Wells, H. Gideon. “Studies on the Chemistry of Anaphylaxis.” The Journal of Infectious Diseases 5, no. 4 (1908): 449-83.

A study over 100 years ago.  Sometimes we need to look back to move forward. After reading a more recent study associated to Anaphylaxis that cited two interesting historical research studies.  I read it all, with open mind, and we all are facing our own experiences, does it make sense? We are all unique and there are many tests, research studies and not everything is black and white for all, with the exception of one thing.  Knowing the signs of Anaphylaxis and admin life saving epinephrine when severe symptoms are present and calling 911 additional medical is still needed.

Your allergist is to know most than what we believe they should know… develop are clear detailed relationship so they have a great understanding of your unique history. We all have different immune responses, to a variety of elements so always keep an open mind.

So I read everything.  So I personally understand what might have contributed to my sons diagnosis.  His diagnosis can be very different than many or not. So I share with open mind.  History is good to understand in research as well.

Some would agree with aspects to my sons experiences, since we have faced it personally, others not since they experience a different but same social naming. Food allergy.

Testing is different over years of research,  different findings based on current elements.  It was odd to read this 100 year old research discussing horse serum.  What is collected over years, is historical research.  Reading with open mind is hard, since some just dismiss selected aspects.  But we all should read and evolve to our own circumstances individually.

Just as those who are out there, that really do not even believe Food Allergies are real. After, my loss I cannot tell you how many I have educated through deepest pain.

So,  I screenshot. Thats my thing when I research.  Just in case links get removed in future. The 100 year old research that has not changed names, Anaphylaxis, but much had changed to the historical research behind it.

I was very interested to reading their cited research dating back 100 years ago.

The pioneer experiments of Richet (1902) , to whom we owe the name ANAPHYLAXIS,  indicated that the reaction concerned proteins.

Screenshots are from free public linked source cited as follows :

Wells, H. Gideon. “Studies on the Chemistry of Anaphylaxis.” The Journal of Infectious Diseases 5, no. 4 (1908): 449-83. http://www.jstor.org/stable/30071840





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