It is almost Halloween, wait 2 minutes PLEASE STOP and READ! It only takes 2 minutes! In honor of my son Joseph DeNicola this Halloween!

STOP!  Please!  Why 2 Minutes means so much to me !!!! Be prepared!



It is almost that time again.  Halloween.  Many know my son Joseph DeNicola. Joseph had a reaction on Halloween.  To the new parents, I would like to say, hello warriors you are doing a great job! I am always here, his story is the worst that can happen if we do not act fast, so please be prepared. There is no price tag on life. I would give my life to hold my son in my arms just for a few seconds.

Last year we raised enough attention to stopping everyone for just one minute before they head out the door! I decided as I had worked in the financial markets since 1990, for everyone to stop at the closing bell in a moment of silence! In honor of my son, that day! I was going to take it to the NYSE, but it is not the purpose, the bell is!  I remember it was always the time I could finally leave my desk from approving orders or putting out fires.  Everyone is about to head home and get to the door “bells.” The rush out of the city and heading on the train or bus or both in my case! The every day was getting it all together running around juggling, having the flexibility to work from home helped, but we still all need to just … STOP!  Please!  MOST IMPORTANT STATEMENT I CAN TELL YOU WHY 2 Minutes means so much to me !!!! Be prepared!

I am suggesting parents not to resort to syringe replacements.  DO NOT USE THE SYRINGE METHOD !!!! IT TAKES TWO Minutes for a child’s airways to close with NO OXYGEN! That is why you call 911! The professionals can do so because they are equipped with OXYGEN too! PERIOD ! THAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF CALLING 911.  Most importantly dosage, we do not want our children going into Cardiovascular (cv) as you read the attached article! My son was in such at arrival at the hospital, they brought him back, but due to the powers be, another! To much time without oxygen and his brain cells started to shut down! His doctor that worked on him bless his soul came to Josephs services!  His words, “Ms. DeNicola I did not give up on him!”  That man is in pain too.  I love him! I just hugged him for a very long time.

Professionals, EMS, Fire Department, Nurses, and our miracle doctors will be on stand by, I think are told when they have someone on the way?I know each place is different, some states resources are suffering from emergency staff, that is on the rise these days.  Keep that in mind.  So, call plus they will have the team at the location know you are on your way! Staff arranged in urgent matters, we hope!  I still have faith in them all.

I found this great article, by a 32 year old scientist living with systemic mast cell disease. In grief, I search for truths each day on how I can help the next.  Joseph lost too much oxygen for to long. That by experience, it was not his first reaction.  He had different levels younger just his face breaking out like a raspberry rash, the next his lips and face.  The first and the last the worst.  The first he turned blue stopped breathing in my arms with an ounce cut of whole milk for the first time at the age of 1.  I noticed each time he had one, his breathing was getting ruff, after the second learned he had as well a heart murmur.  My sons life was in and out of the doctors.  As you all to very much do. They are amazing children,as well their siblings.  They treasure life from hearing first had the truths from the doctors.  Our first job, teaching them.  So, the level of his severe reaction no one needed to tell me what happened, I am an educated FA parent beyond researched the internet around three times top to bottom found the best doctors and they became his.

When I heard of any form of delay by the manner of understanding the level of severe reaction ( know the signs), I knew right away what happened! I was not there at the time.  We have only time, and that means right away for a reason.  Minutes, things are happening inside we cannot see.  Vitals.. get them their 911 right after you administer.  Let the dispatch tell you whom can make it there quicker, call them even if you are on the way.

Be educated parents. Stopping for an over the counter drug first before an epi pen can be the difference..”KNOW YOUR SIGNS”  Yes it only takes two minutes when a severe reaction takes place maybe more in some cases, but the manner of delay in any form is a problem to have a set of mind firstly!

Be prepared with knowledge.  When I talk with new parents, I always hear the same.  Well, I know someone who said. STOP, I challenge you to ask your doctors!  How long it takes for an airway of a child to close.  If they tell you longer, find a new doctor.

READ THE LINK IN LENGTH BELOW !!!!!  I am only highlighting a minuscule piece.  It is a world of information.  

 No, using the manual syringe/vial method is NOT the same as using an epinephrine autoinjector


I will be posting the event reminder up on his facebook page, that you can find on the right top of this site, be sure to like the page, so I include you on the invite list.  It is these events that on social media we get to meet the most loving people, sharing love pictures.  Even if you are too busy, you can always come back to check later on! The best part.  Here is the event from last year! 2014 Moment of Silence In Honor of Joseph DeNicola

I want everyone to take not just one moment this year, but 2!  I refuse to use the M word in this blog, but we all understand we need to make sure to be prepared FIRST!  TIME IS THE DIFFERENCE, you do not have much time! What is happening inside we cannot see!

I tell parents “do not even think just do!”.  Now, another minute to understand “do you know what you are doing”?

We will all be teal pumpkin out, during that time as we do each year, but the most important question before you step one foot outside that door with your child …

Before you or your TEENAGER about to run out PREPARED.

Why am I repeating myself, because I am saying it twice? You cannot cure death! Grief is forever, beyond when your child returns to his kingdom. I call it such because he is my king.  There is no one any higher in my world.  I am sure you feel the same about your children, grandchildren!  I am pretty confident about that!

Here we are, almost at two years and it still feels like day one for me. I will never hold my baby again.  I sometimes fall asleep with my hand on the scars on my body from his delivery saying to myself.  I am blessed to have them.  The reality hits in moments throughout the day.  We have to learn to relive all over again.  We do not see the world like we use to before. It is like a different world, on a whole new level.  When a grieving mother pours her heart out, just listen. You might know them, to prepare you to help another.  I do believe paths cross for a reason.  I know our angels teach us, even in that split second four years from now.

We are very straight forward with facts and truth if you ask any of us.  There is no smoke around it. Your choice to listen.  We are just sharing our experience.

Remember, being prepared means if you are using a new life-saving tool, make sure it works, by another and practice with your doctor, if your child has a best friend, them too. Resources Resources Resources. Cell phone contacts the 504. Understand.

Stop for 2 minutes in honor of my son at the closing bell and shut everything else out, in those few moments to get what is needed, have my son on your mind-set your alarms on your phones.  Just stop! 2 minutes of silence.  I will be posting the event on Facebook on his page when we get closer.  I am just not ready yet myself.

I actually caught myself this year during the last week of August, screaming out loud at items for Halloween being out. My new year!  ” What the F ^* it is only August!”I stood there unprepared.  People stopping to look at the crazy woman yelling at the items.  Within that moment the grief took out my legs, the tears started coming and all the great advice of my doctors I attempted to hold onto.  Breathe, center.. nope, knees down and made believe I was tieing my shoe.. the only thing was I had flip-flops on! The tears flowing, getting like tunnel vision, next thought ” how do I get out the front door!  It takes you out!  I thought I had mastered the grabbing an item off the shelf to cover my face act, as I attempted to read a label.  That failed when I could not use my arms since they had become numb.

I somehow made it into my car, with nothing at all from the store! I am not sure at that point how long it took me to get the key started and into drive.  I believe I was sitting there for a good 40 minutes.  Nothing, everything was gone.  These are the moments I am attempting to hold others from feeling when I meet anyone.  It is a feeling only another grieving parent can explain.  Unfortunately, we have all meet the most beautiful people under the hardest of terms.  Facebook Food Allergy Grief Support Group it is a small private community.  Beyond the hardest but strongest people I know.  A determination is unmeasurable, wisdom beyond. Love and support for each other during those moments.  It is just a place to keep contact, post something that hits you at the moment, most of the time grief is very private to each person is different.  I am the type if it is not there create it, if it is something that helped in a moment of that time, share it.  It might help another.

One picture that did it to me now only being Sept 1 a comment on twitter about, Teal pumpkins! So, it is getting closer.  I am undecided this year what or when or how I will be.  I do know, that in the past support on those days had been the uplift.  So do I plan the moment of silence to remind us all how important it is to be prepared for Halloween since time is the difference?

Have alternatives treats but do not use alternative lifesaving drugs!  The risks the children! That fire of first anger, then the sadness of what could be.  I started reading options and how many suddenly noncommunity pages are posting our choices.  Thanks.  Greatly appreciated.

Then I thought of Joseph.  What happened with Joseph was “time.”  See we do not have that much time when a severe attack just happens.  That means to get the product that will be the right dose, the fast injection and not leave yourself or a child with one option depending on what you decide.  Be prepared! Act it out! How long did it take, see that is the difference.

DO NOT USE THE SYRINGE! UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL! SORRY, I AM NOT FOR IT! NOPE! GET HELP, borrow money, cut corners walk more than drive. Fit it in.  Just think that is their AIR. Have your friends collect or do a company fund collection.  If all else fails, see help in the community, I am sure we all know each other.  I just am having a hard time grasping the thought of one child harmed in any way.

Tonight I found myself looking at his warrior picture on facebook! My knight in shining armor! Then I read the post! I was about to board a plane on that day heading back from NYC, the first year!  Nope, the pain, and grief have not at all lighted.  It shifts.

I place Joseph in my life daily as well my older son, friends, and family.  The loss is a pain I cannot put in words but will attempt to express by showing and making you feel his spirit.

.  warrior

My heart goes out to all of you, just learning that your child has food allergies.  Coming into our community during a time of #EPIGATE, for us old-timers, you’re a new generation.  I believe I will be here for the rest of my life along side, many other parents that have lost a child to Food Allergies.  Our kids do not grow out of it.

So to the new generation, again, you are doing a great job! Our community pulls together, grows together and loves together.  I cannot express the support that has come from strangers, and that reflect the spirit of our community.

Yes, tools are changing as we speak.  Many good old days of two options, can be seen in the news! I believe a buyer will step forth, or a Knight in shining armor on a white horse!  I have just about had enough of the blood hungry vultures! But we need to survive! Alternative news and media outside of our community, suddenly say just use a syringe.  Well if that was not a lesson for history, you should all look into!

One day at a time, I trust in my angels.  We will get resources.  We have children that have been in this community that are now very successful men and woman! We might have to stand behind, opening the gates for them that’s all.

We have seen doors that had closed to our children, in which this community knocked down.  I am sure, this to will pass.  It is just getting the right resources for our kids right now, and always!  They can not and should not be without.  I believe someone needs to really help out the next here if we hear stories from parents that are resorting to means of sharing or expired.  It is the same as not having the correct availability when you need.  No we cannot stop to make a phone call to a girlfriend to use her pen, not enough time to drive and get one with a severe reaction.  See Joseph would like most have mild ones, rash as a toddler, then we had a few times to using the EpiPen, one time it malfunctioned, I will never forget that night in the hospital and as we had been sitting there the dame thing popped and went across the hospital floor.

You might want to read Joseph’s story or any other blessed one we have lost.   Remembering Those We Have Lost To Food Allergies to the families on this list and others that kept private I send my heartfelt love.  Thank you, Lisa Rutter, for keeping our angel list.  Our Angels are such beautiful souls.

The worst that can happen for the community in whole regarding our life-saving tools we tell all daily.  I am still saying you have to used then.  I do not suggest a syringe tool because time is the difference. IT IS NOT AN OPTION UNLESS YOU ARE BUYING AN OXYGEN TANK AND YOU HAVE VITALS CLEAR! YOU KNOW HOW TO CHECK OXYGEN LEVELS RIGHT?

NO NO NO NO NO to syringes.  Sorry, I am not telling you other.  TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH!! 

When someone tells me, they just had a rash and one or two of the severe signs, but I gave them the OTC…blah blah blah. I look up to the heavens and say Oh boy why are you testing me.  You need to check the inside.  I cannot stress VITALs must be tested!.  After the treatment go to the doctor closest to you.  I do not care about a rash, if there is a reaction, follow up with a physician.  Period, you never know when a new allergy is taking form.  They may reorder testing.

The weather is changing, and the clothes will be layered. Wrestling a child to take down their pants as we know the fear that comes with the reaction, well I would suggest not to resorting. We had many outside the community that seems to know our risks but not our history.  They will list caution key words and risk.  Risks of Alternatives   So welcome to the family.

We all are the generation that will have to teach the next why availability and watching our availability is each of our new responsibilities.  The problem is we do not have anyone to call when we realize.  Again, I do believe the heavens are working to help us educate each other again on the power of our community.  We are the educators.  We make change for the better for all in many areas.  Look for the gold in everything.  Our soul is the wealth beyond anyone’s reach.  It is the key to heaven, your heaven.  Remember that.

For the new parents, meet Joe!  Joseph in his Pokemon costume touched the hearts and souls of many!  I cannot tell you how many years he was Pokemon.  This year was a hard one, to see in many ways Pokemon everywhere, but again I brought that to realization that it was him letting me know he is everywhere


Joseph was 7 years old.  His spirit was of pure love, a hero! .  He would stop a show to help the next,he has!

His class mates bell did not work, he stopped and gave her his. Her tears turned into a smile.  I am blessed to have captured such moments. Just that type of dude! Love you my Joe!


I apologize in advance for any grammar errors, typos I stayed up all night just to get it out, quick! I will edit them soon.

References :


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