Food Allergy Grief Support Group

Food Allergy Grief Support Group 

I never want to have to welcome you to this group.  I hope that everyone understands the signs of Severe Food Allergies, called “Anaphylaxis”  There is no time to look into the signs while it is happening, you have a few moments between life and death.  So please CLICK HERE to understand the signs to save a life.  This can take place at any time and at any age.  

Food Allergy Grief Support Group is a place for all family and friends who have lost a loved one due to food allergies. It is a group to share, discuss and allow your emotions free. Losing a loved one, especially a child is rebuilding a life all over. Each day a roller coaster. Most feel we are walking in a very different world. We have days that most cannot even place into words and others that we feel we need to tell another of the same of a sign or a miracle message we know in our hearts that brought a step forward. Professional counseling is a great idea for anyone that is grieving. I suggest it to all. It is a great form of understanding how to find local groups in your area that might be of one on one help.  Understanding SEVERE depression and Complicated grief are like understanding signs of Anaphylaxis if they get too severe, yes we do need to understand those signs and we do need to seek professional help CLICK HERE  I had done so many times, and it was needed, I learned so much and I met the best people that I call miracle workers that helped me understand how I am facing severe depression, PTSD and grief.  I am still seeking such bi-weekly and that will not end.

We sometimes need to be with the same people, who are walking the same path. Here we are a group that can share when we feel we need to. Anything! We hold compassion, love, and understanding. We can share how we are handling our grief, and ways that others might not have thought of doing. We all do grieve in our own ways, but we do share the love of keeping our loved one’s legacy going. We never give up. This is a place to share how we feel, let it out and know very much that we all understand, the steps forward are the hardest one can take but we are never alone. I started this grief group since I felt the Food Allergy Community required to having a place to share our loved ones, and our feelings in a commonplace in our community that is the most loving family. We have done our all, and that is not over because now we are the most important voices for the Food Allergy Community. We are lifelong members and with our passion to share our loved one’s story, to help the next. Those new parents, that are just starting out. It is not what we all signed up for in our lifetime, but it is the most important earth angels that we all have become, someone of a higher power I guess knew more than we did. We never give up, and we hold each as our own. In our hearts, our angels are working their magic daily and are very much with us. That I know for sure.