Joseph DeNicola Annual Moment of Silence Halloween at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT #1Moment4Joe #FoodAllergy #Anaphylaxis


Each year, I invite all via social media, to share a moment of silence in honor of my son Joseph DeNicola, who faced his last anaphylaxis reaction to milk protein on Halloween 2014 he was 7 years old.

This is a moment for all of you, to stop and raise awareness and share a moment in his honor, with all of our friends and family, our extended family in the community, and all of you.  We are all healing together, and we all miss Joseph so very much.

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Being prepared means……..

Everyone should know the signs of Anaphylaxis.

Awareness Read more here: Be Aware of Symptoms of Anaphylaxis; Severe Anaphylaxis and Asthma

So please take a moment this Halloween and remember :

  1. We are ALL responsible for preparing a safe day. No one wants to harm a child, let us hold empathy to offering a choice when they ring.
  2. Ask before you offer. When a child runs ahead of their parents or family or friends to be first at the next door, let us ask ” Are you allergic to anything”. Then offer a choice.
  3. Think ahead to having a choice. A few nonfood items can make a great substitute for a moment that can add value for many.
  4. Be prepared. Carry 2 – epinephrine and your cell phone.
  5. Know who will be with your child, are they prepared to help, and do they know the signs? Stop ahead of Halloween to have a one-on-one with whoever is with your child, even if you have spoken about this before. Tell the story of my son, Joseph.. If a reaction takes place have the tools needed and use them in this order. AUTO-INJECTOR FIRST before all other medications IF you suspect a severe allergic reaction, call 911! Always use epinephrine fast and first if you are at risk of life-threatening Anaphylaxis  Here is a video on how to use EPI

  6. Read all labels. Not all labels are the same. Some products come in bigger sizes and are labeled one way, while others come in smaller sizes with an entirely different label. Read the labels every single time.
  7. Have wipes on hand to wipe down faces, little hands, and anything else your child may come in contact with.  Make sure to accompany your child door to door, they should not be handling items if they are not old enough to know what they cannot have.  Be the one to hold the treat bag.
  8. Make it a day that you visit homes that are participating in the TEAL PUMPKIN. This indicates that you are providing non-food treats.  Kids are aware when they see a teal pumpkin that they will have an alternative they can enjoy this day.  Including all is so important.  Give me a toy instead of a dentist appointment any day.

  9. Host a trunk o treat, and organize a safe time if you are aware of a location that is willing to allow the event, you can make a wonderful day for so many if you organize. Learn more HERE: Host a Trunk O Treat
  10. Have fun! Make treasured memories, and take lots of pictures 🙂 !!!!! Do not forget to tag #1moment4Joe on one public post so we can know you thought of Joseph, and that he travels safely with you around the world, even if it is not a holiday in your country, take a photo or share a picture of your choice.  We love to help all of our friends and family to check in on something throughout the day to keep them happy that our Joseph is sharing to help the next on this day.

Time was the difference, auto-injectors work for severe asthma too.  So please be prepared and act fast.  Know the signs of severe reactions.  You can learn more at  


I wish you all a safe and healthy Halloween. Stop on that day, and think about Joe. I am sure he is walking right next to you all. Smiling.. Blessings and Love to you all.

Joseph, Mommy loves you!


  1. Non sapevo di Joseph.
    Sono addolorato di questa notizia,povera mamma Juli, chissà che dolore.
    Vorrei essere li vicino per poterle esprimere tutto il mio dolore.
    RIP joseph

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  2. Grazie cugino per il vostro amore e per favore so spero che siete tutti a posto lì dopo aver sentito di questo terremoto. Il mio amore per voi, per favore fatemi sapere se avete bisogno di qualcosa. Ti vogliamo bene. Che Dio vi benedica.


  3. I love you so much❤️You have helped so many! I know Joseph is with you every moment. Keep strong we all need you so very much. Aunt teesh loves you Joe !


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