Food Allergy Awareness #1Moment4Joe 2016 Traveled around the world this Halloween #foodallergy

Food Allergy Awareness #1Moment4Joe 2016 Traveled around the world today!  We all paused for one moment today for Our children!  

We all prepared, we all raised awareness of the risks of Food allergies, by sharing  Joseph.  I know he was an immense part of each of your day today.  I saw him in each picture or video or loving words you shared today with us.  I say that from my heart and soul… 

Thank you!  All of you.  Within just one moment we all lifted each other and noticing today so many as one! So many friends and families members spirits you helped today!  I cannot express the heartfelt gratitude, our family felt today, thanks to all of you.  

We loved all of the pictures of your little ones, the beautiful candles, and Teal Pumpkins… all the videos. I will spend some time to gather it all.  Most can be seen if you search hashtag #1moment4joe if posted as “public” privacy or look in the official  FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

I just wanted to show you all how far one moment traveled today.   With your help, we had all shared one moment in time, and shared food allergy awareness in all of these countries.
 United States ,6123  Australia ,101
 United Kingdom ,1337  New Zealand ,43
 Canada ,273  Ireland ,28
 United Arab Emirates ,15  Philippines ,10
 Germany ,15  France ,8
 Spain ,12  Italy ,8
 South Africa ,7  India ,5
 Switzerland ,6  Netherlands ,4
 Turkey ,6  Iceland ,4
 Singapore ,4  Hungary ,4
 Malaysia ,4  Qatar ,3
 Brazil ,4  Mexico ,3
 Portugal ,3  Malta ,2
 Isle of Man ,2  Japan ,2
 Guatemala ,2  Cyprus ,2
 Indonesia ,2  Belgium ,2
 Norway ,2  Bermuda ,2
 Sweden ,2  Thailand ,1
 Colombia ,1  Nigeria ,1
 South Korea ,1  Egypt ,1
 Romania ,1  Jersey ,1
 Suriname ,1  Israel ,1
 Mauritius ,1  Bahamas ,1
 European Union ,1  Cameroon ,1
 Peru ,1  Serbia ,1
 Argentina ,1  Chile ,1
 Finland ,1  Albania ,1
Hong Kong SAR China ,1

A lot of support took place across many groups in the food allergy “family” community.  I do not believe you can see them all, so for my family and friends, I will share them here for you to read when you have the time.

I love you all
Joseph’s Mom Julianne

Moment of Silence Event Announcement “Take a moment on Halloween at 4 pm Est. ( at the closing bell of NYSE)” Hashtag for all social media   #1Moment4Joe…
Mary Barbarisi God Bless
Susan Clemens
Susan Clemens (((()))
I can’t imagine the pain you are suffering. My mind won’t let me go there.
Please know that several of us carry Joseph and you in our hearts everyday.
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Angie Seyfried
Angie Seyfried Reading your message brought me to tears. Much love and comfort sent your way!
Nicole D. La Page
Nicole D. La Page Thank you for this reminder! Lots of love and comfort to you Julianne. 🙏🏽
Melanie Cutler Kunz
Melanie Cutler Kunz thinking of Joseph this time of year, thank you for sharing your story- prayers
Aileen Nucup Fernando
Aileen Nucup Fernando Thank you for sharing. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Melissa Kennedy-Bingman
Melissa Kennedy-Bingman As an allergy mom to a 4 yr old I have to thank you for giving me the courage and information of knowing that I am not over sensitive, over protective or crazy when it comes to protecting my child against his life threatening allergies. I’ve had people that have caused me to double think and doubt myself, that maybe I’m doing too much worrying and trying to keep my child in a bubble. What I need to realistically be doing is giving those that can’t comprehend the severity the knowledge they need to know the truth. I need help protecting my child. I pray for those that have suffered, or lost someone due to this. I pray for strength and peace. Thank you
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Janell Chukwueke
Janell Chukwueke Juli Anne, I’m so so sorry for your loss! You are living my worst fear and my heart hurts so deeply for you. I’m a friend of John and Carrie Prestia and I remember when you lost your sweet boy – I think about him (and you) very often and you are always in my prayers.
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Maureen Rocky Piper-Stitham
Maureen Rocky Piper-Stitham My prayers are with you Juli Anne 💔 I will most certainly keep a moment of silence for your beautiful Joseph. And God bless you for sharing your story & educating others. 🙏
Daniella Vinitski Mooney
Daniella Vinitski Mooney My prayers are with you all
Amanda Briggs Middlebrook
Amanda Briggs Middlebrook Shared! Thinking of you. 😢
Shannon Stevens Pokornik
Shannon Stevens Pokornik 💕💓💓 so much love to you, Juli Anne!
Rebecca Peterson
Rebecca Peterson Prayers for you and your family
Margaret Amery-deragon
Margaret Amery-deragon Sending prayers…..
Dana Ross Lanzilotta
Dana Ross Lanzilotta Thinking of you & Joseph! My thoughts are w you Juli Anne💙💙💙
Jessica Dunn
Jessica Dunn My heart breaks for your family. You better believe we will honor him tomorrow! #1moment4joe ♡♡♡
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Jill Eve
Jill Eve I don’t even know what to say other than I am so sorry and my heart aches for you. Thank you for sharing your story to help others
Lee Kouyoumdjian
Lee Kouyoumdjian I was just thinking of this beautiful boy earlier today…. 💛😇
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Tina Rodolico Blair
Tina Rodolico Blair 😇 God bless Joseph.
Cynthia O'Heron
Cynthia O’Heron We (our 6 year old PN TN and 10 year old sons) are sending LOTS OF LOVE your way! We are holding you and Joseph and your family in our hearts and will be thinking of you! My heart breaks for you, and you are helping so many families!
Lorette Lavine
Lorette Lavine God Bless! We must advocate for these children who have food allergies they trust us to do so!
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Erin Light
Erin Light Prayers for you and what an angel he is! The video of him dancing as Buzz Lightyear just made my day. We will definitely have a moment of silence for him.
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Katina Moore Garrett
Katina Moore Garrett Thinking of you today.
Sara Helterman Shaddix
Sara Helterman Shaddix I pray for you and our whole group here every night. Bless you and your family and your courage.
Sarah Lugar Michalski
Sarah Lugar Michalski Holding you in prayer for comfort. There just are no words.
Jana DiNatale
Jana DiNatale Thank you for sharing your son’s story with us and for the important reminders. My heart breaks for your family, you are in our thoughts today.
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Mary Vargas
Mary Vargas Thinking of you today.
Denise Tristan Abele
Denise Tristan Abele Thank you for sharing this. This is our first Halloween with a severe peanut allergy and I have been dreading it. I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your beautiful boy. We will definitely have a moment for sweet Joseph today. Love and hugs to your family.
Juli Anne
Juli Anne Have fun you are loved.. and never alone.. I am sure Joe will be with you today..
Laurel Blanco Wolfe
Laurel Blanco Wolfe I thought about Joseph this morning. Sending positive energy and love.
Autumn Chefan
Autumn ChefanPraying for you today

Peanut anaphylaxis cure

I love you all. Please be prepared tomorrow and be safe and have fun!
My love to you all Julianne Joseph’s Mom..

Moment of Silence Event Announcement “Take a moment on Halloween at 4 pm Est. ( at the closing bell of NYSE)” Hashtag for all social media   #1Moment4Joe…
Frances LombardiThank you so much
Anne-Marie Rogers
Anne-Marie RogersWhat a precious boy. 💙
Lynn Justice For-All
Lynn Justice For-Allthinking of you & Joseph!
Gail Reynolds Frank

Gail Reynolds FrankWe will be thinking of your sweet boy tomorrow. Never forgotten.

Gail Reynolds Frank's photo.
Juli Anne
Carmela La Torre BukerThank you for sharing your heart and spreading awareness. We will have a moment of silence for him tomorrow 💙💙
Juli Anne
Juli AnneHave fun.. give them hugs and kisses from me..
Angela Lisa
Angela LisaI think of your son every Halloween. He was clearly a very loved & beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing his story. Hugs & prayers to you and your family
Juli Anne
Juli Anne TY blessings and love
Bethany Johnson McGale
Bethany Johnson McGaleMuch love to you Juli Anne. I always think of your sweet Joseph on Halloween. 💞
Kristy Segal

Kristy SegalThinking of you….as always. My Joseph has been a Pikachu the past 2 yrs, ANA to tree nuts. Your story hits VERY close to home for us, and not just because of this similarities, but because my daughters last ANA reaction to PN was on Halloween 3 yrs ago. Here is my Joe.

Kristy Segal's photo.
Juli Anne
Juli AnneI am so in love.. you mama are a strong woman, you kiss and hug both of them for me and have a great safe and fun day… I am so in love.. that face… kiss him… for me
Sarah Abrams Hayman
Sarah Abrams HaymanOh mama sending you so much love.
Katy Bothwell
Katy BothwellWe will all stop and hold you in love
Jill Kingsley DiMassimo
Jill Kingsley DiMassimoThis story breaks my heart. Wishing everyone a safe halloween.
Catharine Carter
Catharine CarterThank you for thinking of all of the other kiddos as you never, ever stop thinking of your angel boy. A good reminder for all of us and we will remember Joe tomorrow. Such a beautiful boy.
Juli Anne
Juli AnneWe are all here together Love and Blessings
Veronica Platt Colpaert
Veronica Platt ColpaertWe will be with you in a moment of silence! I’m so very sorry for your incredible loss!💙🙏
Kelli PomeroyI’m so happy to see this. I was thinking about you and your sweet boy yesterday. 💙 #1moment4joe 🙏🏼
Juli Anne
Juli Anne in our heart and I know he is with all of you today…
Jamie Hill Sheppard
Jamie Hill SheppardWe will remember with you, thinking of you and your sweet boy.
Samantha Rosato
Samantha RosatoPraying for your continued strength. What a beautiful boy.
Julie Garcellano Zulueta
Julie Garcellano ZuluetaSending our love all the way from Malaysia.
Juli AnneWow ! he really has traveled around the world.. I am in tears… thank you thank you thank you

cows milk protein allergy support (@cmpasupport)

Miranda Tyson
Miranda Tyson Will be thinking of you tomorrow and lighting a candle for your beautiful Angel 
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris My heart goes out to you. Will remember you and Joseph tomorrow 💕
Cara Plummer
Cara Plummer 💙 thinking of you 
Sabrina Coelho
Sabrina Coelho Thank you for having the courage to share. Thoughts and prayers with you 
Julie Reid
Julie Reid My heart goes out to you. I hate this holiday, it’s just too scary now.
Juli Anne
Juli Anne Have fun, cherish each day and each moment. Give kisses and hugs for me to your little one. I am sure Joe will be watching you all in my heart.
Julie Reid
Julie Reid Thank you.
Lauren Nicklin
Lauren Nicklin I’m so so sorry for your lose, I can’t begin to imagine your pain but you and your beautiful boy shall certainly be in my thoughts tomorrow x
Jenn Perry
Jenn Perry I will be thinking of you all and your Jospeh all day 
Sarah Challiss
Sarah Challiss So sorry for your loss will think of you and Joseph today 
Jodie Fayers
Jodie Fayers So sorry for your lose will be thinking of you and you handsome boy today. 
Sarah Mckay
Sarah Mckay  in my thoughts 💕
Ellen O'Brien
Ellen O’Brien Heartbreaking hugs from us to you I love that your making people aware of how dangerous allergies can be would you mind if I shared this? I’m so so sorry for your loss momma words just can’t describe 💟💟💟
Juli Anne
Juli Anne We share him with the world, for all of you.. no need ever to ask.. We are all here together.. TY
Lizzy Potts
Lizzy Potts Oh my gosh I had no idea so sorry for your loss and thank you for your words of wisdom I will share this on my wall. Thinking of you all on this day xxx what is the UK time for the silence? 
Claire Arrowsmith
Claire Arrowsmith Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little boy. I will light a candle and be thinking of you today. 💙 
Katie-Jay Ballance
Katie-Jay Ballance Sorry for your loss, we had a moment for Joe 
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Julie Reid
Julie ReidJuli, how are you holding up today? I’m praying for you right now!

Parents of kids with a severe peanut allergy

I love you all. Please be prepared tomorrow and be safe and have fun!
My love to you all Julianne Joseph’s Mom..

Moment of Silence Event Announcement “Take a moment on Halloween at 4 pm Est. ( at the closing bell of NYSE)” Hashtag for all social media   #1Moment4Joe…
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Melecia Garcia
Melecia GarciaThank you for sharing..
Chris N Laila White
Chris N Laila WhiteThank you for sharing, thinking of you and your family💝💐
Amy Frick
Amy FrickGod bless you Juli Anne
Lori Gallagher Zabielski
Lori Gallagher ZabielskiMy sincere condolences. You are so very strong to share your story to help others. I will pause to remember Joseph
Bridgett Regan Riegerix
Bridgett Regan RiegerixSweet Boy…now doing so much for us!! God Bless!
Juli Brown Owczarek
Juli Brown OwczarekMy heart hurts for your loss. We will be silent at 4pm tomorrow.
Jamie Ennis
Jamie EnnisWe love you too 😍 thank you so much
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Eve Carricato Cullinan

Eve Carricato CullinanWe passed on the flyers you sent me at the trunk or treat Friday

Eve Carricato Cullinan's photo.
Juli Anne replied · 1 Reply
Katie O'Leary Preston
Katie O’Leary PrestonMy heart is broken for you. You, Joseph and everyone who loved him are in my prayers.
Rachel Moyer
Rachel MoyerI will always remember Joe. This article made me cry for our children with food allergies. Makes me sweat and fearful. God bless our families.
Erin Timberlake
Erin TimberlakeI’m so sorry for your loss, I appreciate you sharing this as there are a lot of ignorant people or just those who aren’t aware of the severity of allergies. Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone 🎃🎃🎃

I would like to thank Lisa for posting in a few groups today, to bring such support to our family.  I had posted to a few myself, but the warmth that came from her today and all of you means so much to us.  Many of you are not part of these groups, so I attempted to copy a few… there are much more.. lol… I will add them shortly, they are still posting as I am creating this to share with you all.. 

Parents of kids with a severe peanut allergy
Lisa Coppola Maher Two years ago today, Joseph DeNicola marched in PS 4’s annual Halloween parade (Staten Island). This is the last picture that was taken of him that day. Sadly he had an anaphylactic reaction later that evening. I thought of him as I was there today at the parade. Since then, the street name has been dedicated to honor him. Please say a prayer for his family today. He is now an angel who watches over and protects all of our children. His mom, Juli Anne is a member of this group. I will post a link in the comments for the 4 PM moment of silence in honor of Joseph. Juli Anne
Lisa Coppola Maher's photo.


137You, Jamie Kelley Okopal and 135 others

Tanya Bell
Tanya Bell Heartbreaking
Danielle De Ieso
Danielle De Ieso could you make this public to share?
Sally Mix
Sally Mix I acreen shot and shared. This is So sad. Prayers for his family. Please everyone check your kids candy. Carry epipens and stay safe!
Me i struggled this year letting my 2 year old pn go trick or treating. I thought of every way possible. A halloween pSee More
Carol Ramirez Stuart
Carol Ramirez Stuart This just broke my heart. Prayers today for the family. I cant even imagine the sadness they’ve gone through. I don’t know you personally but I’ll be praying for you and your family today.
Juli Anne
Juli Anne I love you all and thank you so much for remembering my son. I know he is with you all … Have fun and please stay safe today and prepared… Just pause at 4pm et and make sure for me you all have EVERYTHING you need! I love you all.. Joseph’s mom Julianne
Daniela Gestine
 Daniela Gestine Praying for this sweet little angel and his family 🙏
Carol Bergstresser Quick
Carol Bergstresser Quick RIP to that angel in heaven. So very sad for his family. A beautiful boy taken too soon.
Vanina Subidia
Vanina Subidia Angelito de dios, que dios lo tenga en su gloria, se me estruja el corazon de saber esta triste noticia, mis oraciones con sus papasSee Translation
Jodi Kraynak
Kristen Burton Derringe
Kristen Burton Derringe Thinking of this sweet boy’s family every day, but especially today. Sending you love and strength. Thank you for being such a caring advocate.
Jamie Kelley Okopal
Jamie Kelley Okopal Sending many prayers… 🙏🏼💓🙏🏼
CJ Stanke
 CJ Stanke Lots of prayers for this family today
Kimberly Hennessy Honeker
 Kimberly Hennessy Honeker 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻
Bridgett Regan Riegerix
 Bridgett Regan Riegerix Just lost it again in tears!!! That sweet boy having fun on a child’s most exciting day. My prayers for his family and that he continues to live in the sweetest memories and continue to live in our daily awareness thanks to his voice…Sweet angel!
Lindsay Woods Klipa
 Lindsay Woods Klipa I said a prayer for the sweet boy and his mom at 4:19. I didn’t see this post until that time. My prayer is for comfort and peace for his family and selfishly to escape the horror that this mom has had to experience as I pray for protection for my own daughter.
Michele Furry-Ruch
 Michele Furry-Ruch 🙏🙏for them today & always
Roseann Viscardi
 Roseann Viscardi Sending prayers🙏🙏🙏
Doris VS
 Doris VS 💔🙏🏼😢
Andrea Lyn
 Andrea Lyn Prayers 🙏🏻
Carol Danho
 Carol Danho 🙏🏻 Prayers
Brenda Hartley Rosler
 Brenda Hartley Rosler I’m so sorry.
Kelly DiBernardo Rupert In my thoughts and prayers, Juli Anne
Jill Anderson
Jill Anderson Sending lots of love and honoring Joseph today. 💙
Krystal Ramos
Krystal Ramos Hugs and prayers to the family today. We will observe a moment of silence in his memory here in Arizona.
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson Prayers and hugs
Melissa Kranyik Stewart
Melissa Kranyik Stewart So heartbreaking. Saying a prayer for Joseph and his family today 😢🙏
Kristin Nelson Abernathy
Kristin Nelson Abernathy Prayers and love to his family today
Amy Marie
Amy Marie Such a great smile! Xoxo
Michele Scaduto Byrne
Michele Scaduto Byrne Continued prayers for you all ♡♡
MaryAnn Hassler Coleman
MaryAnn Hassler Coleman Thoughts and prayers are with this family always
Tina Troiano
Tina Troiano Very heartbreaking! Prayers for his mom and family. What a beautiful smile on that beautiful little face!!!
Tam Rob
Tam Rob Such a beautiful boy and such a sad story. Much love and prayers to his family. Amazing that we have this little angel watching over our children.
Kristen Hiatt
Kristen Hiatt One of several very scary days of the year! Be safe everyone!!! I will be honoring him today 😰
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie May we share your post, Lisa Coppola Maher?
Melissa Kranyik Stewart
Melissa Kranyik Stewart I wanted to as well. There’s no option to share so I wasn’t sure.
Tiffany Craig
 Tiffany Craig Prayers and love for the family today. On a side note, I HATE food allergies!
Diana Levine
Diana Levine Heartbreaking 😢 Just speechless. Such a gorgeous little boy.
Stacy Agcamaran
Stacy Agcamaran God bless 🙏
Cat Quintana
Cat Quintana I remember this, always. Blessings to you Juli Anne. And forever know we all love little Joseph.
Stacy Dee
Stacy Dee Thoughts and prayers!
Laurie McDowell Senio
Laurie McDowell Senio We are all thinking of you.
Alli Purvis
Alli Purvis Thinking of you today, and sending prayers, Juli Anne.
Lisa Ardire-Juliano
Lisa Ardire-Juliano Thinking of Joseph and his family today
Bessie Zoe
Bessie Zoe sending prayers
Jamie Goodson
Jamie Goodson Thinking of you and your son.
Mayela Inchaurregui
Mayela Inchaurregui Lots of prayers your way.
Jennifer Saporita
Jennifer Saporita Sending prayers 🙏🏻
Mistey Diane
Mistey Diane Much love to you Juli Anne
Alice Johnson Christensen
Alice Johnson Christensen Praying for the family.
Dezzy Zee
Dezzy Zee RIP Angel
Margaret Amery-deragon
Margaret Amery-deragon Sending lots of prayers….
Jennifer Cleland Sherwood
Andrea Siri
Andrea Siri Prayers for Joseph’s family and all of our children tonight
Julie Emig Amano
Julie Emig Amano How completely devastating! I will pray for them today, and also will pray for safety for all of our kiddos today. Hugs to your family Juli.
Joanna Shostac
Joanna Shostac God bless
Jamie Wilke
Jamie Wilke Oh so many prayers and thoughts of Joseph 💙💙💙
Teresa Vicuna
Teresa VicunaThinking about Joseph and his family tonight, and wishing you all and our children a safe Halloween.