Moment of Silence on Halloween for Joseph 4 p.m. Est. #1moment4joe

Moment of Silence Event Announcement

Take a moment on Halloween at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT


Each year, I organize this social media, event for all of our friend’s and family, our extended family in the community, that is all of you.  We are all healing together, and we all miss Joseph so very much.

To bring love, support, and awareness for just one moment, to focus for those about to run out, to be prepared.  In my heart I feel the more people focusing on his love within the same time, can really lift our hearts, it really does help knowing that you are all thinking of Joseph, for just one moment.

I thank you Julianne Joseph’s Mom.

What this event is asking is just a moment of your time.. to STOP what you are doing for just one moment.  This is the second year I am asking for support on the day I lost my son.

When we are all ready to run out the door to start ringing for treats, I ask you to stop for 1 moment.

Joseph at 7 , on Halloween 2014 went from having a wonderful day to facing his last.  We love those great Halloween pictures and memories.  He was glowing that day in his favorite Pokémon costume.  I cannot tell you how many years he wanted to be the same.

Off to start his day with a school party and parade as in his last photo you can see that brightness.  After school running from door to door ringing bells. Everyone knew of his allergies and so did his school, friends and family.  This was not new for Joseph.  He never complained, but knew what he could have and what he could not have, too.  He was a very responsible and respectable young man, my son and I am not just saying that because I am his mom.  One smile and he had your heart.  He loved all, I can honestly say that he was heaven on earth, a glimpse a gift to all of us as his older brother taught us to recognize.  He noticed everyone, and he cared and cherished everyone with pure love.

It is not a myth that Anaphylaxis must be treated right away because it can cause death.  Yes, you are at risk too.  Those already aware of their allergies have a better chance of survival.  Annual testing should always be completed.  If determined to have an allergy by allergists do not leave without an autoinjector.  Keep that autoinjector renewed each year.  Expired autoinjectors caused death.  Use expired ones to train others.  That is a very important tool now to bring awareness.

Within moments coming in contact with his allergen Joseph was having trouble breathing.  He was placed on his asthma treatment before receiving his autoinjector at on site of breathing trouble.  He was past those few moments, that the autoinjector could have saved his life.  He was then given a second autoinjector. Since he was not responding to the first.  It is then and within those steps the lesson.

He was rushed by car to the hospital, just a few minutes away. Too long with his  airways closed, he went into cardiac arrest.

The miracle workers I call them, the doctors and nurses they revived him enough to place him on life support, but it had already been late without oxygen.  His brain started to shut down.  We spent the next few days watching and praying with thousands of you as his cells shutting and miracle medicines attempting to take replace those parts of the brain failing.  With thanks to family and friends, we had beyond doctors coming in from all over, specialists.  They sat with us in group settings, to explain the state each day.

We had now only moments left, he battled beyond to stay alive.  I never left his side holding him and talked to him in his ear the whole time about heaven and angels.  If that makes any of you know, to feel a little better.   The hardest talk you want to have with your child.  As many of you, came to visit and give support.  I am still there, “day one” grieving parents call it. Days are now labeled bad or good not M-F.

You are only given a small window of time.  Be prepared always.

Being prepared means

1-Awareness Read more here :Be Aware of Symptoms of Anaphylaxis ; Severe Anaphylaxis and Asthma

We first need to be prepared with awareness.  Just like we know how to treat someone choking on food, in a restaurant or having a seizure or heart attack. The results will be the same.

2- Being Prepared Having a life-saving Autoinjector

Many in the community know we have been fighting to keep that only resource available.  We will not stop.  Alternatives are available, and no one can be without.  It cannot be shared, it cannot be away from you. It cannot be expired.  It has to be on you 24/7.

Joseph had severe allergies since he was 12 months old to dairy (greater than 100 IgE). This was not his first Anaphylaxis reaction. He had many before, always  faced severe risks, LOOKING BACK. As he got older, with prior reactions, came his asthma. Many of you are aware, unfortunately, having dealt with reactions before, I as his mom always noticed the lungs getting weaker with each reaction. Joseph always left the ER with medication, if possible flare up again within a few hours which normally took place with Joseph and we had always left with steroids and notice to do the nebulizer for recovery.  Warriors, they are our little one’s aren’t they.  They spring back before we do, emotionally.  In those moments they bring a realization of a smile back to us, help us to get up after what we just witnessed them go through.

Receiving his auto-injector in time in those prior years saved his life, as his mother I watched him recover before me.  Many of you again, and sorry to say have all been there and know why auto-injectors are designed as they are, fast acting.

The last reaction, his father had placed him on his nebulizer first to treat his asthma, as it was not working, then his auto-injector. He did the best of what he knew in the moment for Joseph. Being in the process of divorce, I had not been with Joseph on that day. Time apart, was crippling as many of you can relate.

Time was the difference, auto-injectors work for severe asthma too.  So please be prepared and act fast.  Know the signs of severe reactions.  You can learn more at  


Many have asked for a brochure to hand out and share Joseph’s story on Halloween.  Please feel free to print the following to help the next. Halloween Handout Brochure

Enjoy reading our “Free” Special edition of his first children’s book dedicated to bringing awareness to many that are facing food restrictions, not just due to food allergies.  Read why you should  “Offer an Alternative” & ask ” Are you Allergic?” on Halloween.   “The Great Umpkin Prince” series.  Each year the free special edition includes pictures and drawings from everyone that came to his event last year.  So you will be featured in the next book, “Free” Special edition.  We will post it in next year’s event, so post your pics and drawings on the facebook event page.

Show your support on his Facebook event share with all. Post pictures or meet others.

Show your support on his Event Tweet & RT  share with all. Post pictures or meet others.

Eventbright if you want to email or share everywhere else…Eventbrite - Moment of Silence on Halloween for Joseph 4 p.m. Est.

Due to overpricing of our life-saving drugs, a very dangerous myth arisen to be used this year.  So, I would like this year to raise further awareness to NOT using “DIY /Syringe EpiPen” as I call them “Deadly Syringes” as an alternative. Time is very important. ONLY trained professionals.  If there is one person you know resorting to such measures please read HERE.  

I will continue and many in our community to fight for lower pricing, availability which should be available in everyone’s medicine cabinets, due to the rise set on our generation of children.  They have not asked for this, they have to live with such restrictions.  We will always work hard and never give up to stressing the importance and risks of food allergies.  Each parent with a child, are warriors, they show others how strong, brave and what a dedicated parent is to keep all children safe, never left out and loved.  Regardless even if not our own.  The community is a very very large family.  Cherishing life, the highest priority.

Never feel you are ever over- reacting, or being too over- protective.  Never feel bad when you tell another, no or please do not!  It is life, you are all earth angels.  You change lives that you do not even know.  Others look at your efforts, and strengths.  Remember that.  I love you all.. EARTH ANGELS!

I wish all a safe and healthy Halloween. Stop on that day, and think about Joe. I am sure he is walking right next to you all. Smiling.. Blessings and Love to you all.

Joseph is the little buzz… Mommy will always carry your wings.. Joe  I love you!

So please take a moment this Halloween and remember :

  1. We are ALL responsible for preparing a safe day. No one wants to harm a child, let us hold empathy to offering a choice when they ring.
  2. Ask before you offer. When a child runs ahead of their parents or family or friends to be first at the next door, let us ask ” Are you allergic to anything”. Then offer a choice.
  3. Think ahead to having a choice. A few nonfood items can make a great substitute to a moment that can add value for many.
  4. Be prepared. Carry epinephrine and your cell phone.
  5. Know who will be with your child, are they prepared to help, do they know the signs? Stop ahead of Halloween to have a one on one with whomever is with your child, even if you have spoken about this before. Tell the story of my son, Joseph.. If a reaction takes place have the tools needed and use in this order. AUTO-INJECTOR FIRST before all other medications IF you suspect an severe allergic reaction, call 911! Always use epinephrine fast and first if you are at risk of life threating Anaphylaxis  
  6. Read all labels. Not all labels are the same. Some products come in bigger sizes and are labeled one way, others come in smaller sizes with an entirely different label. Read the labels every single time.
  7. Have wipes on hand to wipe down faces, little hands and anything else your child may come in contact with.
  8. Have fun!


  1. Non sapevo di Joseph.
    Sono addolorato di questa notizia,povera mamma Juli, chissà che dolore.
    Vorrei essere li vicino per poterle esprimere tutto il mio dolore.
    RIP joseph

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grazie cugino per il vostro amore e per favore so spero che siete tutti a posto lì dopo aver sentito di questo terremoto. Il mio amore per voi, per favore fatemi sapere se avete bisogno di qualcosa. Ti vogliamo bene. Che Dio vi benedica.


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