The Great UMPKIN Prince

“The Great UMPKIN Prince”   available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble




Based on my son Joseph’s funny and friendly spirit, his
story continues to help the next in ways I will never see
personally but know is taking place. After his final battle
with anaphylaxis, at 7 years old I noticed how fellow
parents and children needed a way to open up
communication about what took place and help them
A book to help parents open up a discussion to risks
associated with shyness, seclusion, anxiety, illnesses like a
speech impediment, loss and other challenges that affect
1 in 3 children in a classroom. It is not designed with
pictures since it is meant to be read to the child with an
adult. This opens each child’s imagination and
communication during your discussion along the
way. Each element is designed to touch on topics of how
children might relate, and reveal how they to might feel
left out, bullied, or feels different, but shown how with
courage we all become a community together. How
children see each other in the same innocent way, and
with each other can make changes out of loss.

How a community remembers, and learns, from the loss
we really are never far and are very much all the same. No
matter the distance. It takes a community to keep our
children safe, and happy.

Understand how empathy and awareness to our current
generation are so important. We do hope this story
teaches many adults to an open conversation, one might
think should not be had, when it very much is needed.
We thank all of you during those years that helped him
and us. We share that now with many of you who are still
working hard to bring awareness and a healthier safe time
for all. Many children will be asking if you are a “Good or
bad witch?” after reading this story. Children have a
“voice” and care deeply about their classmates and family.
So, hear their voice, in this short story.

We thank you!

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