Host a “Trunk” Or Treat for Joseph “Offer an Alternative” Non-Food item #1moment4joe

A Trunk Or Treat, one trunk at a time.


The Alternative way for a safe Halloween started in many private  schools and church organizations for many years now.  It is finally making a new way all over in many states.  Especially in rural areas.

I loved the idea, when I first learned of this event that offered an “Alternative”  safer way of celebration, one thing I seen that had been missing and I ask is to please “Offer an” Alternative, too!

Like my son and so many other children with food restrictions for various reasons personally they live with each day.

What does that mean, a treat has always been in what most remember sweets, but I sure did like the house who had been original.  I remember them even now in adulthood.  I recall a woman who handed out dollars, and we all ran to her house first before she ran out.  The good old days.

We are not asking for you to do that, we are asking for you to offer a ( non-food item). Such as a small toy, temporary tattoos, there is just a world of ideas and I am sure one less visit to the dentist is a benefit to everyone.  A few ideas can be found on  Amazon Best Sellers Non Food Halloween treats .

There are many sites that go into the details of organizing a trunk or treat.  It is an excellent way to bring a safer Halloween.  Remember, it is for ALL children and inclusion for all, as best we can, safely.

10671230_408780892609484_1900993865862188815_nJoseph’s first was at Holy Child Church in Staten Island NY.  Joseph was Buzz. We brought Elmo with us.

The organizers, can have rides, characters get creative.  Paint some pumpkins.  Keep distant, but safe, and clearly let others know that you offer non food items so everyone can enjoy.

During the first year coming to Joseph’s return to heaven, we had been surprised by such loving and compassionate people that made their event and trunk a dedication to him.

To our surprise, our close family, our cousins, who lived close to the event had been called to come down to a Trunk O Treat.   When they arrived it was incredible to see that our family had been invited to see Joseph being honored.  We had all been with them, in our hearts as we all learned of the event and the loving compassion.  Our whole family in heart was there, even though we are scattered across the USA we watched our family being honored in Joseph’s name, and spreading awareness by seeing all the great pictures on social media.  It filled our hearts that day, you can see my cousins children’s faces….  So many compassionate amazing people in this world.

The smiles and warmth on their faces set a moment of peace in my heart on that day.

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Feel free to Contact us if you want to host an event and honor Joseph  by offering alternatives.    We will also provide a signed book about Joseph’s Journey The Great UMPKIN Prince .  14694602_10211003591391614_92935740_n

On Halloween at 4PM Eastern Time, each year we host a social media event using hashtag #1moment4Joe ( make your posts Public so everyone can see them).  We love to watch how far Joseph travels on that day spreading awareness, with you bringing him to mind as you enjoy your fun safe day.  You can read more about why we host the event here:  Moment of Silence on Halloween for Joseph 4 p.m. Est. #1moment4joe  

We thank you….

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