Moment of Silence on Halloween for Joseph 4 p.m. Est.

Moment of Silence Event Announcement

“Take a moment on Halloween at 4 pm Est. ( at the closing bell of NYSE)”

Hashtag for all social media   #1Moment4Joe

Hope you can spend a moment with us.. it will mean alot..

We want to share Joseph’s spirit together for 1 minute around the world..

We want to see how far he can go…. You can help us make that happen..

During this time we all need some love. Epipen news has been all over. It has been a hard time in our community.

To bring love, support and awareness for just one moment, we can lift our spirits to his…and all of our Angels…

His love has lifted spirits beyond and I know we can all use some love together…from heaven to earth just in one moment..  Enjoy reading our Free “The Great Umpkin Prince” book to your students, children, friends and family.  You all made it happen.

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What this event is asking is just a moment of your time.. to STOP what you are doing for just one moment.  This is the second year I am asking for support on the day I lost my son.

When we are all ready to run out the door to start ringing for treats, I ask you to stop for 1 moment.

Joseph at 7 , on Halloween 2014 went from having a wonderful day.  We love those great Halloween pictures and memories.  He was glowing that day in his favorite Pokémon costume.  I cannot tell you how many years he wanted to be the same.

Off to start his day with a school party and parade as in his last photo you can see that brightness.  After school running from door to door ringing bells.  We knew of his allergies and so did his school.  We had been prepared, but time was the difference.

It is not a myth that Anaphylaxis must be treated right away because it can cause death.  Yes, you are at risk too.  Those already aware of their allergies have a better chance of survival.  Annual testing should always be completed.  If determined to having an allergy by an allergists do not leave without a autoinjector.  Keep that autoinjector renewed each year.  Expired autoinjectors caused death.  Use expired ones to train others.  That is a very important tool now to bring awareness.

Within moments coming in contact with his allergen Joseph was having trouble breathing.  He was placed on his asthma treatment before receiving his autoinjector at on site of breathing trouble.  He was past those few moments, that the autoinjector could have saved his life.  He was then given a second autoinjector. Since we was not responding to the first.  It is then, and within those steps the lesson.

He was rushed by car to the hospital, just a few minutes away. To long with his airways closed, he went into cardiac arrest.

The miracle workers I call them, the doctors and nurses they revived him enough to place him on life support, but it had already been late without oxygen.  His brain started to shut down.  We spent the next few days watching and praying with thousands of you as his cells shutting and miracle medicines attempting to take replace those parts of the brain failing.  With thanks to family and friends we had beyond doctors coming in from all over, specialists.  They sat with us in group settings, to explain the state each day.

We had now only moments left, he battled beyond to stay alive.  I never left his side holding him and talked with him in his ear the whole time about heaven and angels.  If that makes any of you know, to feel a little better.   The hardest talk you want to have with your child.  As many of you, came to visit and give support.  I am still there, “day one” grieving parents call it. Days are now labeled bad or good not M-F.

You are only given a small window of time.  Be prepared always.

Being prepared means

1-Awareness Be Aware of Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

We first need to be prepared with awareness.  Just like we know how to treat someone choking on food, in a restaurant or having a seizure or heart attack. The results will be the same.

2- Being Prepared Having a life saving Autoinjector

Many in the community know we have been fighting to keep that only resource available.  We will not stop.  Alternatives are available, and no one can be without.  It cannot be shared, it cannot be away from you. It cannot be expired.  It has to be on you 24/7.

Time is the difference.  Autoinjectors are designed for that purpose, as prior years history taught those lessons with lack of having availability to them.

I would like this year to raise awareness to NOT using “DIY /Syinge EpiPen” as I call them “Deadly Syringes” as an alternative.  ONLY trained professionals.  If there is one person you know resorting to such measures please read HERE..  

I wish all a safe and healthy Halloween. Stop on that day, and think about Joe. I am sure he is walking right next to you all.. Smiling.. Blessings and Love to you all.

Requesting standing -order prescription for”Fast acting” “Preventive Death Drugs” (Epinephrine,Naloxone )


It is almost Halloween, wait 2 minutes PLEASE STOP and READ! It only takes 2 minutes! In honor of my son Joseph DeNicola this Halloween!

STOP!  Please!  Why 2 Minutes means so much to me !!!! Be prepared! READ MORE HERE

A grieving mother’s response to Mylan’s Ceo

A grieving mother’s response to Mylan’s Ceo


Our Kingdom of Love

Our Kingdom of Love

When the wind blows I feel your essence like a whisper of breath that has left me since you returned home

When the sun brings warmth to my face your touch of angelic hand, to dry the tears that have fallen since you returned home

Birds, sing angelic songs and messages of love
Trees the roots that rise high, symbolize our roots for ever connected, as high as the tallest mountain…

When the rain falls, it is the arms that wrap around me to allow me to release tears designed as rain drops, then you with your most magickal love bring the rainbow of love

We laugh together after that good cry, as we see the colors shine..the most uplifting laugh to the heavens.

So sacred not many will understand that feeling shared. How magickal that rainbow brings such love and happiness, our souls reconnect in a new moment and memory…

The night sky filled with the most blessed stars that twinkle as I see your eyes again

The moon with her deep glimmering light shining downward on my face, I feel heavens blessing that you are never alone

My universe has never changed since you returned home, your kingdom is now will me each day and night making it brighter and so much more beautiful…

I love you son

written by : Your Mommy to her Angel I love youFB_IMG_1463569231668


Joseph’s Allergy Story.  His story, is much more than I can explain in words.  It is to be felt more than told.  I hope this short summary can help the next! How serious food allergies are, regardless of mind they can turn into severe.  Get annual review by an allergists, get your QUICK response EPIPEN each YEAR! I stress how life saving drugs are so important and are to be readily available without delay! KNOW the signs of  life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) is a severe reaction to a specific allergen, or allergic trigger. Common triggers can include but are not limited to food, biting or stinging insects, medications and latex. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is also possible, and sometimes anaphylaxis has no apparent cause at all (this is known as idiopathic anaphylaxis).  Everyone should know them!

Be prepared, Act Fast! CALL 911 ! We love you all!  Joseph’s Allergy Read more here



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GDUFA created by Mylan and FDA

One thing we walked away with knowing …

Someone missed math class….  “A LOT”      D – FAIL

BOTH, the Mylan Ceo Heather Bresch and Dr. Doug Throckmorton Deputy Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA) had not been prepared.  Was that the plan.   

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CHAI and Mylan set to make Billions with WHO?


When looking at the Mylan news, we would believe that the Epipen being the scandal, but it is much more than what it looks like.  Will EPIGATE, be the new WATERGATE investigation.  Just arriving on Congress door steps today.

The scandal around both families with very close relationship, that Manchin can just pick up the phone to get Hillary at any time. Read the rest of this entry

Our site made it ! We have been featured on – Best Allergy Sites

“Best Allergy Sites”

Our site made it ! We have been featured on ” Best Allergy Sites” !

A Letter To Mylan’s CEO From A Grieving Mother – Best Allergy Sites ….

We did it Joe!

Thanks Best Allergy Sites…  Click to Read more..


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