Earth Angels

Top of Photo one Angel Wings see Photo 2 bottom for their legs…
Bottom photo 2 legs of the Angels right next to my son Joseph as he played on the floor. I was not alone watching him as everyone was enjoying their holiday dinner. My eye never off of him not a second. In these photos as I look back now that he is now an Angel we had always been blessed to have them show us they are there.

“With each unconditional act of love, we are working with an Angelic teaching…”-Julianne

We are all born with a blessing.  That blessing we do carry along each day.  It is not always clear to some during times of hard ordeals, but it is there.  We work daily, some of us are teachers and some of us students.

What does that mean?  During each event that takes place in your life, if we stop and think why we are going through lessons or even the most magical joy and happiness in being our own preparation to become that we pray to each day.  Angels.

In many religious myths and legions, our ancestors left us tools of what took place at one time, and what had been learned.  Giving us a secure understanding as we evolve daily.  Ancient texts have been documented over time of events with miracles taking place.  Events in each religion surrounding a magickal happening to showing that a higher love is surrounding us.  This was all our ancestors treasured back in the day many years ago.  What was around them had been their only TV station, and very much limited to small groups or tribes, what we now call towns or communities.

The restructuring of our growth, we have learned so much over time.  If we look back and think how wise those ancients had been with so much less technology.  Could it really be? and how? Ancient calendars, structures built that are so in line with the seasons even to this day, as the sun rises and sets.  Dedication to many traditions to worship.  I hold one belief to core truth, they “must” of had some form of helpers directing them.

How can we see our planets so many years ago in the time when we had thought our great planet was flat, even looking up at the moon so very round?

Some have their own beliefs and names (THE WORD) that surround again the same concepts, the base fundamental act.  They might call these helpers Aliens, Angels, Spirit Guides or other forms of names of ancient Gods or Goddesses.  We all again, have the same event, the same factual finding of that event, but who did what and their name, well a name holds to the word of the owner who created it.  Labeling these events in a group we can, but as we see the common alike, the only found fact is the event, the structure and what still remains the actual item.  As to who, when and why well that is to the over generational thinking process, into the factual for their own independent beliefs.  We are all in agreement on that one fact.  It is not clearly defined, and who owns that overall naming of such is not you or me.

Many events that humans conducted, where basic everyday deeds that we take into account without gratitude.  How about those star mappings over hundreds of years ago.  You cannot find that knowledge now, we just piggy back off of it most of the time.   It all had been so very new back then, at that time when they had been noticed. Marked with words by that current generation depending on their location and who was within their town or community ( tribe).

The north star, followed by the wise man most can relate to that myth.  We now know at that time of year, it is very much Venus at her highest point during the calendar session.  Each year at that same time as she shines as bright,  some celebrate the birthing of Christ in some religions, many other forms of celebration of that high point of love, yes we all have many different holidays within just a few days of each other as the great stars make set points.  Not many see it to that level, just stay to the myths or tales of their belief group systems.  This overall happening recorded takes place in the sky above at same time each year.  If they wanted to make it into the myth of legion, and a sign well they did so.  It took great courage and wisdom to get on a horse, or camel and follow that beautiful star… Many had found a lot of new discoveries by following the stars above to finding what was a great new finding to them on the earth.  Can you do that now, think if you keep walking towards a star in the sky, as it shines to getting closer to it, no concept of the knowledge we know today.  We today know better since we see the large scope of the whole earth, but they only had the sky as their map, marking their seasons to finding harvest and survival.  That being their knowledge only.  Marvels me to place myself at that time.   To hear the tales of when the sun sets, and the bright Venus star is shining will be a good time to celebrate a rebirth, love or a time of thanks for survival has been won since the long winter will now be going away.  A new time will be starting to celebrate with joy and gratitude.

It had to be the best entertainment and honored for it was always changing our beautiful nightly sky, I would imagine back then myself if I was courageous enough not to fall off the earth, to getting on a horse or some form of animal and follow it myself.  To those back then, they had been limited.  A fresh a new generation, new understandings based on everyone’s location.  What remained the same the stars and sky, the most ancient text started on such concepts, and evolved into myths and then added mystical miracles into legions.  At best the most ancient text had to be paintings or on cave walls that had been preserved, just like the great pyramids.    We are not meant to alter what we are taught of the history, but we can grow on it with our own interpretations as they become true to us, personally. Right.

I remember as a very young girl and thru all my life that the moon was following me, and she loved me.  Always there when I looked up.  Thinking how special I am for it to following me. I told both my children what was my belief when they had been old enough for me to tell them.  “Do you see that Moon up there, if you look at it on some nights I bet it will be following you since you are so special”  I still pray by the moon today… My beliefs my concepts my truths.  She never left my side…

It is the observation, understanding and great guidance we receive, even at a very young age.  I do recall my son being not even 3 yet and explaining to me what the Milky Way was.  I never showed it to him before.  So if I can relate to the moon, I pretty much understand his relation to the milky-way.

We then hold a drive to be a teacher, a doctor or even a sanitation worker.  We are fit to a job, some do believe it is much better not to be serving others, and to just living.  If they only understood, if the Angels give them that freedom to only has to pay that much attention to the living, well you must be a guru.. lol   Overall we are working at even a higher purpose and some do not even see or understand that since it is in little oversights daily.  Just as clear as the many who never took the steps even looking at around the moon, kept limited to travel since our planet was flat because that is what they had been told…

Sometimes our perception is based only on our realistic view of happenings.  Well, that would be the most common understanding of our beliefs. What we can see for ourselves. Then we hold dear to them and now are important daily and how we dedicate our view to those matters, personally.  Personal perception.  Our views to the most simple miracles are distracted away in our generation by war, work, bills, and the pressures of daily life that the obvious even as it is right in front of our face..most of the miracles are not documented as much and are overlooked.

As we get older and we get to slow down, take more of a view of life and the things that have created our own stories, we sometimes think back and say “How did I get through that time period of my life.”.   Sometimes, at a younger age, we are facing restrictions that require us to being more observant to our daily lives and surroundings.  If we are not, well they can be life threatening.

There are some that just know that a thought popped into their head out of nowhere, or an event taking place in front of them that might bring to their attention this same thought at an earlier age.

Some have the perception of only believing what they had been taught by their own parent’s experiences, as the starting stone, and choose to keep it to that level because that is how they learned.  Nothing should pretty much change the core values.

But is that correct to just stop there?  If we kept to the flat earth well I am not sure we would have come this far.

So many do keeping to the old ways, not to anger a God, some believe that no God is going to give them wrath for being real to the life and creation that is growing and being shown to them personally daily around them.

Personally, I can take what they taught me and build my own perspectives from there. It does not alter those core beliefs that offered a foundation, it actually allows me to build on them.  That is why and how most great discoveries have been accomplished.  I never limit, my free will or some call the soul.  It is like saying, we cannot create new ways of saving a life medically or spiritually because our ancients would not agree to that method?  Hope that makes sense, best I can associate in words for this generation conception thinking.   Never limit yourself to a belief structure, for it stops new discoveries, question and discovers and create your own.

Structures of many cultures change daily.  Our climate or even to the waters and pollution on our earth daily.  It is hard to imagine a world limited to one set way of beliefs.  Over time each belief system has changed to the structures that challenged the common in their time.  The overall common core remains the same, but the actual structure and the thought associated may alter.  New terms, new discoveries to help with current world events.  Nothing remains the same, that is the beauty of life.

Each of us has a carbon footprint.  Each of us has some call an energy, some call it a soul some call it a civic duty to our fellow brothers and sisters.  We all overall no matter again the words that are used to define it have the same common core.  It should not be controlling since we then would be set to those same structured limitations from our ancients.  They would not really agree with most of the things we all do today, that overall would be seen depending on the time of history.

As new generations emerge, we have the new terms such as energy or lightworkers and the older generation stating God’s prayer.  But the overall is the same concept.  Helping others and loving each other as one.

The helpers that we now call by a term to our belief system who guide the new and the old into the next level of evolution and growth, I would call them Angels.  The guides, some call them Aliens.  Get it some call them other names.  It is an element that has been around us forever.  Some do not believe in it at all.  They limit themselves to the old belief system and shut the door.   That to me is a very flat earth thinking approach.

Even our ancients left many of myths of great work done by man and woman.  The basic stories are taken to each generation a new spin of legion created.  The word stays the same in this case but the overall core might change to getting a different outlook.

Let’s think of it this way.  We have proof in front of us on the Pyramid walls of a Sun God, the story of a great man in other religions that was born the son.  We have an element of an animal in some explaining the same type of being in which they believe to being a higher helper.  Each concept of the core is on the same core, that being a source outside of ourselves whom we like to pray or believe is a savior to us in some form or fashion.

Some have built in the same manner of literature in many versions over time, into the variation of the same myth to being a legion.  That means a back tail that now has been added to mystic level to entertain an interest on the matter.  To get one’s attention.

The one common core that has not changed and is the same is our own workings in our daily lives.  The core to living, the core to love.  It is the struggles that we do each day, with a goal no matter of our own beliefs to having a happier life.  To the extent, we are as well part of a larger energy that we do not even see daily.

In each core system over time, we have been taken higher to the level of education, knowledge.  Well, we would like to believe so.  We cannot even understand that there might have been a time when ancients had been more advanced than us, how could that even be? some would believe.  It could be that the structure was so advanced that it either evolved to the point of concept to our basic understanding just yet since we ourselves individually have not done or seen such today.

The one common core that remains the same is the winged helpers. Now the time frame of the historical concept and wording, we will leave that out.  Helpers being the core, in some form the miracles or the common story that had been made into a legion made a new discovery with the help of such.

It was so helpful that someone took the time to document it into their history, be it on a wall, in a religious symbol or a mere gift to another in a picture print to expressing if they had been restricted during the time that such took place might have caused themselves harm if it was to be spoken about.  Still left since it was a favor to the next as it comes, to leaving that core.  Like a map of events that shows its light on the path to a discovery.

In my concept, I do see and have met with Angels.  Being in life form, or other.  What does that mean?  Why would I call them Angels, well that was the core structure of my upbringing, might not be the same word for you but you get the idea.  The Angels work in very silent but some in great appearances to foster that other to take a look at understanding better.

We work for them daily.  Yes you do work for them daily.  They place you in the right time and place to help them.  Helping them means, helping them get to what the core duty is to be completed even if the event will not be for 100 years from now.  During the basic day, you might just be the teacher of one student that heard one lesson taught, that student to taking that one thought and building on it to making a new discovery.  Those Angels have just used two active beings to get a directional outcome.

Another matter of working would be standing in the way of harm just before it to happen, and a sudden change takes place to make you walk down the other way.  You do not even know it is taking place.  Do you know how much they do for us daily, in addition to how much we do for them?  The core is to help the next.  Growth and direction designed to the same overall purpose, growth, and love.

Concepts of daily life seem boring sometimes.  We can find ourselves feeling lonely and left out.  Different or bullied.  Some being the bully.  Structure, common foundation and our ability to force forward.

I have heard of many angelic workings in common day that most just overlook.  We see illness as a bad thing most of the time because it takes its toll on our bodies life energy and our loved ones who do not want to see us suffer.  If we look at it this way, that is what it is.  So how do we see why they are creating such, into our daily lives.  The overall lesson is to teach us to cherish life.  I do believe that with pain and suffering and limitation due to an involuntary structure that limits our free will to do as anyone else, is a blessing in disguise.  For that part of the larger change can be a blessing, and if we had been in the older times limited to smaller groups and not such a large audience like in our last few generational structures.  It would be that one person within a tribe, who saved the lives of three to four by becoming ill.  You say how can that be.  That tribe just learned that they should not ever eat that same fruit that person had come to eating.  That tribe just learned that he was a great man or woman of courage to taking the spirit to helping them and all to come forward.  They did not let that knowledge go to waste, no they took the time to leave for their future generations what that fruit was, and that it will make you go away.  Go away, meaning a limited tribe without tv or structure and maybe a few local birds that come and go.  That the symbol of a bird means to go further than that could even imagine for we would not see how high or where they go after death.  They would as well see a deed that was a miracle to them and give gratitude to that deceased person in calling him a God.  Now in that story, they would then place symbols of divine understanding at their time, a word has a new meaning in each generation but symbols and images well those are hard to alter the meanings too much.

So we are forever understanding that with each day, we have a chance to doing the work with our angels.  As for our gratitude, we might be blessed to have them allow some of you to see them since you do help them and have the true concept of how the overall works, be blessed if you do.  It is an ability to be held in the highest gratitude but mark it.  Do the change you are set to do.  Even if it means not many are going to be watching, they will do their part to turning others heads.  Just speak to them, once you believe in them they will always help and if it is not meant to be, due to a reason we are not aware of, trust them.

It has been happening for many generations.  So never feel alone, or without understanding for when this life has given you so much you feel you are being punished, because overall they trust that you are one of their strongest graduates that has faced so much, and when you join the team, the team of angelic loves I call them, you will be able to watch over those who are just starting to go thru what you have learned.  You might now see them or understand that now, but one day it will be very clear.  We are all working and doing for a larger good, no matter the hard or happy times we face, each moment is a precious blessing.  Learn to see the angelic message in each moment.  Seeing when you have done an angelic act, it makes your life feel so much more cherished that sometimes, looking back at the hardest times you will need to smile and feel gratitude.

I am leaving this to place my mark, for my story is not over, but my events that lead me to the person that I believe in today, has been built with the most graceful of Angels and I know within time, I will be part of the most golden team… I trust them, I never push down the door that they have closed, I do not stand in the way when they told me to move over.  I trust they feel the same about me.  We have built such a loving connection.  Start today yourselves.  They are as well very entertained in my moments since I do see their humor and they know mine.  I just might be a celebrity on the top reality show for them.. sometimes I kind of feel that lol… But they are mine… to put it in the contents of our current generations understanding.

Most of my close family and friends have shared the moment with me, that they are left with knowing and seeing them.  I show them to as many as I am allowed to, it is a blessing.  What I am doing, is helping them now to already seeing their own angels.  How I have learned.

I will continue to bring you what I am told by the Angels like in this message.  They have placed me at a time and gave me a job to understand some concepts thru many hard times but as well the most magical and beautiful that I would not change.

Trust that it will all make sense, keep to helping the next and most important trust that voice that tells you to go up the correct block.  Never ignore it, and take more time to see what is happening in your daily life.  Each day miracles are in your life, and you might not see it until you are slowed down.  Try it now take that time even if it is sitting on a train in the middle of rush hour surrounded by people pushing into the same car.  Look around you might just meet a few earth angels have a great conversation and when you spot them and give them the thought that you know whom they are, the glow that you give off your face and smile you will see them become very much whom they are, right in front of you.  With the most loving smile and feeling that comes over.  They are everywhere, all different types earth types, people that we see that some are to busy to see but they are meant for just our experience.  You know that old lady that told you to go up the other block because you did not listen to that voice inside, and you turn around and she is not there…

Trust that you are never alone and trust that you are very much doing the work you are meant to do.

Some miracles my sons angels guided us to the helping the next, showing many that out of the hardest time miracles can be created if we hold to our angelic loving hearts to helping others as our overall purpose to becoming one day…



Many blessings and Love to you all..

Julianne A mother of an Angel doing her best with love…