A Journey dedicated to Joseph and his family

The most beautiful gift we received today from Shuyi. She is our extended family, who received the blessed gift of life donation after Joseph’s passing.

It fills our hearts (w/her permission) to share with our friends and family how our beautiful Joseph journey continues.

Our family is filled with such love as she always fills us with seeing Joseph’s blessed gift lives on each day…

We love you so much, from our family to yours..

I have translated for my friends and family…

“Un Viaggio dedicato a Joseph e la sua famiglia”

A Journey dedicated to Joseph and his family

Dear Anthony and Dear Juli Anne,
Thank you for giving me a gift that unfortunately I was only able to accept and that I will never have ability to give back. I made this journey with Joseph in my heart, soul and body. I did
this journey as a tribute to your family, your heritage, and also as an achievement of
milestone of my sixtieth birthday. It would never have been possible without you.

With love,

Two years ago, I made a wish. After the pandemic, I wanted to take a trip to Italy for
honor Joseph and his family.

On 2 September 2022, I arrived in Lucca alone and tried to live the life of an Italian. I went
to live in a medieval apartment around the famous Amphitheater and I studied Italian at Lucca
Language School for four weeks.

Every week, during my stay, I took Italian lessons from nine to thirteen and I participated in
extra activities. I learned a lot about Italian people, culture and tradition. To begin with, I ate Italian food and took Italian cooking classes. Everything I have tried it was very good.

I visited the squares, the cathedral, the Basilica, the church of the city. I climbed the bell tower and the tower Guinigi. Everything has a beautiful story.

I visited the museum and went to exhibitions to see Italian works of art. I have always loved paintings, the sculptures, and the Italian frescoes. There is nothing like seeing them in person.

Lucca is Puccini’s hometown, so I went to the Puccini Opera Recital in the San church
Giovanni and Reparato. It was a special experience ..

I took walks on the walls in Lucca, excursions in the Apuan Alps, and a trip to the Serchio valley.
The view was breathtaking.

I went to a fair called Settembre Lucchese and to the antiques market. I bought one
lithography by Antonio Possenti, a famous artist from Lucca. Buccellato and focaccia from Lucca were very good.

I attended the Luminara procession of the feast of Santa Croce. On the holy day I went to the
Cathedral of San Martino. In front of the Holy Face and with the photo of Joseph I prayed for Joseph and for the his family. I wished them health, peace, and happiness.

Through happy tears and smiles of this beautiful gift… I told her Joseph was 34% Irish too lol….. and she said she will continue his journey she said… to Ireland… I laughed thru the tears….

We are blessed with your love Shuyi…. Happy Birthday!

I love you unconditionally…. Joseph’s Mom…