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Important note: This article is intended for those who understand vaccines as critical to maintaining their health and that of their families. It is intended for those that have history of Anaphylaxis. It is intended for those who hold merits of vaccines and how emergency equipment and training plus observation after vaccination is critical in this forum. It is also NOT intended to foster a discussion of COVID-19.

Dec 10, 2020 by J Riceputo (updates will be added to the bottom of this article as this has many moving parts daily)

Addressed to those within the FA Community, health workers ( earth angels), and all that might have been witness to Anaphylaxis, in its many stages of ones life quality, knowing that nothing is ever without precautions. This crisis has many moving parts and change daily so I will include updates as they take place, here to document and report, since at this time either bad PR is out there, or no response from the large FA organizations yet and I see the community in fear after that news. Most groups do not discuss vaccines it is against their group rules. So I will do my best to myth bust or bring facts here.. so keep checking in as noted above I will add updates that are FACTS to the bottom of this blog until sound guidelines are available.


achieved link to fauci



BE PREPARED- ****ASK if they have the proper training/protocol to manage anaphylaxis, and ALL Anaphylaxis emergency medications /staff to treat immediately.**** Observation is 30 minutes, but please make sure to have your emergency plans, try not to be alone and with someone that can assist to those plans who are trained to know the signs, and act quickly.

The difference between an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis is the latter involves the respiratory and/or cardiovascular system

“Any of those symptoms and you’ve got to act very quickly.”

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND get the proper terminology out there in the press… the first time. If you are a media company please, consult with an expert before you twist the news just by a headline that might say as an example “severe allergic reaction” instead of Anaphylaxis. Want to be safe , just use the term Anaphylaxis. nothing else… Period. Because that is who we need to address, those who have a history/tendency of Anaphylaxis ( severe) 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

As a grieving mother, my perspective and contributions are very important. Life experiences that I would not wish on another, and that is why I am here. My son Joseph, who passed at the age of 7 to Anaphylaxis, being placed on Asthma rescue medications “before” his epinephrine injection as you can read in his story and in that short period of ” TIME” it was already to late for Joseph. I will always be standing here in the community as a parent, and holding space with many other parents, collectively.


1- Pfizer had EXCLUDED THOSE with adverse reactions from its vaccine’s ingredients from late-stage trials. Severe allergic reactions have been reported following the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine during mass vaccination outside of clinical trials” (SEE PAGE 7)

2- Children had not been part of the studies, 15 and younger and should NOT receive the vaccine.

3-The Pfizer- @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but has been authorized for emergency use to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16 & older. See conditions of use:

4- The MHRA adviced on day of reactions: “Any person with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food (such as previous history of anaphylactoid reaction or those who have been advised to carry an adrenaline autoinjector) should not receive the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. This was a “precautionary alert” to discuss with experts. It was shortly followed up by and update “PRECAUTION alert with new guideline : Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine should not be given to people with history of anaphylaxis: MHRA guidance update.

5- UPDATE AS OF 12/12/2020 UPDATE : The CDCgov’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (#ACIP) voted today to recommend the use of the Pfizer- @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 mRNA vaccine, in people 16 years of age and older. 15 min observation for all patients, and Observation is 30 mins for ANYONE with ANY form of ANAPHYLAXIS (type is Moot) This is key- emergency equipment and training! Observation after vaccination! **** Observation is 30 mins for ANYONE with ANY HISTORY of ANAPHYLAXIS****

“CDC has voted today and updated that the Appropriate medical treatment used to manage immediate allergic reactions MUST be immediately available in the event an acute anaphylactic reaction occurs after administration of Pfizer Covid- 19 Vaccine… “

More: achieved link achieved link achieved link

As an advocate I will post a few concerns below in which I have written letters to larger audience groups, congresspersons and I will be actively monitoring and reporting on. I am a lifetime member of the Food Allergy ( FA) Community. I will as well talk about some things we are seeing in the community in regards to garbage PR or the lack there of proper PR. I get private messages all day from people, discussing things taking place in a lot of the message boards, most that have locked out most of them from raising their concerns. So I speak a lot of that, because, I have no reason not too. We are a community, sometimes someone has to speak up about a lot not being said. As of today, not much is being side, and what is out there is misinformation, very mad PR ( press releases ) not valid information information, with the exception of Dr. Fauci statement, that should be followed by all. I have included it above. Here is an article to that release

Putting on the news, knowing that the PR ( Press Releases) will not be very educational, if we do not have experts discussing the matter, and the PR will be based on false narrative, and there it was. ” Covid risk over reactions”, my heart in my throat. Held my head knowing the PR was lost, by those uneducated news organizations during a critical time period. I felt the fear, the heartache within the community immediately come across me. The proactive time passed that expert members could have come forward to give facts, to help the whole. Trust matters, the message had been allowed to run on its own, I could not even watch the discussions within the community. I headed here to contract my congresspersons, and a larger audience to hope to help with factual information, thus far.

Below is a “portion” of the letter I sent, to one, with my concerns.. and again after reading many articles, and contributions that are circulating within the community, and are very much lacking clear informative facts, I am still holding space with the community.

In length I have read every article out there, internationally, since I am an international advocate with many who follow my son around the world and we share information as they are advocates in their countries. Open and honest information is very important, without bias or special interest. We are all going to have a lot of work to do, is all I kept thinking, and I do not want to add anyone to the grief support groups.

One article that was published by a Health Matters: Should I Get the COVID Vaccine if I Have Allergies? Dr. George Hwang should be a standing approach having a clean and informative delivery, it is lengthily, but offers a well rounded approach. I had attached it as reference and again below a portion of the concerns as a community member I have below as well. I have letters to congresspersons, health commissioners, and others, because that is what we do, not remain waiting idle. I am writing this at the time, no other larger FA advocate or organization has come out with proper guidelines and the community is just turning off, or tuning out even the thought of the vaccine, due to the alert and then silence. Not good, to do nothing during this time period lets hope that was not the biggest mistake they made to bring the proper awareness and positive trusting guidelines out before the bad PR. So this is what I have been writing and what I believe should be looked into and outlined and a snap shot of my comments and letter to an author who was the ONLY one that I read with a sense of importance to the guidelines needed. I sent him a thank you letter during this time that is being lost, on the same day he wrote this article.

“The only issue I have overall and what we need to do at this time is get in front of the PR with awareness as you outlined, in many other areas before the widespread release. I am not anti- vax but I am anti-mandate and I am anti-death.

There must be levels of people to receive the vaccine, and in the case of those with both Allergies and Anaphylaxis should receive as you said in a setting either with their allergist or in a hospital setting that can treat the onset of adverse reaction within a 24hr period.

The delay to administration of the vaccine vs. the onset of the reaction is a concern to me. FDA factual evidence must be as TRANSPARENT and WARNINGS and AWARENESS of signs of Anaphylaxis MUST be given to each person that receive it, regardless of prior reaction for this might be their first.

Millions are aware of the time issue of getting proper treatment to limit death. There is not that much time and that is with already known prior reaction history. As we know Epi is not an over the counter prescription, and during this time, might be the best time to request it should be made more freely available to the public. We all have been attempting to get such passed like the availability made of noloxone due to overdoses crisis.

Even Dr. Fauci stated the same ‘It likely is unusual and rare, but we might be cautious about [rolling vaccines out] to VAs or at least be prepared to respond with some type of antidote to the allergic reaction; we might want to be prepared for that and be ready to treat it,’ Dr Fauci said. 

We are talking about precautions that are needed, and the guidance should be clear and we should be happy, not to be starting from a place of a lost life due to lack of Pfizer’s safety, and inclusions towards those with a history of Anaphylaxis. Warp speed needs to slow down for anyone with a known allergy, period. That is 1 in 20 Americans of 328.2 million, yes it is a large percentage of the population, that is due representation in my opinion.

Again, common sense we are reviewing a 94% vaccine success rate with many moving parts vs. by age group, in most cases 99% human immune system recovery and success. Such as they are taking in the UK, until further research is completed, herd immunization should slow down for those, and thank our constitutional rights we have choice. Madatory vaccine must be removed off the table, period. 1 in 20 of 328.2 million people are in America. Again, Anaphylaxis occurs 1 in 20 Americans.

If we have a “new” adverse reaction, are we prepared with epinephrine injections and availability with already the current population demand or are we going to be left in a shortage crisis again in the FA community.

We are all aware of the concerns of having available vaccines stockpiles, but are we aware of the epinephrine injection stock piles we will need too?

What are the deaths at this time of Covid, before vaccination? Not being sarcastic, just informative to the possible added deaths vs. survival in the subset of millions of Americans.

Please make sure the discriminating towards millions of Americans facing these added risks, stops immediately. The PR is reckless and hurtful.

I do believe that people should be aware of the risks, awareness is a must before any administration of the vaccine and that the orders of admin are carefully outlined by people with known “severe” allergies e.g. Anaphylaxis receive “proactive” notice from their “allergists” to help with the distribution, this another proactive way of administration.

We are talking about millions of people who are aware of the onset timeframe of death with a severe reaction.

My video and comments on the overall six hours and 15 minutes I only took to having solid understanding that no research was done and confirmed live by Pfizer.

I am praying that the comments made by both the safety panel of Pfizer and the FDA are both reviewed as incompetent and lack informative discussed risks, especially on the warning information, and awareness.

The most important was the lack of concern as if they do not have a problem with other vaccines associated to the risks of Anaphylaxis, based on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program they should have a lot more concern. This will be a very large vaccine roll out, not seen in many years. This should not be viewed as the basic annual flu vaccine, far from the same. They might need, new panel members looking within and they can take a more sound approach. In addition, unconstitutional “mandates” must be removed on those that would not fall under the disability laws, since their first reaction will be onset of their first vaccine, and most importantly, this is “new technology never before given to such a wide spread of people.” or liable laws not to immunity and we are able to not just watch those that will or might suffer life time harm are able to collect such compensation, due to the lack of Pfizer studies, clearly known before administration if we are not allowed to refuse. Not that it will bring back quality of life, it will bring Pfizer to getting a more productive security panel and as well the FDA,CDC and others moving forward and doctors who do not do their part to adversely weigh the risks for their special interests, each office visit to administer is a pay check e.g. Federal/State Funding. We should be able to hold them accountable if injury takes place. Sometimes, you need to hold them to this level to having them do their job. Mandatory should go both ways, if proposed. I hope we do not fall down that rabbit hole. This I will send letters of my concern to governors and congresspersons.

UPDATE ON 12/12/2020 : The CDCgov’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (#ACIP) voted today to recommend the use of the Pfizer- @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 mRNA vaccine, in people 16 years of age and older. “CDC has voted today and updated that the Appropriate medical treatment used to manage immediate allergic reactions MUST be immediately available in the event an acute anaphylactic reaction occurs after administration of Pfizer Covid- 19 Vaccine… “ More: watch time on video 1:10:07 This is the FULL 4 hour vote by CDC. I attached the clip above


This is key- emergency equipment and training! Observation after vaccination! You would think that this is already part of the current system. IT IS NOT…. this is going to be huge!!!! Those that are in the medical industry know it is not. That means funding for training, for equipment must be made available…. and it fills my heart that silver linings will come from this..

  • Awareness of Anaphylaxis compared to Allergic Reaction will have to be clear to a larger audience… ( everyone in the community has been waiting for years)
  • Precaution guidance to be in the proper facility to receive the vaccine for those with Anaphylaxis history. ( regardless of type)
  • stock up on emergency life saving medication to avoid shortages
  • training and awareness that has been lacking in the medical facilities on treatment and importance of protocols

**** Observation is 30 mins for ANYONE with ANY HISTORY of ANAPHYLAXIS****

UPDATE 12/14/2020 : **************FINALLY****************

American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Releases Guidance on Risk of Allergic Reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine