Food Allergies controversy used by Elite Hollywood as free marketing #PeterRabbitMovie #PeterRabbit

Public domain Image Peter Rabbit

Firstly, to all that are mobilizing to boycott, as the grieving mother of Joseph DeNicola whom we lost on Halloween 2014, I would like to thank you.There is not a day that I do not voice awareness to save another.

It is like our antenna beeps when someone says the word Allergy.  I know, mine has not stopped.  The level of anger first came over me, then the rush to get out all the known petitions, not even knowing who created them.  Now, stepping back to see what really is going on.  I follow the money and taking names.   I am not liking it.

Secondly, the “use” of food allergies as a weapon, is the problem and should not be used as a marketing campaign. So many of you have watched the movie, some come back saying it went so quick that it really was a movie overall about killing and harming so the use of food allergies does not seem odd to many since they had been attempting to electrocute each other as well.

Yes, there is a very big difference when we are facing a life-threatening illness in comparison of electrocuting someone intentionally.  We have children that are living with this illness each day.  That is the difference.  We are all fighting to keeping weapons out of reach of people, but we do not realize that food is a weapon for many.  Lets put those that might think we are overreacting into their safe place.  If there is one to two guns, not loaded in a school room, and everyone is told that there are such and it is okay since there are no bullets.  No one would mind correct.  Now let’s have a few bring some bullets in their lunchbox because they should not be subjected to such restriction due to one or two guns.

Everyone has their cause, everyone has their views but overall Food Allergies are a disability protected by laws.  Anyone that bullies threatens or harasses another, in fact, is breaking the law.  Anyone that attacks purposely, regardless of method yes, is breaking the law.

The rise of emotions is the first method to the hysteria.  Let’s explain clearly why many feel emotional since food allergies have many anxieties.  Daily we have to always be on high alert. In all areas to keeping our children safe.  So why is this a problem, in this movie, it is because the method of having it in a children’s movie, who are the most affected by this illness are depended on us to keeping them safe and feeling safe.   It is not okay to use as a weapon, just like making cartoon use a method of a drug overdose to being okay.  How would everyone react bringing your child to a movie where the characters are using drugs and are watching each attempt to cause death purposely.  Addiction is an illness too.

The new movie segment featured the intentional attack of the McGregor character with the food he is allergic to – the implication being that the rabbits wanted to “kill”.

The movie is not only unacceptable from the standpoint of food allergy community, if you want to watch an hour of methods of harming another, then this movie is for your kids to see.

An-Original-Illustration-Of-Peter-Rabbit-From-1902-Author-Beatrix-PotterThis isn’t the first time that elite Hollywood has used food allergies to raise controversy knowing we are very sensitive to anyone raising awareness, not in the correct method. We have been featured in many other segments, NEVER for advocating the seriousness but to raise the controversy out in social media hysteria to gain traction.   The community had even been under attack during the last US Elections.

Food allergies are not a tool for political gain, controversial interaction or for viewers.  We are seeing an increase of these methods over the past few years more and more.  As an advocate during the #EPIGATE scandal at the time of the elections, one cannot stop to think if the competition too was held back due to the election period hysteria scandal.  Many politicians use drug prices as a tool.  Many during that time advocated but once the elections are over, so did their voices to help with the exception of Grassley as we seen in #epigate.   I have been watching and recording for the community.  I am a very well known strong voice, and a lifetime member.  Someone needs to keep track for the community and I do.  I have nothing to gain and nothing else to lose.

I communicate with INTERNATIONAL advocacy groups and parents of those lost to food allergies.  I am not a voice for a small population.  I keep to knowing every area, in each country to the laws, the areas and what is taking place.  I communicate with people across the country daily, that have reached out to understanding our laws in America to those in other countries.  Food Allergy grief support does not have a destination regionally it is all.

So not only am I a grieving mother.  I have become and have evolved into an international independent advocate within the strongest community since 2007.  My contacts are many, my son’s voice is very strong.  I might not seem to have a fancy webpage because I do everything free and without any support, but I do the most important job.  I save lives.  I keep track of trends and how the community is being educated.  I will be doing so for many generations to come, since I am a lifetime member, my son did not have the chance to grow out of it or become an adult to becoming is own voice.  I am a grieving mother.  I created the “International” Food Allergy Grief support group since it was needed as the level of deaths has grown.  My commitment is a service to the next in honor of my son.  I do not attach myself to one advocacy group, I hear and follow communication with them ALL.

So what I am about to ask the Elite Hollywood entertainment mongrels, comes internationally from many areas, based on feedback directly from international community members who are just starting like myself to position to address this question?

How long do you plan on using our cause and community to cause intentional controversy for free social media hysteria? 

I have to stop and step back from my daily advocacy to being emailed by newsgroups and other areas of the community to organize.  We assemble by first getting our basic voices out there, then the same method of twitter storms to the next level of social media petitions.   I will support  “new” advocacy groups creating petitions as well? I measure their causes, and see if they are of a sound source, if not I raise the awareness of such. So yes, I kind of police the community.  Creating an online petition is great to measuring the amount of controversy is it not.  Understand this, we are not just supporting just one group.  We are a very tight community with known supporters.  We are looking deeper into your use of our cause?

We are no longer asking for an apology only, we are telling you we are aware. 

The elite Hollywood has used advocacy groups in the past to keep the hysteria at bay, that is why I do not belong to many individuals. I keep to my own research and advocacy.  Everyone seems to get some form of payment.  We keep to supporting these groups because they do work hard to keeping outreach and developments more widespread, but know we do not as in whole follow just one or two.  We are all INDEPENDENT PARENTS…  So we will support many petitions, many methods of outreach but the most important outcome is EDUCATING the COMMUNITY as to WHAT REALLY IS TAKING PLACE.

As I look deeper to why they keep doing the same harmful, actions towards the community over and over.  It is for the reaction and the traction, less money for them to circulate.   The paid, trolls in newsgroups had once been a fad we had to educate the last generation of newcomers to not get hysteria about.  Now we must raise awareness to stop the use of our community to raise twitter hysteria. Take note of the offenders, mobilize then boycott. We are many, millions. Less traction to raise free traction. Create blogs, or send it private to friends and family, boycott.

In viewing the outpour we are raising social media traction. Then I do see the rise of opposing opinions.  Understand the amount of traction in and of itself is free marketing for these entertainers. Keep it as private in groups as possible.  Sign the petitions but reach out to your local congressperson independently requesting for change. Use email, use private messanger.  Keep from give them traction.  We are all in the groups we are all aware of the members and we are all in contact daily.  We know when something is off in the community.  With the help of social media, we have kept out the trolls. We have moved away from answering on media website comments since it is just to get clicks for paid advertisement.  We must do the same when it comes to the Elite Hollywood.

So I am attempting to educate the international community, on our next level we must mobilize to defusing, smartly to make it stop.   Seems to be the same actors, the same production companies.

I know it is so hard to keeping calm as work day in and out to help raise awareness, to then one 10 minute comedy routine, viewed by millions outside our community gets the wrong message.  Feels like a smack in the face.

Let’s smack them back, by exposing them and educating out-group members of this common way of use. So we can know educate and team up to making this problem aware. Internationally.

Those thoughtless stunts like handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches out at the Emmy Awards that forced many to have to leave the event and outrage many of us.  Lets set up groups of millions privately to boycott the next.  The actors, boycott.  We are many.  The less we pay attention and tune in the fewer ratings.  All that matters.

The carelessness of these organizations is horrifying to parents, yes but we have the strongest community.  Look how we opened up the market for competition to enter for out life-saving drugs.  Yes, we did that.  How can we not speak out and voice our emotions when we feel our children are being attacked? Do it, if you feel but we need to realize what is actually taking place.  We are being used as a method of free advertisement.  Don’t add to it, mobilize groups of parent together to boycott.  Create parties around the dates of shows that will be going on and do something other than watching.  Mobilize. 

They know what has been working best is to start a controversy, to raise attention so they have more viewers tune in.  How we have been used breaks my heart.  So many different ways, over time we have watched these stunts take place.  It is wrong.  All are great to ask for an apology, but sorry the damage is already done we need to stop it from happening again.  BOYCOTT locally privately and set up groups.

Now to add, that the current society in America, at this time is seeing an uproar of abuse, be it domestic, sexual or fear of intimidation, aimed at the Elite Hollywood.  They are hurting, our need is to start the movement to telling Hollywood to lay their hands off of the food allergy communityjemima-puddleduck-public-domain

As a grieving mother, I am heartbroken to see such being used as a prop, a tool for traction.

Let’s remind a few of the more recent we had and still should not be viewing…

Jimmy Kimmel cried, on the air to millions as he watched his child suffering. We are all loving people and we all still sympathize with all that are ill.  We did not have to tune in regardless.

He then attempted to regain after his stunt at the Emmys by becoming a spoke person for health care rights.  As many of us will always view him now as a Mouthpiece for the elite advertising.  Turn him off! Tell your friends and relatives turn him off.  Fewer ratings less money, less his bosses will make him use our community.  Let him sell his soul another way. 

I feel bad for them, that they have to sell out against the moral behavior.  He is not the only one, so keep a note to those that are repeaters like him.  Such as Sony.


So as a grieving mother and advocate I say to Sony ” Your advertising gig is up, many of us advocates in the food allergy community are aware of your use of such dangerous controversy carelessly for traction.”

Let us not forget George Lopez,  as he became the Mouthpiece to advocate himself, within the same routine again, to build attention to his cause, he used the food allergy community.  Notice in his video below, the controversy then his cause… how many would of watched if the controversy was not there first?  Understand, you can raise your voice and more people will agree if you do not attempt to harm along the way by showing your intent.  He pretty much takes away million people to tune out before he even gets to his cause in hopes for traction once the word gets out on social media.  Not the first time he has hit rock bottom unfortunatetly.


We have become a community that has to defend ourselves but we need to educate each other as well.  We all should be proud of how far we have come, and not let others use our strong communication and community.

We demand that you stop, using our community as a prop, food allergies or any other illness that is associated with food restrictions, such as diabetes, and cancer does not have a punchline!  We are not to be fooled…

If they want to test out a community, let’s show them how we mobilize and will have the last laugh at their ratings.

I would like to thank the efforts of groups have started online petitions, and to the larger advocate groups who are warning parents of the sensitive material in the movie and writing legal notification letters to those involved, to helping them with awareness.

We can take the time to explain as the gate is opened the risks of food allergies in each one of these failed attempts since they still do raise the awareness of food allergies.  We can just build on top of where they promote their advertisement on social media with awareness so use THEIR hashtags.

As a grieving mother, we do ask for your raise awareness of how and why they keep targeting our group to understanding what “really is taking place” Controversy to raising traction.  We thank you Sony for your apology, but let’s see how you raise awareness.  PUT your $ to YOUR mouths and stop using our community wrongly.

If they would only raise awareness, imagine the traction of support of over 15 million people in comparison to 15 million boycotting?

Find the happy medium, as a grieving mother, I am praying that such takes place and this reaches and is shared to hearing my son Joseph’s voice.

Hashtags that should be used to post boycotts #PeterRabbit #PeterRabbitMovie they are using such for advertising.  Use such with the boycott hashtags, let them pay for it.

To my fellow food allergy bloggers know that most images for Peter Rabbit are public domain.  Images for peter rabbit public domain

“In the U.S., and many other countries, copyright protection lasts until the death of the creator plus 70 years. Recently dubbed “Public Domain Day,” January 1steach year marks the end of copyright protection for works created by individuals who died 70 years earlier. In 2014, creators who died in 1943 fall into the public domain”

Place your views on tweets and posts they are paying for in comments.  Be nice, Be direct, Be aware.



One comment

  1. AWESOME! You are the best!
    You completely opened my eyes to what Hollywood is doing. Sometimes we forget how large our food allergy community is but it’s obvious they haven’t forgotten .
    They know how loud we can be when we make our voices heard. We have shown it over and over again through out the past couple of years.
    How disgusting it is that they would use us as free advertisement to help line their pockets with money.
    We need someone like you to teach us how to make our voices heard without these elite Hollywood people benefiting from it !
    Thank you Julianne ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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