Our Kingdom of Love

Our Kingdom of Love

When the wind blows I feel your essence like a whisper of breath that has left me since you returned home

When the sun brings warmth to my face your touch of angelic hand, to dry the tears that have fallen since you returned home

Birds sing angelic songs and messages of love
Trees the roots that rise high, symbolize our roots forever connected, as high as the tallest mountain…

When the rain falls, it is the arms that wrap around me to allow me to release tears designed as rain drops, then you with your most magickal love bring the rainbow of love

We laugh together after that good cry, as we see the colors shine..the most uplifting laugh to the heavens.

So sacred not many will understand that feeling shared. How magickal that rainbow brings such love and happiness, our souls reconnect in a new moment and memory…

The night sky filled with the most blessed stars that twinkle as I see your eyes again

The moon with her deep glimmering light shining downward on my face, I feel heaven’s blessing that you are never alone

My universe has never changed since you returned home, your kingdom is now will me each day and night making it brighter and so much more beautiful…

I love you son

written by : Your Mommy to her Angel I love youFB_IMG_1463569231668

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  1. My Dearest Jules, words can’t begin to spell out my heartfelt love for you and your family. Truly I am in awe of how hard and unwavering you have worked ,and continue to educate on food allergies on behalf of your beautiful Angel Joseph.I’m blessed and proud to call you my ” sister,” my friend. You are more than an amazing role model and the most glorious Mother.I know Joseph is proud of you, and with you always.
    Love and Friendship,
    Barbara Penkala Alonzi

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