Halloween Handout Brochure

Event handout is available in the colors of the Rainbow….  We believe food intolerance affects not just Food Allergies.  It is a great way on Halloween to expressing your cause, tell Joseph’s story and raise awareness of risks.

Available below are the colors of your cause.. share Joseph and the risks associated.  We love you all..PDF’s in

See linked PDF’s in all different colors below …..





Colors are created if you need for online colors as well or just white, you can always print hardcopies on your own colored paper to keep costs low!

joseph-denicola-brochure-white WHITE

joseph-denicola-brochure-teal TEAL

joseph-denicola-brochure-purple PURPLE

joseph-denicola-brochure-light-blue LIGHT BLUE

joseph-denicola-brochure-green GREEN

joseph-denicola-brochure-yellow YELLOW

joseph-denicola-brochure-orange ORANGE

joseph-denicola-brochure-red RED


Feel free to ask for a color we can create it !

Personal colors requested below



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