The Great UMPKIN Prince

“The Great UMPKIN Prince”   available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

NO “P” for our Umpkin Prince, leave those peanuts out!  The book title created by my son Joseph.  Joseph had a speech impairment his first few years.  As a mother, the fear of him not being understood, and having severe food allergies, I became his voice from the moment we had been blessed.  He taught me.

His love for pumpkins was much higher than going to get a toy! Orange he would call “Umpkin” color.  His favorite color when asked, “The Rainbow” no limits with Joseph.  He loved them all.  Joseph had a dairy allergy.  His allergy was severe to all dairy proteins. If ever in contact by a slight amount would bring him into an Anaphylaxis reaction.  It is critical to understanding the signs.  Many have their first reaction, to learning they are allergic.  Everyone should recognize those signs, if in case you see another having such to help.  It can happen at any age, and at any time.

This series is not just about food allergies. We will be focusing on obesity, diabetes, epilepsy so so much more. It is the voice of our current bring awareness and evolve. We are not just teal. We are purple, pink, blue we are many colors of causes, as one! We are a generation of the Rainbow!FB_IMG_1463569231668




Copyright ©2016 Julianne Riceputo DeNicola Book two in the series of “The Great Umpkin Prince”***

We are currently looking for illustrator to bring our story to life visually. Contact us for more information.

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