The Great UMPKIN Prince

“The Great UMPKIN Prince”   available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

NO “P” for our Umpkin Prince, leave those peanuts out!  The book title created by my son Joseph.  Joseph had a speech impairment his first few years.  As a mother, the fear of him not being understood, and having severe food allergies, I became his voice from the moment we had been blessed.  He taught me.

His love for pumpkins was much higher than going to get a toy! Orange he would call “Umpkin” color.  His favorite color when asked, “The Rainbow” no limits with Joseph.  He loved them all.  Joseph had a dairy allergy.  His allergy was severe to all dairy proteins. If ever in contact by a slight amount would bring him into an Anaphylaxis reaction.  It is critical to understanding the signs.  Many have their first reaction, to learning they are allergic.  Everyone should recognize those signs, if in case you see another having such to help.  It can happen at any age, and at any time.

This series is not just about food allergies. We will be focusing on obesity, diabetes, epilepsy so so much more. It is the voice of our current bring awareness and evolve. We are not just teal. We are purple, pink, blue we are many colors of causes, as one! We are a generation of the Rainbow!FB_IMG_1463569231668

We want an “Alternative” in addition to candy.  We want all to ask “Are you allergic”… We want everyone to do their part, especially to being prepared in case of a severe reaction.

Our next book in the series will be available by next year. We are taking the effects due to price hikes on life-saving drugs such as Epinephrine, insulin, and others into awareness of the effects and consequences, as they are happening.  How such, changes the Prince’s Kingdom, but how the Umpkin Prince’s new brave spirit, his friend Joseph will not let him quit to keep the magic forever!

Coming to print in 2017. “How two wizards save their kingdom’s magic wands” The Umpkin Prince with his new friend who faces epilepsy, how brave they are to fight a far away kingdom filled with wicked goblins… The Umpkin Prince’s gathers warriors filled with good witches and wizards create an army.

Copyright ©2016 Julianne Riceputo DeNicola Book two in the series of “The Great Umpkin Prince”***

The Great UMPKIN Prince

How a friendship created a new brave spirit in a shy Prince, his best friend, Joseph. Enjoy the first book of “The Great UMPKIN Prince” series

Authored by Ms. Julianne Riceputo Denicola
Edition: 1

Halloween for a young prince will never be the same. Learn how there are good and bad witches in his Kingdom. A story that will teach the importance of having alternatives to food available on Halloween. Our children already face the generation changes in school, can the old witches?  How a magic wand helps Joseph, the prince’s new best friend be in places that once he was not allowed, safely. A deeper side of food allergies that teaches a tale of friendship and bravery. Parents might walk away remembering this holiday belongs to ALL children in our current generation. Hear their voices as they chant for “Joseph” with your heart and soul…

About the author:
Julianne 44, born in Brooklyn NY, a mother of two beautiful boys. Anthony age 18 and her youngest son Joseph, who became an angel due to food allergies at the age of 7, on Halloween, 2014. Julianne discovered the meaning of the philosophers’ stone during the deepest of pain, seeing the purest love of her children’s’ golden souls. Within each struggle, there will always be a blessing. Being a full time working mom, with a child of food restrictions she knows the battles. Climbing the corporate ladder since 1990, she found it hard when it removed from underneath her. She is now only working to live. Battling complicated grief, severe depression, and PTSD she continues to hold on to truth, love, and her faith. Victory is by helping others, especially children and never giving up. She faced having after the loss of her son, losing her career since basic everyday functions for her now are a challenge. She still can look back at what she contributed. She is a fighter for truth and holds compassion for all. Her son cherished all, in life. He was the first to help the next, and that will forever continue. Julianne ‘s faith is her foundation. “My son is now an angel to others.” By sharing her son’s purest love, and his life, allowing you to feel his spirit will raise the greatest awareness from heaven to earth. Her older son holds that same heart.

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