Updated on 3/15 Our Voices heard No Harvest Box to be implemented.


UPDATE 3/15/2018

Great news to report to those in the community who had fears associated with a PROPOSED “SNAP” change and related risks for those suffering life taking Food Allergies.

I received a call from the U.S. Capitol today that the Harvest Box was not a focus, will not be implemented.  

Here is the message that I received today vs. The below concerns I had raised on the Harvest Box. 

They always keep the concerns we face with life taking Food Allergies.

Always Priority! 

THANK YOU, CONGRESSMAN, you have always helped our community.  Always you have listened and helped! 

Listen here :


ORIGINAL FEB 13 2018 :

Blue Apron is NOT a Harvest Box for food allergies #SNAP

Do not settle in just yet Food Allergy advocates, a larger issue is coming our way.  We must act to raising awareness quickly.

“Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, told reporters on Monday about the plan by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to redesign the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) as “America’s Harvest Box.” Under the plan, more than 16 million households would have half of their benefits go toward the food box delivery program.”

“What we do is propose that, for folks who are on food stamps — part, not all — part of their benefits come in the actual sort of — and I don’t want to steal somebody’s copyright — but a Blue Apron-type program where you actually receive the food instead of receive the cash,” Mulvaney said.

Just as the community is still receiving a lot of backlash for raising our voice, due to Sony’s film’s director, writers, and producers actions. We have to clear our voices and raise them again.  We do need to remind larger organizations of the risks of food allergies as well, as so it seems.  As our intent is to save lives, as those not facing such risks, must hold safe measure for those that do.

I do not believe many should overlook the life-threatening risks when their business is the food industry, so I am kind of perplexed when such surfaces.

Please reach out to our local congressperson to remind them that 15 Million households have Food Allergies, be kind.  Again, many overlook not purposely but we here as the voice to raising awareness and offer guidance.    Many people in our community receive this program and I cannot stop to feel the parent that is looking at her child this evening hearing of this news wondering how she is going to make things work, the most important to keep her child alive.  We must speak out for all as we always do.  To keeping everyone safe.   As a grieving mother, I am here as a voice, if you need, ALWAYS.  My child’s voice.

Honestly, I do not believe Blue Apron made this aware to the administration, whom if we had the proper legislation requiring food distribution centers to be licensed $$ annually to the risks and requirement to avoiding cross-contamination and required administration of the lifesaving drug training to be held, then this might have made it to a higher level of attention.

As we know.  A statement from these food distribution service groups, (statement below), removes all of their responsibility.  Leaving many not able to use the services even if they wanted to.  We can look at this from a standpoint of frustration that a  food service company, (food being their business?), had not raised these risks if a program will be limited in whole by such.

As most, overlook the importance, is why our voice needs to be so very strong.

Again, I do not believe anyone would intentionally overlook 15 Million Households facing such life or death daily struggles.  I strongly believe it was not brought to the administration’s attention.

I do believe it can be a good thing if these distribution services, allow holders of such programs the ability to join, at their OWN choice by using such benefits.  Offering more to doing so by their own election.  Allowing those with food restrictions, to electing not.  I had lived in NYC for over 42 years, and there had been so many healthy choices, then moving to rural small Green Bay WI, those choices are limited.  Very limited and not by my choice.  There is always fast food, but no wholefoods.. so these services yes can benefit those in rural areas.  Tremendously if allowed to use such.

I have reached out to my local congresspersons. “proactively” to help them understand.    I have as well reached out to Blue Apron asking them why they had not advised the administration they are not food allergy safe.  As well that this oversight will affect 1 out of 13 people.  It should be one of their top priorities vs. liabilities, by law! 

Blue Apron states on their website the following statement 

” We always take great care to ensure that all of our food is prepared safely. Please note, however, that all of our ingredients are produced in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. In addition, because meal ingredients are packaged and shipped in the same box, ingredients from one meal that contain allergens may come into contact with ingredients from another meal while in transit to our customers. As a result, we do not recommend that you order Blue Apron if you have a food allergy. “

Blue Apron Statement Associated to Food Allergies 

Please contact your local congressperson.

Advise why this option is not a choice for families that are dependent cannot afford this option.  It is life and death. We are happy to work with them to advise them of risks associated with food allergies.

Please share your concerns in advocate groups you belong to and friends and family. Lets attempt to not create hysteria, but awareness.  The earlier we get out voices out, as to why this plan is not a good idea, we can help PROACTIVELY.

Blue Apron is not a choice for Americans with food allergies.