A grieving mother’s response to Mylan’s Ceo

Yes, we first hand know the system is broke! You are part of the system! Meet with grieving mothers! We will explain what is needed.!

Let’s talk! You are our life source ! Do you understand that responsibility!  We deserve reasons why the price increase! We want legislation to stop it from happening again!

Pay 2 play must be stopped, and competition doors opened!

There are children without Epipens right now! I never want to welcome a new parent into our Food Allergy Grief group! My son Joseph Denicola at age 7 passed away from Food allergies on Halloween. The confidence of our parents is shattered. Those holding the ONLY LIFE SAVING TOOL , has placed them in a very hard place. There is no choice. We have schools whom will face students without. This is a huge problem. The grief that came over me. 1st priority, safety. So, more parents are facing homeschooling, single parents lost. The outward calls for help and answers are not coming quick enough. This needs to be fixed before school starts! We have outreach all over. I thank the many Senators, but most are still on vacation! Healthcare is not affordable! Competitors are needed, as we see in the #epigate. Same with Healthcare. 15 million households are seeing why competion is good. Mylan , Obamacare! They see how when one holds the monolopoly we have great effects economics 101. Our community gets more change done for all. Not just Food allergies. We have made schools more healthier, holiday parties less junk food and more social actives. We cherish life! Our teachers our children. We now have been taught how pay 2 play effects us all. Pay 2 play needs to come to HEEL. I am a grieving mother, who has faced each day forward looking at this world not the same! I have researched beyond for answers, why my precious son I can not hold , kiss or buy school supplies. Do you know how much others see as burdens are wishes for me! Took me over 2 years to go into a store without falling to my knees, by looking at a label. So, to parents I say we have hope still, we have our children still, and use every Avenue to keep them safe! Your first priority! I told many whom have come to me I will speak out for them. We ALL see Political influence has shown clearly! Hillary thanks but no thanks. This goes across all industries! If they did not have such influence, or room to create this monolpoly we would not be discussing. So again, pay 2 play has effected 15 million house holds. Advocates are key! Some had remained silent, we are looking as to why! We just started. We still need them, Mylan. We need to work together to clear this, that means a statement quickly. We are not looking to placing them out of business, but tighten the pressure of explaining and quick reduction! Stopping the monopoly, that by clear understanding the why! Which we already know since it already is close to Nov? Demand reduction, refund, reform by profit caps and transparency with political parties influenced lobbying to reduce our hard work. We have miracle workers, doctors, nurses, great research companies are being strangled by regulations! doors need to be opened. Not met with pay 2 play doors shut! when regulations are being manipulated , and trust me, we are following the money! Mylan is a large donor to the Clinton Foundation. The Ceo of Mylan is the daughter of a Senator in West Virginia. Influenced answers are very clear. With high political influence on the fda! We have seen documents of Mylan attempting to stop any competion, to the FDA . We all still need you Mylan, but price reduction and they need to stop attempts to halt competition. How about an apology! How about interactions before not after!  Again, we are following the money!  Your resignation, will still not stop price adjustments. It is the enablers, that they (you) rely on. If they (you) are not fed, the allergy is contained. We have to stop the source of the problem that allows special interests to monopolize. We still should demand the stock holder meeting notes, paid speeches or involvement the clinton sponsorship clearly enabled. Pay 2 play to come to HEEL. As a Ceo we expect a better statement! You have children too? So does your father! You would do anything to help them to stay alive, right! Start there!  18 million dollar reasons you gave yourself, to stand by the product, with only compassion for all! Right! Not a coupon! Bottom line price reduction is needed!

Meet Joseph a child whom stopped in the middle of a school show on stage to help a girl who was crying!  A heart so pure, that at the end his spirit made the gift of life for another! The importance that you hold in so many lives needs that same spirit!  We gave alot more then 700k epi pens in our family, parents need the same compassion!  Greed, must end, lives are to be first!


Julianne Denicola
Joseph’s mom Love you son! Love and Blessings you all!



Feel free to Contact me anyone that can help!  lilycrone973@gmail.com

Mylan BIG Pharmaceutical is why less government is good and competition helps!


Mylan we need you to help! Let’s talk and explain why pay 2 play can hurt each household.  Let’s get this cleared up before November!

We are not looking to spoil our kids, just keep them safe!  Heaven leads our path!

Now mine! Read the links as posted along the article!  

I WILL EXPOSE THE PRICE MONOPOLY THIS WILL END! Profit legislation caps required.  Pay 2 Play must end.  How the monopoly game on EPI has been played! We just started to look, Hill we suggest you open that closed door to our research and development companies whom are being met with different regulations then Mylan!  Open the door!

Everyone wants answers, but if you follow the money it is very clear! I believe most are scared to speak truth, especially during election time! Most scandal is behind votes, by special interests pay 2 play!

Not only EPIPEN increased prior to elections. Like we seen in 2009, all over again! The false hero! Steal from Peter to pay Paul!



It just so happens that it touched my heart, this time!  I lost my son Joseph Denicola to food allergies.   My message to all, be prepared and act fast! Time is the difference!  So, some can call us advocates of grieving parents the cheer club for EPIPEN!   When the company announced these price increases, some  parents reaching out to me for help! So, I as most have done, send them the company coupon, right!

Wrong, not this time.  With higher premiums, back to school rush turned into now a question to some families to even send them.  If someone asked my advise, no epi, no chance without!

Let’s get all the hash tags out #epipen #mylan #pay2play. #epigate

Ok, here I am asked to post what factual information I have when following the money, then events that hold DIRECT RESULTS!  Votes, mergers,  daughters of Elite Democratic West Virginia making 18 million a year, and where is the voice of the parents and adults depending on our system.

So I say, not this TIME! We all deserve a refund! Plus a reduction and tax break! Middle class parents yes you! The most!

Not on Food allergy parents time. Our children’s lives are not profit to your greed. Monopolize market by lobbying. You picked the wrong group of parents! We will stop this! We will expose! Mylan Clinton to look as a hero, when she in fact acted to keep competition of Epipens out. In 2008 election same use we seen HIV meds skyrocket year before election, then the false heroism agreement to lower prices by Clinton 2009. I will not allow this to happen, small research kept out, over regulated competition door shut! Millions donated to help the cause! Mylan Ceo is the daughter of West Virginia senator, she has escaped taxes, regulations and law! Used profit to increase MYLAN stock earnings to acquire highest mergers ever in pharm history! Customers are paying for it!


‘Important Product’

Chief Executive Officer Heather Bresch said on a conference call with analysts that EpiPen will remain a “very important product” for a long time and its success is due to the prominence of the brand and increased access. She added that Mylan isn’t relying too much on its sales and EpiPen’s contribution will shrink as new products, including those acquired in the Meda deal, are integrated into operations.

Competitors’ attempts to break into the market continue to fall short. Israeli drugmaker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corp. both recently failed to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for competing treatments.

Mylan had suspended a $1 billion share buyback — announced in November 2015 — after the Meda deal was announced. Bresch said that with the acquisition completed, the buyback is “back on the table as an option that we have.”

Other highlights from second-quarter results:

Generic drug sales rose 4 percent to $2.14 billion from $2.0. 6 billion.Mylan reaffirmed its forecast for 2016 revenue of $10.5 billion to $11.5 billion predicted in May. It also left unchanged its guidance for adjusted profit of $4.85 to $5.15 a share.Net income rose 0.4 percent to $168.4 million, or 33 cents a share, from $167.8 million, or 32 cents, a year earlier.

Now 2015 Meet the true reason of VOLUNTARY RECALL OF Sanofi US Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Auvi-Q® Due to Potential Inaccurate Dosage Delivery.

Now meet why! New 2015 Ceo of Sanofi whom within 3 months ordered direct change to restructuring Olivier Brandicourt, his plan Boehringers. His resume and https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivier_Brandicourt.
Previously Brandicourt served as a member of the executive leadership team ofPfizer Inc. and consecutively led several of the firm’s global business units

Sanofi statement at recall…
The alternate products expected to most commonly replace the recalled Sanofi devices are the EpiPens made by Mylan in the US and by Pfizer — under license from Mylan — in Canada.[65] Mylan already had an 85% market share of the auto-injectors in the US[66] in the first half of 2015. Maylan is expected to benefit from the recall by its competitor Sanofi, according to a report published in the Fierce Pharma newsletter of November 2, 2015: “…. it is very hard to see Auvi-Q returning to the market, as it will need to be redesigned and face uphill battle to recapture patient trust after the recall,” Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal wrote in a note to clients on Monday.[67] Gal also believes that the company will eventually have 95% of the Epinephrine auto-injector market, according to another Fierce Pharma report on November 3, 2015.[68]

Last week, Sanofi ($SNY) pulled the main competitor to Mylan’s ($MYL) EpiPen–Auvi-Q–from the market on concerns that the pens might be delivering inaccurate doses. Generics maker Teva ($TEVA) also said it won’t be in a position to win approval for its copy until the second half of next year. The result? Open season for Mylan on the epinephrine injection market, of which Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal thinks the company can capture about 95%. More from FiercePharmaMarketing

And Bayer won’t be alone in eyeing the Pfizer castoffs industry watchers expect in the wake of its megamerger deal with Allergan ($ACT). OTC specialist Reckitt Benckiser–which went up against Bayer in bidding for the Merck assets–has also said it would be interested in Pfizer’s business.

It’s a similar situation on the animal health front, where a raft of consolidation moves has left Bayer off the leaderboard. Last year, Bayer missed out on Novartis’ ($NVS) animal health unit, which went to Eli Lilly’s ($LLY) Elanco, and Sanofi ($SNY) recently entered exclusive talks to ship its Merial division to Boehringer Ingelheim. This summer, with rumors brewing about a possible Bayer-Zoetis tie-up, the German company said not to expect it to put up a bid. After all, it already had its hands full digesting the Merck deal, dealing with its debt and spinning off its plastics unit, Covestro.

Now the kicker. …. FDA is watching this monopetitated without consumer care, concerns. No regulations to stop the monopoly…but numerous rejections to miracle workers whom created tools of the same!


Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim Enter Exclusive Negotiations on Business Swap

In June 2016, the company announced it had struck an asset-swap deal withBoehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi would sell its Merial animal health division (valuing it at €11.4 billion), whilst acquiring Boehringers consumer health division (valuing it at €6.7 billion) and €4.7 billion in cash. The deal means Sanofi is now one of the global consumer healthcare leaders by market share.[45]


Now the kicker. …. FDA has monopoly over competition, hence Clinton Foundation over regulated holds, as the monopoly game is finalized. Her deal with big pharm, a price reduction speech for votes. Like 2009 agreement manipulation of HIV DRUGS.

Clinton, Pfizer, and Mylan Announce New Agreements to Lower Prices of Medicines for Patients with Drug-Resistant HIV in Developing Countries

Why the Clinton Foundation vows to ONLY STOP FOREIGN INTEREST. .. BUT NOT USA , SHE IS DOING THE SAME HERE NOW! She will sing this the fake HERO WHOM INCREASED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! SHUT IT DOWN!  Make those calls to lowering the price as it should be plus release the grip on competition!

Clinton Foundation drug contracts intersected with State Department work




“Mylan has gone out of its way to be sure the generic gets delayed. Mylan is operated in a state where the CEO’s father is the Democratic senator. They have tried to be sure we can’t get affordable alternatives. This is dated Jan 2015, this has been going on for a while now.

READ THIS PLEASE… In the King Petition Response, FDA established clear standards for evaluating the approvability of an ANDA for a proposed generic auto-injector. In the Dey Petition Response, the agency explained the application of those standards to a proposed generic version of the EpiPen® auto-injector. With this petition, Mylan Specialty seeks merely to have the agency carefully apply those enunciated standards to the pending Teva ANDA. For the reasons discussed herein, Mylan Specialty believes application of the standards should lead FDA to not approve ANDA 90-589, and if Teva submits a 505(b)(2) NDA for the product, the standards  see here full..

The money is still being reviewed,  see our community touches all parties,  all areas of the industry from lawyers,  doctors, accountants,  even Congressional members!  See one thing that is higher than greed, OUR CHILDREN!   Media members as well. Understand.

MESSAGE TO THOSE STATING THE CLINTON FOUNDATION HELPS MANY, we see the price increases first hand a new to their corruption like Watergate,  travelgate NOW #EPIGATE!  15 million people see it today first hand! FA and other life saving medicine increased, we would like to here why! Can not be expenses since the tax foreign currency reduction reported show a large reduction offset since overseas?  Maybe one of our FA parent will be able to look at their public trading company financial statements!  As well their political contribution disclosure information? Lobbying was not really clear when I looked a few days ago! 

So what I see, a Hillary Clinton statement prepared to lower prices! Rehearsed,  but not praised.  I know at that point daddy girl will make her prepared statement to step down.  Daddy should step back this time.

I expect this asap,and refunds! Asap..  let’s get that done Hill…school is starting!  First, then we will finish the details!  We want the true price NOW!

So to recap the 2009 and now Global Mylan associate with great resume…

As we seen when the time is right the clinton’s make a deal for lowering prices! BUT THEY ARE DIRECTLY BEHIND THE INCREASE, TO LOOK LIKE HERO’S RIGHT DURING ELECTION TIME let’s see him drop the price please again.

Here will be the made up hero! Once again! Except this time he is global leader at Mylan! So the conflict is clear!

They have close family personal connection http://www.startribune.com/member-of-the-wedding-close-enough/99806649/


Anil Soni has spent the last decade building and scaling two leading organizations in global health. He left McKinsey & Company in 2002 to serve as chief of staff to the first Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, developing its operational model, recruiting its talent and raising its first $5B. After founding the Fund’s “Friends of the Global Fight” satellite in Washington, Anil joined the William J. Clinton Foundation in 2005, where he led a string of deals with pharmaceutical companies to lower the prices of AIDS drugs. He expanded the scope of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) with a $500M five-year deal with UNITAID to expand pediatric AIDS treatment; that program dropped drug and diagnostic prices by 90% and has treated 350,000 children to date. Anil was appointed CEO of CHAI in 2008. Under his tenure, he helped the organization manage its growth – to more than 500 staff and $200M in annual spending; establish itself as an independent nonprofit; and strengthen its donor and external relations. Anil decided to leave CHAI to move back into the private sector. During his transition, Anil served as senior advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and to the Business Leadership Council for a Generation Born HIV Free (BLC). In 2013, Anil joined Mylan, one of the world’s largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers, where he serves as the global commercial leader for its work in HIV/AIDS and infectious disease.

So just taking public websites information and putting it together.  With passion and love.  We are all in this together, but we need to be able to have profit caps, we need the right fair trustworthy government that is by our rights.

We, I have alot more, just starting here!

I will stand to show without fear, nor have ANY SPECIAL INTERESTS THAT REQUIRES FUNDING .




A mother of an Angel


Please excuse grammar or typos I am disabled myself!



Our Kingdom of Love

Our Kingdom of Love

When the wind blows I feel your essence like a whisper of breath that has left me since you returned home

When the sun brings warmth to my face your touch of angelic hand, to dry the tears that have fallen since you returned home

Birds, sing angelic songs and messages of love
Trees the roots that rise high, symbolize our roots for ever connected, as high as the tallest mountain…

When the rain falls, it is the arms that wrap around me to allow me to release tears designed as rain drops, then you with your most magickal love bring the rainbow of love

We laugh together after that good cry, as we see the colors shine..the most uplifting laugh to the heavens.

So sacred not many will understand that feeling shared. How magickal that rainbow brings such love and happiness, our souls reconnect in a new moment and memory…

The night sky filled with the most blessed stars that twinkle as I see your eyes again

The moon with her deep glimmering light shining downward on my face, I feel heavens blessing that you are never alone

My universe has never changed since you returned home, your kingdom is now will me each day and night making it brighter and so much more beautiful…

I love you son

written by : Your Mommy to her Angel I love youFB_IMG_1463569231668


I do apologize in advance for grammar and spelling,  I am currently suffering and disabled,  but not giving up! Severe depression,  ptsd, anxiety and complicated grief.  I refuse to be defined by them but reality  in my daily abilities have suffered from memory,  mobility and function is very hard now.  I will never give up.

Please come visit and leave a blessing : In Memory of Joseph DeNicola – Food Allergy Awareness.  https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=437906596363580&id=100004327291965&set=a.100996106721299.2550.100004327291965

It is bringing light in addition to the importance of time, and awareness that allergies do take lives. Learn from his story. We thank you all ..

Our Milky Way Joseph DeNicola
March 18 2007 – November 4 2014
With all my love son, for you brighten upm the Milky Way

Please feel free to sharing to help the next.

I am Joseph DeNicola’s mom Julianne. Joseph blessed us on March 18 2007. On St. Patty’s day Joseph decided, he wanted to join the celebration and decided to arrive a little early. I named Joseph after St. Joseph, for when I worked in 1 WTC I was blessed with my first miracle my son Anthony DeNicola, to having his first day of school and had not gone into work that day on 911. I made a promise to the heavens if I had another baby I will name him after St. Joseph since it was a protection pray that I kept on my desk at work and said it in the morning as I turned on my computer to start the day.

Joseph being the love that he is , decided since my family is both Irish and Italian that he will not be born on St Patricks day, 17th or on St. Josephs day 19th but right in between. March 18 just a little past midnight. As everyone was enjoying corn beef in my delivery room, even the doctors I thought to myself, this is truly a celebration.

Joseph born a with a deep mark between his brow like a birth mark, I was concerned and asked what was this mark, but it was just normal the doctors said. With time it will go away. I would sleep next to his crib each night, for something in my told me to always be by his side since the moment he was born.

Within a month, after attempting breast feeding as I did for my first miracle Anthony whom was only 3.5 lbs born very early, to getting him the best for is immune system each day, I would go to the hospital to feed him, day and night. Until he was big enough to come home. The first baby to leave the hospital at 4 lbs strong and healthy but little. My first little love.

Within the first few weeks of being pregnant with Joseph we knew that I was high risk and they started me on progesterone shots weekly. I am not one to take medicines at all, but as we do, we do to making sure that our babies get the chances in life at all cost.

After Josephs birth, within the first week I noticed that my breasts would not produce milk for him, oddly since with Anthony I was non stop. Even had the best breast pump since I knew with Anthony, the ordeal ready and waiting. I was so upset I recall asking the heavens why, why could I not produce to feed my new blessing.

Now I know, it would have harmed him. My body knew before me. When I was pregnant with Joseph I craved Milk all the time, see I forever had heart burn, thinking that I was going to have a monkey instead of my Angel at sometimes. They say hair is the reason for such.

Within that time, we had started Joseph in the hospital on Similac every baby in the hospital was started on such. I noticed after his first immune shot in the hospital that his mark on his brow would get darker after he was fed, but nothing else at that time.

When we got home I noticed that he was not going to the bathroom correctly. I am not one to wait or think what it could be, I go right to the doctor that is there job not mine. I was sent to a specialist, for his stomach and they placed him on soy. So here we where now, my new little Soy boy I would call him. After a months time, Joseph was treated for a hernia, I was told that sometimes the stomach walls do not close during child birth.

I remember sitting outside the OR as they had to do the surgery, praying and praying. My baby already born, has to face, a lot I recall thinking. Well each day from there, a new with Joseph. Later to finding out he had a slight heart murmur, and a carrier of talasima, which was from my husbands side of the family, Italians more than most have it.

It was now almost to his first years birthday and we decided to start to cut his formula with whole milk, with the fist small amount I will never forget that night. As he was drinking he started to turn blue and he was having difficulty breathing. My husband and I did not know what to do, not a second wasted I called 911, and my husband thought it was asthma since we had been facing such with my older son Anthony.

Joseph had been sick during that week prior and had been put on an antibiotic, and they assumed when we arrived at the hospital that he was having an allergy attack from such.

So we still did not think it was Milk. We had gone home and after a month , still on Soy milk only, just something told me not to give him anything different.

It was time, as he was needing more to fill him. We decided to start to feed him solid foods. little by little

Pastina, a little bit of butter and milk, within a few seconds he started to get a redness all over his face, I was home during that time daily and not working, with Joseph. I had extended my maternity since of his illness and to tell you it was not a thought of even going back. I had to watch my little one beyond.

I called the doctor right away and was told to give him a little benedryl, so I did and the rash had gone away from his face, when my husband came home that night we made an appointment to go to the doctor, thinking back now, wow what a chance we had been taking, but the doctor did not see an urgency. We had been sent to get allergy testing for Joseph, I remember sitting in the doctors thinking I have to understand this all beyond.

I had gone home, and researched like crazy, everything I could find, and thanks to FAAN there had been so much available.

I was ready to go to the doctors with Joseph to get him tested and understood what we where going to expect, we had been interviewed regarding everything about his eating and events and when he had a few more breakouts.

Grill Cheese, I cannot tell you how a bite of grill cheese took my sons breath away and off to the hospital again, after I called 911.

Then we learned it was Casein, Whey and Milk and Hazelnuts. After such, I reached out to finding the best doctors possible and I decided as I am beyond limits of distance to get the whole family in the car, without warning after reading the best article about testing being done on a boy with milk allergies at Boston childrens Hospital. I was told that Joseph was to young but when he came to the age of 5 he would be the right age. So off we went, you had to see my husbands face when I told them all to get in the car we are going to Boston. LOL. I will not forget that day. I had researched the doctor whom was in charge of the testing, and said that is going to be Josephs new doctor.

All mother know to get the best for our babies. Regardless. So after our wonderful weekend, we had made it, we knew exactly what Joseph was allergic to. The details of the research complete on Joseph was unreal. The interviews and the doctors from Harvard spent so much time with us. Hours interviewing all of us including my son Anthony.

Anthony I noticed was now very much protective of Joseph, but paid very very close attention to the doctors and he took care of Joseph beyond. A child already facing the fears he was hearing of losing his brother if the worst was to happen, he was not allowing any chances. He followed Joseph like a Hawk.

Telling people sometimes before I could even open my mouth to speak, to tell them to wash their mouth before even kissing Joseph.

Well over the years we all had studied allergies beyond. I had been to the extent that anyone that watched Joseph had to go thru CPR classes. My poor mother in law Anna, was terrified to watching him, but she did. Everyone, knew what needed to be done and the signs. My sister would spend hours on hours cleaning her house from her kids, eating and playing with no chance to even a trace of milk in her house before Joseph came over to play with his cousins Frankie Louis and his princess Angelina.

Well after years of hard times, with my husband and not to go into details since this is Joseph’s story and not ours, we had fallen into separation. Week with him and a week with me. I was always in fear for when I was not with Joseph, but in my heart I reminded myself that my son Anthony was with him. See I trusted him more than anyone with Joseph. Beyond.

A few months of separation turned into a very ugly divorce and now the distance had to be made for the sacrifice of my kids not to having to deal with the fighting and stressors.
Keeping me safe and mentally stable suffering myself from PTSD and depression beyond, as I am again now with addition facing of grief has weighed its toll on me, but working on getting strength daily, somehow, I am tring, and that is the start.

It has been two years since, and I was set to see and be with my kids, but the ex plans always altered, time in and out. Continuously, finally a date set November 11 2014, I was going to hold my Joseph again finally after all the time has passed. Again, the reason of distance was for my safety. That is a story for another time. Domestic Violence and divorce and custody battles during and dealing with food allergies, will be the next awareness I will be helping with once I gain my strength.

I made arrangements on the morning of October 31 my airline tickets purchased, talked with my family, my sister that I was on my way and I could not wait to see my son. She was so excited for me as everyone whom has know what this separation was doing on both Joseph and I. We had been inseparable to being separated. What was to be a shot time, adjourned and adjourned and adjourned, the system as I say sucks.

Well I had gone into work that day of October 31 2014 and came home, I am pagan and it was a holiday that I loved, as well my Joseph so very much. See Joseph was obsessed with Halloween and Pumpkins since he was a baby. Every thing was pumpkins and orange and in each picture you will see him regardless if it was easter Joseph in a Halloween shirt of some kind. LOL. My Joe.

When I got home , I remember sitting down, and a feeling came over me, I did not like it. At all, but what do we do when that happens. Just wonder. I said I have to go downstairs and see what Joseph is dressed like this Halloween since my ex having physical custody since I did not want my kids to be taken out of their lives schools and friends. I gave the home to them. It was temporary and still is for my ex to having them and living in the house.

I went down stairs well actually I ran downstairs since that feeling, and looked at my older sons Twitter page, and there as I looked, it saying “ I am not listening to what they say Joseph, come back to me you need to be okay, I cannot go on with out you” , I called the only two hospitals in Staten Island that I now he would take Joseph and got my ex on the phone, he told me that they had been trick o treating and then went to his cousin Marias house as we did each year. They ordered pizza, and he had a special pizza that Joseph would have that the place made special since they knew of his allergies. He said he started to have trouble breathing and he rushed him home to get his medicines, he put him on the breathing nebulizer thinking at first it was seasonal asthma, and then seen it was more and grabbed the epi pen. Then he ran outside noticing nothing was working got our neighbor Todd and drove to the ER.”

By this time, and at that time, Joseph had already suffered two heart attacks, but they brought him back, my sister had me on speaker talking to him until I could get there for him, she spent the night alone with Joseph that night until I was there in the morning, my ex went home with my older son. Longest flight it felt like in my life, they made arrangements for me on the plane, to sit in front so I could get in and out and the pilots made an announcement to pray for his safety since I still did not know the true condition until I got to there, from Green bay to Staten Island it felt like forever, but only a few hours time door to door.

When I got there, I held my son for the first time in a long time, but it was already to late, to much brain damage, his eyes still dilating but the damage to much. We spent the next day praying beyond and on Nov 2 I seen the angels, and I knew and felt in my heart they had come for him, at that same time the nurses whom work beyond for my son and the doctors miracle workers, said he was no longer responding and they will do the final test on the 4th.

We all prayed and the love and support from all of you the miracles being requested felt. My heart and soul decided as I was placed in my sons bed to hold him as they where going to take him off the support, the organ donors came into the room and said to my ex, we honor your decision, not to donate, but that was a family decision and I knew at that moment with all the love of our family there and standing around, that was the time to talk, and we all did and we decided that it was the miracles that you all had been praying for and another mother will get a call that their baby will be saved.

I thank all of you my family friend and our food allergy family. I love you all.

Our Angel Joseph our Milkyway guardian will always protect all of you, see it was not the EPI pen that did not work it was time, and the time it takes we do not have time to think just do. So JUST DO IT, NEVER WASTE TIME and ALWAYS have EPI on you , just as you put shoes on your feet each day. Someone needs to invent this somehow…

He will forever protect you all… We love you

Joseph’s first love
His Mommy

We love pictures and letter from your little ones to Joseph I read them and share each one with him each day.

Some videos of Joseph on my youtube I made. Hope you like them all. I will forever be a strong advocate for food allergies, you are my family and your children as if the same as mine. Always… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWaXqMQKTjw

CDC Releases Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Phoenix and All Schools. Featured by Allergy Associates and Asthma LtdTreating allergy and asthma in Chandler, Tempe and Mesa, AZ. Call 480-838-4296.

Allergy Associates and Asthma, Ltd.


CDC Releases Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Phoenix and All Schools.

A letter from AAAAI President Linda Cox, MD.

I want to draw your attention to a new document that has been released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). InChildCDClogo consultation with the U.S. Department of Education and a number of other federal agencies, CDC has developed Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools  and Early Care and Education Centers.

To give you some background, Congress passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act in 2011. This act designed to improve food safety in  the United States by shifting the focus from response to prevention had a  section that called for the creation of these guidelines.

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According to the CDC, “The Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies are intended to support implementation of food schoolfoodallergy1allergy management and prevention plans…

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Food Allergy News is out!


Created a Newspaper just for Food Allergies. It takes feeds from twitter, google and other sources and places all the content in one newspaper… you can subscribe and offer anything you would like to add. I as well included Research, Education and Medical Alerts Products and Recalls.

Please feel free to share… hope it helps to having one place for all… A Food Allergy Newspaper… It updates twice a day to gathering all the feed…

I will continue to develop it daily.. Feel free to sending me feeds you want to add.  It is for all of you…


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Josephs Mommy
I love you Joseph

In Loving Memory of you my son…

Joseph DeNicola’s Mom Supports A Safer and Healthier Halloween for ALL ! Be an Angel to the “CURRENT” Generation! You are in training, aren’t you?



Joseph’s Mom Supports the ‪#‎tealpumpkinproject‬ #keepitteal

Healthy and Safer time for all children!  So many children in our “generation” face illnesses that remove them from enjoying the memories of Halloween.  So many that are diabetic, food intolerance or working on the level of obesity that has been increasing.  Teal Pumpkin Project was designed to help food allergy children, but it places a path for them all.

Our Angels work in magickal ways ! Don’t they…?

We are ALL responsible.  BY taking part in the Holiday, when we open “OUR” doors to the “CURRENT” generation, you might want to know who “THEY ” are ! No one wants to harm a child.


Children deserve our trust to keeping them safe.  That means just offering a safe healthy alternative a non-food treat.  It is a choice, one that is available at each home that wants to see a new direction of safety for all.  Starting by painting a pumpkin Teal, one that can be used each year ( go green) ! Many hobby stores have them for you to color.  There are so many unique ways that you can contribute to this new direction… It is fresh… it is about creating a better way…   Teal Pumpkin Project is a start.

For all whom require an emergency plan, please be prepared.  Be with someone that can administer that plan, right away.

Before we all RUN out to Ring the Bells, Lets STOP, for just ONE MOMENT in honor of all of those whom are no longer with us and ask them to keeping us safe.  Welcome them to walk with you, as you prepare to head out.

This will be one year since my son passed, last Halloween.  I can ask for this moment, if at 4PM Eastern Time, if nothing more just ONE moment to make sure you ALL have what is needed to making good memories, keeping to the safety of others and keeping to what we are all set to do… Help each other.       epi

My son saved lives after he lost his, lives that we did not have a choice to cherish anymore.  If we did not open our hearts to others and their needs, those beautiful people would not be living a healthier and better life.


IMG_6991 (2)

Bless you all.  Have a Safe and HEALTHY and HAPPY Halloween… ! BE PREPARED..

USE your EPI – RIGHT AWAY and CALL 911.  Know your signs, and make sure someone is with you that knows the same.

So feel free to join the event, from your own home or anywhere in that moment you might be standing, at 4 PM Eastern Time. It is just a moment, because that does make a difference to cherishing lives.

Remember your EPI pens, do not leave home without them.

Here is a link to The EPI Pen Auto Injector Savings. Make sure your EPI are “NOT” expired ! Always carry 2 and remember time means alot, do not wait just do it !
Call 911 and follow up with everything else after ! EPI saves lives !


Have fun!

My love to all of you

Joseph’s Mommy

A mother of an Angel


I thank all of you.

No Halloween is NOT a tradition about Candy. It is to HONOR OUR LOVE to those we have LOST

Halloween has always been thought to be all about just getting into costume and handing out candy.  Well, I guess it is time to have in my family the old ways, being Pagan now very much celebrated not just by myself, but by all in my family.  My son passed away last year at this time.  It will be a years time, we are all gathering at this time.  We are all asking for honor of the passing and we are very much now moving forward not just me, but all in the ways of how Halloween is to be honored.
Each year now, all my family will be following the ways as they had been, so very much honored for what they are.  To cherish our loved one, to leaving him gifts and love at a time he graduated to the higher light of the otherworld heaven. I know he is getting it ready for us, just so special.
We are all gathering, we are all bringing into our year a marking of a new year, this the first.  The first that we had to face not being able to hold him and see him, a full year marks on each of the years to come.  We cherish this time to remembering, those cherished moments we had before.   We hold the most LOVE ever more and we will place your love everywhere.  He loved Halloween, and I do believe he brought to everyone the manner of looking to hold the old way in his honor.
How much I love you my Joseph.  You are just a magical love… you warm my heart son.  Let the times shift back to the way they where honored.  To you and all that we have so much love for still, we honor you and will celebrate your life on your birthday and your passing to the heavens each year at the same time.  You are very much the start to many to seeing.  No matter the faith it is the action of love and what we do during this time.  Mom can tell many of the old ways, and how you very much made many do so, lol.. You are my Angel son…
It is a new year.  A end of the light time and start of the dark, the winter being the season. It has much history of the cake offerings and food to be left for our loved ones that had passed.  It as well has been the holiday to bringing honor to them and keeping at bay those whom will disrupt the Aos si, the spirits of our loved ones during this time.  We start by staying with our loved ones at this time, honoring them and showing to all, we are in fact honoring the Holiday as it was and is to be.
Celtic festival of Samhain.  Do many know the history of the very holiday all of you are being part of.  Would you all agree if it was not for the overall religion of it, since it was in fact a way of the origins of the Celtic way, Scottish way among a few.
A Druids originated holiday some very old Irish literature as validation of ways, and how it had changed over generational time. It was a celebration of Saman Lord of the Dead, it was as well a celebration of the Aos si.  Honoring of the Spirits.
There is some debate about this origination as the Druids were not the only, or the first spiritual pagans of Ireland. The Irish festival of Samhain has always been at the end of summer on November 1st, and has been one of the prominent harvest festivals for Celtic pagans from the past and the present. It being the time of harvesting, The Mound of the Hostages, a Neolithic passage tomb at the Hill of Tara is aligned with the Samhain sunrise. Samhain is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and is known to have pre-Christian roots. Many important events in Irish mythology happen or begin on Samhain. It was the time when cattle were brought back down from the summer pastures and when livestock were slaughtered for the winter. Bonfires had been lit during these times, to honoring the Liminal Gods for a thanks for giving such bounty, aos sí because the Gods went into the fairy hills after humans arrived in Ireland they do believed. An offering of bread and an apple to the liminal God. Samhain and Beltane, at opposite sides of the year from each other, are thought to have been the most important. The Celts regarded winter, the season of cold and death, as the time of year ruled by the Cailleach, the old hag. Anything remaining in the fields would be taken by the Cailleach, who would kill anything left alive. It was a time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future, to rest and conserve energy in anticipation of the spring when the crops and animals would have new life and the people would be reinvigorated spiritually and physically.Samhain became the principal festival, celebrated with a great assembly at the royal court in Tara, lasting for three days. It marked the end of the season for trade and warfare and was an ideal date for tribal gatherings. After being ritually started on the Hill of Tlachtga, a bonfire was set alight on the Hill of Tara, which served as a beacon, signaling to people gathered atop hills all across Ireland to light their ritual bonfires. These gatherings are a popular setting for early Irish tales. Accounts from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries suggest that the fires (as well as their smoke and ashes) were deemed to have protective and cleansing powers. Sometimes, two bonfires would be built side by side, and the people – sometimes with their livestock – would walk between them as a cleansing ritual. The bones of slaughtered cattle were said to have been cast upon bonfires.
People took flames from the bonfire back to their homes. In northeastern Scotland, they carried burning fir around their fields to protect them, and on South Uist they did likewise with burning turf.In some places, people doused their hearth fires on Samhain night. Each family then solemnly re-lit its hearth from the communal bonfire, thus bonding the families of the village together. Since it very much was a festive of time, the darker time of the year, most did honor the liminal time. Aos si was to be given thanks for what had been provided, but as well protection from the dark days ahead. So they would leave the offerings to such, food and drink as well portions of their crops. They took special care not to offend the Aos si. They would seek out many whom might cause mischief towards such.They stayed near to home or, if forced to walk in the darkness, turned their clothing inside-out or carried iron or salt to keep them at bay. The souls of the dead were also thought to revisit their homes. Places were set at the dinner table or by the fire to welcome them. The souls of thankful kin could return to bestow blessings just as easily as that of a murdered person could return to wreak revenge. It is still the custom in some areas to set a place for the dead at the Samhain feast, and to tell tales of the ancestors on that night. Mumming and guising was a part of Samhain from at least the sixteenth century and was recorded in parts of Ireland, Scotland, Mann, and Wales. This involved people going from house to house in costume (or in disguise), usually reciting songs or verses in exchange for food. The costumes may have been a way of imitating, or disguising oneself from, the aos sí.Which suggests that the ancient festival included people in masks or costumes representing these spirits and that the modern custom came from this.
In Ireland, costumes were sometimes worn by those who went about before nightfall collecting for a Samhain feast. In parts of southern Ireland during the nineteenth century, the guisers included a hobby horse known as the Láir Bhán (white mare). A man covered in a white sheet and carrying a decorated horse skull (representing the Láir Bhán) would lead a group of youths, blowing on cow horns, from farm to farm. At each they recited verses, some of which “savoured strongly of paganism,” and the farmer was expected to donate food. This is similar to the Mari Lwyd (grey mare) procession in Wales.
In Scotland, young men went house-to-house with masked, veiled, painted, or blackened faces,often threatening to do mischief if they were not welcomed. It is suggested that the blackened faces comes from using the bonfire’s ashes for protection. Elsewhere in Europe, costumes, mumming and hobby horses were part of other yearly festivals. However, in the Celtic-speaking regions they were “particularly appropriate to a night upon which supernatural beings were said to be abroad and could be imitated or warded off by human wanderers”.
An Irish Seán Na Gealaí turnip lantern from the early 20th century at the Museum of Country Life playing pranks at Samhain is recorded in the Scottish Highlands as far back as 1736 and was also common in Ireland, which led to Samhain being nicknamed “Mischief Night” in some parts: “When imitating malignant spirits it was a very short step from guising to playing pranks.” Wearing costumes at Halloween spread to England in the twentieth century, as did the custom of playing pranks, though there had been mumming at other festivals. “Trick-or-treating” may have come from the custom of going door-to-door collecting food for Samhain feasts, fuel for Samhain bonfires, and/or offerings for the aos sí. Halloween is by far a tradition of candy.
It is a celebration of our lost loved ones. whom had passed, it is to knowing and honoring them at this time of year.  We have over many years starting in the early 2000 brought the treats as to being candy by the American tradition, it was not in fact candy until the early 2000.  Believe it or not.  It was the time of year celebrated to honoring the great bounty that we have gathered, to celebrating the harvest and to helping with festivals of love our lost ones,
I plan again to doing that as I have each year.  I will HONOR my son, whom had passed on Halloween and I will honor each and everyone whom passed before in their honor.  I will keeping to keep the mischief at bay and keeping all safe during this time, and I will bring BACK the tradition as it is to be.  A safe and happy time in honor of our loved ones.
So I very much do know he honored the Irish in him and upon his last days just like his first we see that the old ways are now moving forward our ways in his honor at this time of year.  I love you my son. I very much see and know you are with us each day, and you will be celebrated and all honored.
So in our family, No Halloween is not about CANDY anymore…It is about LOVE.
Snap-Apple Night (1833), painted by Daniel Maclise, shows people playing divination games on 31 October in Ireland

Snap-Apple Night (1833), painted by Daniel Maclise, shows people playing divination games on 31 October in Ireland

All Saints’ Day History for you…

The Roman Catholic holy day of All Saints (or All Hallows) was introduced in the year 609, but was originally celebrated on May 13. In 835, Louis the Pious switched it to November 1 in the Carolingian Empire, at the behest of Pope Gregory IV. However, from the testimony of Pseudo-Bede, it is known that churches in what are now England and Germany were already celebrating All Saints on November 1 at the beginning of the eighth century Thus, Louis merely made official the custom of celebrating it on November 1. James Frazer suggests that November 1 was chosen because it was the date of the Celtic festival of the dead (Samhain) – the Celts had influenced their English neighbors, and English missionaries had influenced the Germans. However, Ronald Hutton points out that, according to Óengus of Tallaght (d. ca. 824), the seventh/eighth century church in Ireland celebrated All Saints on April 20th. He suggests that the November 1st date was a Germanic rather than a Celtic idea.

Over time, the night of October 31st came to be called All Hallows’ Eve (or All Hallows’ Even). Samhain influenced All Hallows’ Eve and vice-versa, and the two eventually morphed into the secular holiday known as Halloween.

Most of the historical information on this post came from http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Samhain ;http://www.paganspath.com/magik/celtic/samhain.htm and many other sources on history of Halloween.  Do your own research of the origins and you might just have to seeing that the OLD ways are very much an Honor to your loved ones.  To cherish them and honor them.  It is a very Holy time of year, to starting a new year with a blessing of them by our side and we are forever gathered in their honor.

I will put out the foods that you loved so very much son on this night and I will set a place as I always do right next to me.  We are forever connected.  Just like all of those whom have lost a loved one, do the same, it is welcoming them home each year on the day of their passing, mine happens at the time of the year of Halloween.  That does not mean it has to be yours.  Sharing our loved view of a holiday that will forever be very much the HONOR of the old ways for all of our family.. moving forward.

Him being born on March 18 2007 and going to his kingdom November 4 2014.  We will honor both great times of the year in honor of our hero….   We love you Joseph.


Joseph’s Mom Julianne

Working with Angels


Top of Photo one Angel Wings see Photo 2 bottom for their legs…


Bottom photo 2 legs of the Angels right next to my son Joseph as he played on the floor. I was not alone watching him as everyone was enjoying their holiday dinner. My eye never off of him not a second. In these photos as I look back now that he is now an Angel we had always been blessed to have them show us they are there.

“With each unconditional act of love, we are working with an Angelic teaching…”-Julianne

We are all born with a blessing.  That blessing we do carry along each day.  It is not always clear to some during times of hard ordeals, but it is there.  We work daily, some of us are teachers and some of us students.

What does that mean.  During each event that takes place in your life, if we stop and think why we are going through lessons or even the most magical joy and happiness in moments..to being our own preparation to become that we pray to each day.  Angels.

In many religious myths and legions our ancestors left us tools of what took place at one time, and what had been learned.  Giving us a secure understanding as we evolve daily.  Ancient texts have been documented over time of events with miracles taking place.  Events in each religion surrounding a magickal happening to showing that a higher love is surrounding us.  This was all our ancestors treasured back in the day many years ago.  What was around them had been their only TV station, and very much limited to small groups or tribes, what we now call towns or communities.

The restructuring of our growth, we have learned so much over time.  If we look back and think how wise those ancients had been with so much less technology.  Could it really be? and how? Ancient calendars, structures built that are so in line with the seasons even to this day, as the sun rises and sets.  Dedication to many traditions to worship.  I hold one belief to core truth, they “must” of had some form of helpers directing them.

How can we see our planets so many years ago in the time when we had thought our great planet was flat, even looking up at a moon so very round?

Some have their own beliefs and names (THE WORD) that surround again the same concepts, the base fundamental act.  They might call these helpers Aliens, Angels, Spirit Guides or other forms of names of ancient Gods or Goddesses.  We all again, have the same event, the same factual finding of that event, but whom did what and their name, well a name holds to the word of the owner whom created it.  Labeling these events in group we can, but as we see the common alike, the only found fact is the event, the structure and what still remains, the actual item.  As to who, when and why well that is to the over generational thinking process, into the factual for their own independent beliefs.  We are all in agreement of that one fact.  It is not clearly defined, and whom owns that overall naming of such is not you or me.

Many events that humans conducted, where basic everyday deeds that we take into account with out gratitude.  How about those star mappings over hundreds of years ago.  You cannot find that knowledge now, we just piggy back off of it most of the time.   It all had been so very new back then, at that time when they had been noticed. Marked with words by that current generation depending on their location and whom was within their town or community ( tribe).

The north star, followed by the wise man most can relate to that myth.  We now know at that time of year, it is very much Venus at her highest point during the calendar session.  Each year at that same time as she shines as bright,  some celebrate the birthing of Christ in some religions, many other forms of celebration of that high point of love, yes we all have many different holidays within just a few days of each other as the great stars make set points.  Not many see it to that level, just stay to the myths or tales of their belief group systems.  This over all happening recorded takes place in the sky above at same time each year.  If they wanted to make it into the myth of legion, and a sign well they did so.  It took great courage and wisdom to get on a horse, or camel and follow that beautiful star.. Many had found a lot of new discoveries by following the stars above to finding what was a great new finding to them on the earth.  Can you do that now, think if you keep walking towards a star in the sky, as it shines to getting closer to it, no concept of the knowledge we know today.  We today know better since we see the large scope of the whole earth, but they only had the sky as their map, marking their seasons to finding harvest and survival.  That being their knowing only.  Marvels me to place myself in that time.   To hear the tales of when the sun sets, and the bright venus star is shining will be a good time to celebrate a rebirth, love or a time of thanks for survival has been won, since the long winter will now be going away.  A new time will be starting to celebrate with joy and gratitude.

It had to be the best entertainment and honored for it was always changing our beautiful nightly sky, I would imagine back then myself if I was courageous enough not to fall off the earth, to getting on a horse or some form of animal and follow it myself.  To those back then, they had been limited.  A fresh a new generation, new understandings based on everyones location.  What remained the same the stars and sky, most ancient txt started on such concepts, and evolved into myths and then added mystical miracles into legions.  At best the most ancient txt had to be paintings or on cave walls that had been preserved, just like the great pyramids.    We are not meant to alter what we are taught of the history, but we can grow on it with our own interpretations as they become true to us, personally. Right.

I remembering as a very young girl and thru all my life that the moon was following me, and she loved me.  Always there when I looked up.  Thinking how special I am for it to being follow me. I told both my children what was my belief, when they had been old enough for me to tell them.  “Do you see that Moon up there, if you look at it on some nights I bet it will be following you since you are so special”  I still pray by the moon today… My beliefs my concepts my truths.  She never left my side…

It is the observation, understanding and great guidance we receive, even at a very young age.  I do recall my son being not even 3 yet and explaining to me what the Milky way was.  I never showed it to him before.  So if I can relate to the moon, I pretty much understand his relation to the milky-way.

We then hold a drive to be a teacher, a doctor or even a sanitation worker.  We are fit to a job, some do believe it is much better not to be serving others, and to just living.  If they only understood, if the Angels gives them that freedom to only have to pay that much attention to the living, well you must be a guru.. lol   Over all we are working at even a higher purpose and some do not even see or understand that, since it is in little oversights daily.  Just as clear as the many who never took the steps even looking at a round moon, kept limited to travel since our planet was flat because that is what they had been told..

Sometimes our perception is based only on our realistic view of happenings.  Well that would be the most common understanding of our beliefs. What we can see for ourselves. Then we hold dear to them and now are important daily and how we dedicate our view to those matters, personally.  Personal perception.  Our views to the most simple miracles are distracted away in our generation by war, work, bills, and the pressures of daily life that the obvious even as it is right in front of our face..most of the miracles are not documented as much and are overlooked.

As we get older and we get to slow down, take more of a view of life and the things that have created our own stories, we sometimes think back and say “How did I get through that time period of my life.”.   Sometimes, in a younger age we are facing restrictions that require us to being more observant to our daily lives and surroundings.  If we are not, well they can be life threatening.

There are some that just know that a thought popped in their head out of no where, or a event taking place in front of them that might bring to their attention this same thought at an earlier age.

Some have the perception of only believing what they had been taught by their own parents experiences, as the starting stone, and choose to keep it to that level because that is how they learned.  Nothing should pretty much change the core values.

But is that correct to just stop there.  If we kept to the flat earth well I am not sure we would have come this far.

So many do keeping to the old ways, not to anger a God, some believe that no God is going to give them wrath for being real to the life and creation that is growing and being showed to them personally daily around them.

Personally, I can take what they taught me and build my own perspectives from there. It does not alter those core beliefs that offered a foundation, it actually allows me to build on them.  That is way and how most great discoveries have been accomplished.  I never limit, my free will or some call the soul.  It is like saying, we cannot create new ways of saving a life medically or spiritually because our ancients would not agree to that method?  Hope that makes sense, best I can associate in words for this generation conception thinking.   Never limit yourself to a belief structure, for it stops new discoveries, question and discover and create your own.

Structures of many cultures change daily.  Our climate or even to the waters and pollution on our earth daily.  It is hard to imagine a world limited to one set way of beliefs.  Over time each belief system has changed to the structures that challenged the common in their time.  The overall common core remains the same, but the actual structure and the thought associated may alter.  New terms, new discoveries to help with current world events.  Nothing remains the same, that is the beauty of life.

Each of us has a carbon footprint.  Each of us have some call an energy, some call it a soul some call it a civil duty to our fellow brothers and sisters.  We all overall no matter again the words that are used to define it have the same common core.  It should not be controlling, since we then would be set to those same structured limitations from our ancients.  They would not really agree with most of the things we all do today, that overall would be seen depending on the time of history.

As new generations emerge, we have the new terms such as energy or lightworkers and the older generation stating God’s prayer.  But the overall is the same concept.  Helping others and loving onto each other as one.

The helpers that we now call by a term to our belief system whom guide the new and the old into the next level of evolution and growth, I would call them Angels.  The guides, some call them Aliens.  Get it some call them other names.  It is an element that has been around us forever.  Some do not believe in it at all.  They limit themselves to the old belief system and shut the door.   That to me is a very flat earth thinking approach.

Even our ancients left many of myths of great work done by man and woman.  The basic stories taken to each generation a new spin of legion created.  The word stays the same in this case but the overall core might change to getting a different outlook.

Lets think of it this way.  We have proof in front of us on the Pyramid walls of a Sun God, the story of a great man in other religions that was born the son.  We have a element of an animal in some explaining the same type of being in which they believe to being a higher helper.  Each concept of the core is on the same core, that being a source outside of ourselves whom we like to pray or believe is a savor to us in some form or fashion.

Some have built onto the same manner of literature in many versions over time, in to variation of the same myth to being a legion.  That means a back tale that now has been added to mystic level to entertain an interest on the matter.  To get ones attention.

The one common core that has not changed and is the same is our own workings in our daily lives.  The core to living, the core to love.  It is the struggles that we do each day, with a goal no matter of our own beliefs to having a happier life.  To the extent we are as well part of a larger energy that we do not even see daily.

In each core system over time, we have been taken higher to the level of education, knowledge.  Well we would like to believe so.  We cannot even understand that their might have been a time when ancients had been more advanced then us, how could that even be some think.  It could be that the structure was so advanced that it either evolved to the point of concept to our basis understanding just yet, since we ourselves individually have not done or seen such today.

The one common core that remains the same is the winged helpers. Now the time frame of the historical concept and wording, we will leave that out.  Helpers being the core, in some form the miracles or the common story that had been made into a legion made a new discovery with the help of such.

It was so helpful that someone took the time to document it into their history, be it on a wall, in a religious symbol or a mere gift to another in a picture print to expressing if they had been restricted during the time that such took place might have caused themselves harm if it was to be spoken about.  Still left since it was a favor to the next as it comes, to leaving that core.  Like a map of events that shows its light on the path to a discovery.

In my concept I do see and have met with Angels.  Being in life form, or other.  What does that mean.  Why would I call them Angels, well that was the core structure of my upbringing, might not be the same word for you but you get the idea.  The Angels work in very silent but some in great appearances to foster that others to take a look to understanding better.

We work for them daily.  Yes you do work for them daily.  They place you in the right time and place to help them.  Helping them means, helping them get to what the core duty is to be completed even if the event will not be for 100 years from now.  During the basic day, you might just be the teacher of one student that heard one lesson taught, that student to taking that one thought and building on it to making a new discovery.  Those Angels have just used two active beings to get a directional outcome.

Another matter of working would be standing in the way of harm just before it to happening, and a sudden change takes place to make you walk down the other way.  You do not even know it is taking place.  Do you know how much they do for us daily, in addition to how much we do for them.  The core being to help the next.  Growth and direction designed to the same overall purpose, growth and love.

Concepts of daily life seem boring sometimes.  We can find ourselves feeling lonely and left out.  Different or bullied.  Some being the bully.  Structure, common foundation and our ability to force forward.

I have heard of many angelic workings in common day that most just overlook.  We see illness as a bad thing most of the time, because it takes its toll on our bodies life energy and our loved ones whom do not want to see us suffer.  If we look at it this way, that is what it is.  So how do we see why they are creating such, into our daily lives.  The overall lesson is to teach us to cherish life.  I do believe that with pain and suffering and limitation due to an involuntary structure that limits our free will to do as anyone else, is a blessing in disguise.  For that part of the larger change can be a blessing, and if we had been in the older times limited to smaller groups and not such a large audience like in our last few generational structures.  It would be that one person within a tribe, whom saved the lives of three to four by becoming ill.  You say how can that be.  That tribe just learned that they should not ever eat that same fruit that person had come to eating.  That tribe just learned that he was a great man or woman of courage to taking the spirit to helping them and all to come forward.  They did not let that knowledge go to waste, no they took the time to leave for their future generations what that fruit was, and that it will make you go away.  Go away, meaning a limited tribe without tv or structure and maybe a few local birds that come and go.  That the symbol of a bird means to go further then that could even image for we would not see how high or where they go after death.  They would as well see a deed that was a miracle to them and give gratitude to that deceased person in calling him a God.  Now in that story, they would then place symbols of divine understanding at their time, a word has a new meaning in each generation but symbols and images well those are hard to alter the meanings to much.

So we are forever understanding that with each day, we have a chance to doing the work with our angels.  As for our gratitude we might be blessed to have them allow some of you to see them, since you do help them and have the true concept of how the overall works, be blessed if you do.  It is an ability to be held in the highest gratitude, but mark it.  Do the change you are set to do.  Even if it means not many are going to be watching, they will do their part to turning others heads.  Just speak to them, once you believe in them they will always help and if it is not meant to be, due to a reason we are not aware of, trust them.

It has been happening for many generations.  So never feel alone, or without understanding for when this life has given you so much you feel you are being punished, because overall they trust that you are one of their strongest graduates that has faced so much, and when you join the team, the team of angelic loves I call them, you will be able to watch over those whom are just starting to go thru what you have learned.  You might now see them or understand that now, but one day it will be very clear.  We are all working and doing for a larger good, no matter the hard or happy times we face, each moment is a precious blessing.  Learn to see the angelic message in each moment.  Seeing when you have done an angelic act, it makes your life feel so much more cherished that sometimes, looking back at the hardest times you will need to smile and feel gratitude.

I am leaving this to place my mark, for my story is not over, but my events that lead me to the person that I believe in today, has been built with the most graceful of Angels and I know within time, I will be part of the most golden team… I trust them, I never push down the door that they have closed, I do not stand in the way when they told me to move over.  I trust they feel the same about me.  We have built such a loving connection.  Start today yourselves.  They are as well very entertained in my moments, since I do see their humor and they know mine.  I just might be a celebrity on the top reality show for them.. sometimes I kind of feel that lol… But they are mine… to put it in the contents of our current generations understanding.

Most of my close family and friends have shared moment with me, that they are left with knowing and seeing them.  I show them to as many as I am allowed to, it is a blessing.  What I am doing, is helping them now to already seeing their own angels.  How I have learned.

I will continue to bring you what I am told by the Angels like in this message.  They have placed me in a time and gave me a job to understand some concepts thru many hard times but as well the most magical and beautiful that I would not change.

Trust that it will all make sense, keep to helping the next and most important trust that voice that tells you to go up the correct block.  Never ignore it, and take more time to see what is happening in your daily life.  Each day miracles are in your life, and you might not see it until you are slowed down.  Try it now take that time even if it is sitting on a train in the middle of rush hour surrounded by people pushing into the same car.  Look around you might just meet a few earth angels have a great conversation and when you spot them and give them the thought that you know whom they are, the glow that you give off your face and smile you will see them become very much whom they are, right in front of you.  With the most loving smile and feeling that comes over.  They are everywhere, all different types earth types, people that we see that some are to busy to see but they are meant for just our experience.  You know that old lady that told you to go up the other block because you did not listen to that voice inside, and you turn around and she is not there…

Trust that you are never alone and trust that you are very much doing the work you are meant to do.

Some miracles my sons angels guided us to the helping the next, showing many that out of the hardest time miracles can be created if we hold to our angelic loving hearts to helping others as our overall purpose to becoming one day…



Many blessings and Love to you all..

Julianne A mother of an Angel doing her best with love…

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