Print and provide to all that require healing blessings.   This poem card can be printed and provided to anyone who needs assistance to realizing how life threating food allergies are.  School administrators,  co-workers, children who are facing the warrior life of food allergies and anyone in need of healing.

We never want to fear our children, but offer them light to knowing that Joseph helped them to have a safer way to explaining the importance of food allergies.  He is an angel to them, and they can always ask for his help.. that is Joe!

Sharing his story can do that.


Message on In Memory of Joseph DeNicola facebook page:

Hi Food Allergy Parents , It is Joseph DeNicola Mommy,

I know back to school is filled with emotions for our children that are facing their safety. So, please offer some extract comfort. Print the attached and make a card that they can carry with them in their backpacks or give to their teachers. This is a poem  a helping hand from our Angel. It as well can be given to the teacher , administration or even one of those parents that are complaining about not being able to bring in cupcakes. Smile and provide a copy to them and tell them here is a prayer and love angel card from a child whom is watching over yours. This might let them see the importance of food allergies.

I am always here to help any of you in the manner of letters or discussions with others whom would like to know Joseph’s story.
I pray for safety to all of them and I pray for strength to all the Food allergy parents whom are warriors to all… Most of the time our children are more resilient then we are they are just miracles…

They should only be happy to get to meet their new classmates and happy to be seen in a safe environment like any child on their first days back.

I am sending this poem card to all of you… It is the direction of helping others to understanding the risks and making them see with an effort of importance how serious and life threatening food allergies are.
One by one as you meet them, make them understand. I do believe they are in our path for that reason. Treat them with kindness and provide them clear understanding of the risks. So print this and provide if you need a little extra help during those times…
I am always here if you need further… I am willing to help in anyway you all might need to getting the correct placement of safety around your little ones.
For the college bound I know the pain you are all in further, now that it is going to be all up to them. Instilled in them are the years and the moments that have seen by example, your example. Keep to heart that they are in another phase of their life and print this for them as well. Let them keep it in their dorm rooms or apartments. They will see that little smiling face each day and knowing that they can explain to their fellow new college room mates who Joseph was and why he is placed in their room. It might allow the other roommate to understanding the importance of food in the room..
Keep strong, keep the correct resources available to them, alerts and making it one day at a time. The days that are a gift. Bless them with happiness and not worry. I think they are all amazing children birthed with is for a reason. For they are the strongest to understanding the meaning of cherishing life.
I myself have had new moments going into the stores and seeing all the school supplies and still looking at them with what he would be experiencing this year. The bookbags, the clothes the fun folders. The only difference is , he is learning alot now in heaven. Earth is his classroom and keeping the safety and love to all is his Angelic year in the most highest school.
I know the supplies are blessings to him from me and the worry is never gone. It shifts.
Bless you all..

If your little ones are having a hard day, please feel free to having them reach out to drawing a picture to their Angel or a letter. I will make sure to answer them all and I will be attempting to collect as many as possible to creating some form of book for Food Allergy Awareness

I have been collecting them all…


With love Josephs mommy …

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