart I know when his little soul took upon a new heavenly destination.. See.. I am his mom.. we know these things.. Nov 2 he waited for us all to feel his comfort afternoon, the blessing of the Angelic sight I seen around him. a book falling to the floor and a sign of blessed feeling that took over each that touched him. The calmness he brought to all that had touched him on those days.. like a feeling in your body of radiant energy of love. Just by holding him.. he was still comforting all..

In honor of my son Joseph DeNicola. A difference that could save another and as we are all PAYING VERY MUCH ALOT OF ATTENTION ON HALLOWEEN TO WHAT EVERYONE EVEN NON ALLERGY CHILDREN ARE DOING AND EATING>> GREAT TIMING JOSEPH.. my Angel.. I got it.. Right after all souls day.. Holy days in and on Holy days returned..

WHAT IS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. CANDY or Pizza Neither. I have to say I had just forced my first slice down at my sisters the past week.. but have not looked at it the same ever again.. Milk sometimes when someone asks do you want milk in a not knowing way, I look at them with the eyes of the dagger.. then have to settle after Chris tells me your giving them your dagger eyes. lol..

Each of us that have lost someone to an element, will forever have those triggers that grip at your heart and soul… DAILY..

My son Joseph, had a food allergy to Milk. As he just went out that day, as all children do, dressed as his favorite Pokemon costume ( in this picture his last one taken on the same day he met that element), no one would imagine it would be the last time we would see his beautiful life end so soon. See he shined, as his favorite color, the rainbow. Joseph, developed food allergies from birth, and it was and still is very much part of my life to keeping all aware and safe. Why are we asking now, and not closer to Halloween, well we plan to have the message out proactively.. Like the RED STOP SIGN, but with a great message and a nicer color TEAL..

So if you can help out just by having fun with your kids and painting and have a non food treat ready for a little one that you would never want to place a chocolate bar in their hands, since you had not been aware since in the moment, his mom or dad had been trusting to having a quick conversation and was not looking… ? UNDERSTAND….

Speak about TEAL PUMPKIN PROJECT. If you have the ability and own your own business what can you do on Halloween to send a message.. products in so many locations, small businesses, at school events, everywhere. Just placing a flyer in your window at your locate business..

Parents are doing as much as they can on their side, see we know very much, the importance of being prepared, and in time, our loved ones life depends on it.

We are asking, for your help. Even if it is a suggestion to get attention to the cause during Halloween. The holiday that most know, our own parents had fears with someone placing something harmful in our candy..

Even any suggestion to getting involved to starting the product moving forward be it even creating a product on the market yourself, or something within line, to getting into the hands of our children safer options is all that matters. Options that can be enjoyed by all. Who says Halloween has to be about food, I know when I was a kid, the special little toy was more exciting then a bubblegum candy that my mother would not even let me eat anyway with the scare I would choke.

Remember that, the night of our parents had to go thru the candy.. still happens today, right. That big bag of left overs.. Yuck, the recycle rs are out there.. I think all parents would like to just see a small toy or game, handy enough to be harmless to a child.

So with an effort to raise awareness during a Holiday with the increased chance of allergens being exposed, when food is in our little ones hands, and each are ringing the same bell, door to door. Lets make it an option to have a safer alternative.

Awareness and understanding be the message for health to all safer, it is a very important change in direction, to all children for a safer healthier event. Less risk, with the option of the parent to choose.

Lets offer those children, the same fun day.. Again, we all very much can relate to the scare of someone placing something harmful and finding it in our children’s goody bags, well that is very much a reality to our children whom have allergies.

So for them to feel comfortable and to be part of the holiday, without the fear we are attempting to get this wonderful message out. Take a life seriously, especially little ones that depend on adults. They are the beautiful smiles that are coming to you, each of you with each door bell ring.. So many creative products, you can be the new favorite guy or gal in the neighborhood.. they do grow up ya know.. and one day they might be that one answering your call..


I have planned for next year to get a moment of silence . Please sign this and share : Joseph DeNicola Moment of Silence 4pm Est Halloween each year at the closing bell of the NYSE

This years event page.  Please feel free to join and invite all : It has been 1 year, Please with gratitude I ask for a MOMENT OF SILENCE at 4pm est. on Halloween

Bless you all….
I have to sign off for a few days, since doctors orders, alot of stress and time to being the first year and my little angels messages I want to take in, and send them out to all of you as they do come to me. I do believe the blessings do come after the pain…

I love you all
My heart to all those whom gained an Angel, let this holiday be blessed with no more gaining on the heavenly side just yet… lets keep them safe.. Please… I do very much hope you read my message..

#TEALPUMPKINPROJECT it is a wonderful time to share… Teal Pumpkin Door Sign


Share it, it might just need to be seen by one of your friends or family members.. just at the right time…

Cherish Life… That is what we are taught when we have to face restriction, regardless of that restriction..

 Bless you.. all

Rest in Peace our Angels

I love you Joseph

Mothers Day Brunch at P.S.4  Joseph and his Mom, Julianne Riceputo DeNicola
Mothers Day Brunch at P.S.4
Joseph and his Mom, Julianne Riceputo DeNicola

Thought creates reality

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