Food Allergies controversy used by Elites/ Hollywood/Media/Starving Businesses for free marketing #anaphylaxis



This blog post is for all friends and family in the Food Allergy Community.  It is meant for educational purposes, a coping but yet awareness to the years of misuse and lack of compassion we have faced for years.  The frustration, the anger that arises, actually has been proven to have been done, on purpose.  Yes, on purpose.  Why let me explain before you start blasting away on social media because that is what they want you to do. 

Reaction and a following … 

So please share this if you see a controversy arising in the community.  They need to stop the interaction because all it is doing is feeding the ratings/increasing their traffic/allowing a following.  That is what they want.   Remember act for the community, not for just oneself to blow off steam.  It does not help the overall.  

When you become aware of this, then we take control of it.  Grab it, and say.. not anymore.  Advocate it, tell others, share this blog.

That is what we do in our community.  

I am keeping a log of the offenders and this might be a long blog post so, apologizes in advance, but just giving a mere history to the new population unaware.  I will keep it up for that purpose and in hopes when triggers of emotions take place and our flight or fight response is triggered please be aware with your step forward knowing why it keeps happening.  We can still respond but are more aware.

If we keep responding and bringing attention as they want, it will never end.  Take it offline not online.  Online response and outrage are what they want.  Just a day of traction is all they need.  Offline means, in private groups, not theirs.  Most important tell the community NOT to respond and bring awareness of that purpose… less traction the better… if they see someone sharing it, stop them… or tell them why…. privately organize…

If we keep reacting the same way, they will keep doing it.  Educate others in the community, the new parents just coming on board, the coming of age teenagers, and those compassionate friends and family members who get why allergies are not a joking matter, but guess what, comedians thrive on it, it is their bread and butter.  Again, until it hits home, their home. $$$$$

They will use clear ignorance to set off EMOTIONS, this is the bait.  What they are missing is how very deadly it can be, since younger people are hearing it, and think it is a joke, then the up-rise of bullying takes place evermore, which has turned deadly in many cases.  

Remember, overall after so many years, and the loss of our loved ones we have spent years, educating others of the risks.  How deadly things can turn, within minutes.  So please remember, there are a lot more compassionate people than the paid trolls that are commenting to help the post or story to get traction.  Yes, that is factual, they have those that are paid opposition to create the controversy.  You will see this in many different parts of your lifetime, not just food allergies.  Yes, you are aware of the game they use, they need the following.  Don’t follow, start watching their following, report as it is going down, keep an eye on them, I do.  I know those that are the repeaters. 

So again, please do not buy into social media hysteria,  that is what they want. If you would like, just paste this blog post.  It is here for the community to use to raise awareness and to stop the community from being used. 

Write directly to the writers or sponsers, if it feels personal to you.  Explain why to take the time to respond at the level you experienced. Reach out to sponsors, to raise your concerns, they are paying for such. Explain that you understand raising controversy is easy marketing but why it can turn deadly to children who are facing bullying from those that don’t understand the impact of anaphylaxis.  If they want such a large platform to use to bring awareness and they will see our community thrive towards them.   

News outlets will give the controversy a push as well. It’s what they get paid for.  So do not feed into it either.  Leave it alone.  In time, it will stop.  Let them find a different focus, not our community.

Finally, yes we all have a lot more advocating we all feel when these outbursts take place but understand, all of the hard work that you do, we do to raise awareness does NOT go without.  It makes so many changes, not only for our community but for all.  Safer ways, inclusion for all, awareness. 

 The steps that I follow are :

  1. Breathe Deeply
  2. Do go to our groups to see if others need help to breathe through it. Understanding of the true purpose.
  3. Post this to them in hopes they follow to writing to the network, and writers and sponsors- privately!
  4. Head over to social media and do the same to help those having a Twitter storm with trolls to raise this awareness, and leave awareness posts ONLY. Let them know we are aware of what is taking place.
  5. Wait for a quick reply from the networks that they will stop to defuse. If they are a repeat offender the only way they will stop is to ignore the ignorance.  Period.  No traction at all.  It is discrimination.  If we do not buy into the social media controversy they will stop.  If no quick reply, boycott their sponsors as well. Ask family and friends in private groups, private messages, and via email or during the personal one on ones to share such and organize.
  6. Yes, it is a cycle after these events like I stated, so we need to make sure it is important to share with teachers and others in the community to pay a little more attention and be on higher alert due to the event, that bullying might arise within the next few weeks because of such. 
  7. Educate others on the legal ramifications, due to their actions.

Everyone has their cause, everyone has their views but overall Food Allergies are a disability protected by laws.  Anyone that bullies threatens or harasses another, in fact, is breaking the law.  Anyone that attacks purposely, regardless of method yes, is breaking the law.

Some examples of past violators, for those that are new to this… 

So why the Peter Rabbit hysteria, using food as a weapon.  The new movie segment featured the intentional attack of the McGregor character with the food he is allergic to – the implication being that the rabbits wanted to “kill”.

So why does this keep happening and is it just Hollywoods incompetence?  Nope, now you know. 

An-Original-Illustration-Of-Peter-Rabbit-From-1902-Author-Beatrix-PotterThis isn’t the first time that elite Hollywood has used food allergies to raise controversy knowing our outrage if not in the correct method. It is children’s lives.  We have been featured in many other segments, NEVER for advocating the seriousness but to raise the controversy cycle, to raise emotions. Emotion raises hysteria to gain traction. 

What a joke, they ARE! Failing comedians…

A 10-minute comedy routine, viewed by millions outside our community gets the wrong message. I learned after this stunt by Jimmy some had to leave the event.


Let us not forget George Lopez,  not the first time he has hit rock bottom unfortunately.



I do hope this was informative to you all, and please feel free to sharing… we are all here together…. if we stop yelling…. only the trolls are fighting among themselves…. Now that is just the best entertainment I would love to watch… lol….

Be Aware, Be prepared, EPI FIRST and FAST, Call 911 … Understand how time matters.

Blessings and Love…

Josephs Mom


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  1. AWESOME! You are the best!
    You completely opened my eyes to what Hollywood is doing. Sometimes we forget how large our food allergy community is but it’s obvious they haven’t forgotten .
    They know how loud we can be when we make our voices heard. We have shown it over and over again through out the past couple of years.
    How disgusting it is that they would use us as free advertisement to help line their pockets with money.
    We need someone like you to teach us how to make our voices heard without these elite Hollywood people benefiting from it !
    Thank you Julianne ❤️

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