Why BOTH “Epinephrine” and “Naloxone” needed in everyone’s medicine cabinet. #anaphylaxis


 Requesting standing -order prescription for”Auto- Injector” “Preventive Death Drugs” (Epinephrine,Naloxone )
I am a current constituent of WI, I had been a constituent of NY for over 43 years, my name is Julianne DeNicola.  I am a grieving mother who lost her son to Food Allergies on Halloween 2014 at the age of 7 due to milk proteins.  I am asking for your attention and help.  I am not happy with the lack of aid to helping public safety at this time.

Thank you in advance for your time.

 Please make BOTH “Epinephrine” and “Naloxone”  fast acting auto-injectors part of everyone’s medicine cabinet. Time is the difference between life and death. Availablity, and acting quickly can only do this.  As a grieving mother, I am requesting, PLEASE. 
The Sgt. General urged all friends and family members to carry Naloxone, if they have reason ! So, do our loved ones at risk of Anaphylaxis, but we are held behind limited availability! Open up the strong hold to save lives!
This is just common sense, they should be accessible as easily as any over the counter drug.  I have not seen one reason why they cannot be, and why they are only available by prescription.
Fatal Anaphylaxis is not just due to food, but drug allergy may play part to the Opioid Crisis. How much of the Opioid research funding should be made available to this research?  The only answer is having both readily available and raising awareness of the signs and risks.  A 1% mortality rate in severe ANAPHYLAXIS of 15 million Americans due to food alone regardless deserves attention.

Anaphylaxis is a fatal reaction, happening more in later age but as well is very much part of the drug crisis we are facing.  Most later age fatal reactions take place since we are introduced to more medications. Let us add to our review of Opioid deaths that might be related to Drug Anaphylaxis instead of overdose, I assume that to be many that are flying under the radar since the proper documentation of older patients, non overdose are labeled as natural causes or unknown.  Older people face much more drugs they had not been taking in their lifetime.  So, our older generation , non overdosed are part of this request as well.

Drug Allergy Market is Expected to Grow at Moderate Pace During 2017 – 2025

The crisis that has made Naloxone readily available, should be understood to having fast acting Epinephrine auto-injectors should be at well.  How many states have to create legislation on the same concerns, when it should be a universal law.as well.  How many deaths are caused by an allergy is very much misunderstood. More is being researched as the amount of deaths are at a rise.

We do not have time, for government healthcare reform, or debates.  We need action it is a public health crisis.  15 Million people in America and it can happen at any age and at any time.

First the cost, we need to open the line of competition.  This drug is not expensive, it is the device and the competition is needed for those that will not place shareholders over the people whose lives depended on it.  This should not be a debate, it is bipartisan.  Each of you knows someone, and you are at risk too.

Second, as our children are dying we are getting legislation to allowing areas to stock, but there are no “required” enforcements or annual license renewals.  This must be looked into as soon as possible.  We do not have anyone to report those that are not following such until it is to late.  A grieving family should not have to become lobbyists but it seems that we are the only way of getting such completed.  Lawsuits, have to come since it is again money over lives.  It has to stop.

First-time reactors, just as we have heart emergency care devices in public areas, we need all public places to stocking.  Period.  Auto- injectors NOT vials. We do not have time to seek medical professionals at the time of a reaction to fill a syringe, within minutes it is the matter of life and death.  Yes, minutes.

Me having to even ask for this is heartbreaking and should be just common sense.  It shows the lack of attention to a health crisis as we in our community are seeing deaths increase, our loved ones While we see everyone around just cares for profits.  It is inhuman the level of crisis and you are all just collecting in our portfolio accounts.

When I see the most simple steps that can be done, being ignored, it is inhuman.  So do expect the following to hold great emotion as I speak such, and I apologize in advance but my heart is breaking as I watch this all continue.  Ignored, we are ignored.

So if you can please REQUIRE in all areas these life-saving drugs, training requirements and annual enforcements we thank you.

The grieving parents do not have time, to grieve we have to turn into activists, voices because you are all turning your heads.  It is not right.

We are doing our part to raising awareness daily.  All  15 million affected alone in the USA.  Add the parents and loved ones that want this to take place and that number is multiplied.  So yes, the public concern is high.  Some parents resorting to measures that are not safe, or some having to do without and having to homeschool, and live a very isolated life.  The costs as we have seed require attention. Some are resorting to syringes that are NOT fast enough to reverse the airways from closing.  2 minutes are too long.  Parents are not  EMS trained medical professionals. Many live in rural areas, and what if they are on a plane .  Again the loopholes  We need CHANGE… But we understand that it takes the next grieving family that has to stop their grief and lobby?  Why it is a federal issue in this case and not a state issue, but are rights of each passenger overlooked in the air on a state laws not carried in the sky?

Who are the regulators of the current laws relating… Who… are there any.. I would like to know who I need to report many ignored laws since I cannot call the police because no one views food, drugs incent bites to being a weapon and

I am sorry for ranting but I learned this today after a mother faced her child’s first reaction 35k in the air and if it was not for a passenger having life-saving Autoinjector and a nurse being on American Airlines flight had to seek help by the people on board, no resources and the lack of awareness to the useful drugs they are required to keep in their medical kits.

I cried all day following learning this today..who has the time for this to take place, time is the difference between life and death..  I was happy to see all of our hard work to raising awareness and making sure everyone is PREPARED by always carrying their ONLY life-saving drugs on them, is part of the miracle that took place in that families FIRST experience of reaction.  My heart broke for them but filled with joy that it could have been a disaster.  So I stopped to learning that S 1972 has been sitting in Congress since 2015.  Why? Then asked a fellow attorney what is the breakdown happening   “Airlines have epinephrine vials in their kits, not the pens. And the vials are marked with the cardiac dose, not the dose for anaphylaxis. A flight attendant cannot administer the vial unless there is a doctor on board or she contacts the airline’s medical department on the ground. She is not authorized to use it herself without a doctor’s ok. And they have to be convinced that the person who volunteers really is a doctor.”

Many of these forms of transportation do carry medical kits, so yes such should be inside those kits. The manner of loopholes that do not supply fast acting auto-injectors in comparison to a syringe, and if they are even following such guidelines, no one monitors.  NO REGULATION..

They do not have oxygen tanks with them or know how to check vital signs if the drug is working with risks of overdose and being at high risk of CV (heart failure).  There is more risk of loss of life than the risk of attempting to save a life. Doing nothing in places that serve such, is not acceptable.  When will the understanding that if we open up for allowing anyone trained properly to the signs and training on the use, that more would be readily available when needed?  If it is only to be by prescription I have many parents that can tell you the battles we are still fighting to evening getting a prescription for doctors, yes allergists that allow people to walk out the doors with such.  Yes, I know many that will confirm this.  The work is needed in all areas.  Never should that take place. Whom as advocates do we tell them to report them too.. ?  How can it harm, to having more readily available? How? I would still like a defined answer because I do not see much risk.

There are only a few minutes between life and death.  I know this first hand and I want to make sure our experience and pain, never is felt by another.  I want in my son’s honor to make change for the next.  Yes, we have many “allowable” legislation by state, in restaurants and schools, but it is not “required” or “regulated”.  Just like a license is needed to sell liquor, anywhere when food is served, there should be training and required on hand life-saving drug to help those who are facing anaphylaxis.  This needs not law, but “enforcement”.   Annual registration and documentation of on-hand life-saving drugs to help this in need.  Does a bar that allowed someone who got into a car and killed someone, to holding responsibility? Please let’s make common sense and awareness for all.  You want to sell food, you have a vendor license you should be required to keep such trained and on hand.  Now the need for a prescription, “has to go” to make that happen.

“PLEASE” look at this experience due to lack of competition and hardship to passing a positive change.  We need to make Life-saving drugs a “MUST” to being readily accessible and affordable, and safe.  ( e.g. Over the counter)  Time is the difference between saving a child’s life.  The hard part is advocating how to recognize Anaphylaxis to “non-trained” individuals outside of places that “sell” food or like schools having to act the same.  That each of us do daily, endlessly.

Provide a standing – order prescription for all as a step to making reform access to this life-saving drug, has to happen.

Just like we are seeing increased overdose-related deaths.  The increase in Allergy related deaths is taking place as well.  This is a shared crisis for public safety.

I have always believed within hard times, good follows. Miracles are sometimes disguised in painful struggling times.  We need to help all vulnerable people facing such harm.


I believe working “with” drug companies like e.g. kaléo, Inc. Auvi-Q and others as they become available, we can create “common sense” reform on accessibility, not only price.  The same maker kaléo, Inc. is the maker of Evzio, Evzio is manufactured for kaléo, Inc., of Richmond, Va.  Evzio was approved April 3, 2014, by the FDA approves new hand-held auto-injector to reverse opioid overdose.

For those in the Food Allergy Community, the product looks very familiar.


Earlier this year, U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., called on one generic naloxone manufacturer, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., which makes a popular version as a nasal spray, to explain the drug’s price increases.  Same to be held on September 21 with Mylan.

“In May 2014, a 10-dose pack cost the Baltimore City Health Department roughly $190,” Cummings said in a released statement in March. “Guess what? Today, it costs more than $400 for a life-saving drug.”

“Rep. Cummings Rips Pharma Company For Price Gouging On Heroin Overdose Drug.

WASHINGTON — In his opening remarks at the Full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on the heroin epidemic, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) slammed the pharmaceutical company that makes the overdose antidote naloxone for profiting off the crisis.

“We can no longer allow drug companies to keep ripping off the taxpayers for life-saving medications,” Cummings said. “Cities all around the country have recognized the need to equip their first responders, police officers and public health officials with naloxone — a drug that can reverse opioid overdoses in a matter of minutes.”

Because of those life-saving properties, the medication has become essential in the public health response to the rise in overdose deaths. State after state — including places like Kentucky and New York — have passed laws making naloxone available without a prescription. Chains such as Kroger and CVS recently announced that they would be selling it essentially as an over-the-counter medication.

Cummings said Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., which makes naloxone, has jacked up prices for the antidote as demand has increased. Evidenced-based public policy, he said, has been “undermined by corporate greed.”

“As more first responders began using this drug, the company that makes it, Amphastar, began to increase its prices by staggering amounts,” Cummings said. “In May 2014, a 10-dose pack cost the Baltimore City Health Department roughly $190. Guess what? Today, it costs more than $400 for a life-saving drug.”

In October, Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore’s health commissioner, issued a blanket naloxone prescription for all 620,000 residents; Baltimore has more than 20,000 active heroin users. “We have to save lives,” she told the House committee. “Naloxone should be part of everyone’s medicine cabinet.”

We are asking “Epipen rapid response device or a like product Epinephrine fast-acting device to be part of everyone’s medicine cabinet” too.  “WE NEED TO SAVE LIVES.” WE ARE JOINING in this public need, PLEASE.  Both should be made available.  

Please for all of our angels that are named below and all the grieving family members and friends we ask you to please add “Epinephrine” to your efforts during this public crisis.  We do not want to add another name below. These are only public, many remain private. To many lives.  In many places around the world this medication can be found over the counter. I request that you scroll to the very end of all the names listed below, the length might take sometime.  Read a few stories of these beautiful souls, lost to soon.  My son is Joseph DeNicola, he was 7 on Halloween 2014.

We have been requesting for such availability for years.  In addition, why price increases have been happening, twice within the same year?  Public school is not free for our children. For some not an option to afford to attend.  No price on their lives.  That is why we need help.

Schools depending on state, all have stocking laws. There seems to be confusion among senators.  Stocking laws can be either  “allowed” vs.”required”.  We prefer “required, enforced and inspected annually due to expiration dates”.  School Access to Epinephrine Map.  Can be confusing we know it needs to be reformed as “Required”

“Baltimore, this life-saving drug has also had to be rationed in some places as the price increases and demand soars. So the city health commissioner in Baltimore, Dr. Leana Wen, took the extraordinary step of issuing a standing order prescription for all city residents, resulting in increased access to naloxone by allowing pharmacies to dispense it without a personal doctor’s prescription.”

“We in Baltimore have launched aggressive overdose campaign,” Wen told ABC News.  Baltimore is hardly the only city grappling with opioid abuse. U.S. deaths from heroin overdoses have spiked in recent years, tripling between 2010 and 2014, according to the U.S.Drug Enforcement Agency‘s National Heroin Threat Assessment Summary released earlier this year.

We have been seeing an increase over the years, last reported 1 and 13 people are at risk of Anaphylaxis.  It has been researched that a mild reaction can at anytime be a severe.   Anaphylaxis is the term used for a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur within seconds or minutes following exposure to an allergen. Until now, data on trends in anaphylactic deaths—or even the number of yearly deaths from anaphylactic shock—has not been well-defined. One reason: unlike countries such as the UK, the U.S. doesn’t maintain a national registry of anaphylaxis deaths. –     “Anaphylaxis has been dubbed ‘the latest allergy epidemic,’” said Dr. Jerschow. 

“The U.S. and Australia have some of the highest rates of severe anaphylaxis among developed countries. We hope these results bring increased awareness of the need for a better understanding of anaphylaxis deaths.” – Elina Jerschow, M.D., M.Sc. – See more at: http://www.einstein.yu.edu/news/releases/1043/comprehensive-study-of-allergic-deaths-in-u-s–finds-medications-are-main-culprit/#sthash.DFBSVHN9.dpufPlease read “Food Allergy Epidemic: A Breaking Point “

Food Allergy Epidemic: A Breaking Point  


I will always consider November 2014 as a breaking point for food allergy and anaphylaxis, the time when everyone who loves someone with life threatening allergies must come together and make a difference to fight back this epidemic. Three deaths due to food allergy and anaphylaxis in one month, three devastated families and communities, three lives tragically lost too soon.

We remember all we have lost and our community has suffered to many. Parents/family members of the community have comforted so many of us.  I can speak of that personally. Read more.. 

My son Joseph DeNicola, age 7 was one of the three. My son will never need this drug ever again.  I will make sure to help others that do, in my grief.  No child or parent should have a life of pain as I now do.  It is a different world.

Now meet the angels that publicly shared their stories. There are many more.

To Quote “Remembering Those We Have Lost To Food Allergies”

“Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.”
Thank you for reading and sharing. The more we talk about it, the more others around us will too.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can view some of their pictures.I would like to take this time and remember some of the recent and not so recent deaths that have occurred from food allergies. These are just some of the reported cases. It is very sad that there have been so many and yet we have not heard about most of them.

This list was updated on August 31, 2016.

Food Allergy Deaths in 2016:

Breyton Horomona, 15, suffered a severe allergic reaction and died after eating calamari. Full Story

Paul Wilson, 38, died after eating a dish that contained peanuts. Full Story

Javier Avina, 10, died from asthma possibly caused by his peanut allergy. Full Story

Victor Lee, 10, tragically died after suffering an allergic reaction. Full Story

Abigail Raye Reiswitz, 13, died from asthma complications triggered by a reaction to milk. Full Story & Full Story

Bruce Kelly, 22, died after eating chocolates containing peanuts.

Food Allergy Deaths in 2015:

Miles Bengco, 11, died from an allergic reaction to Mycoprotein. Full Story 

Katherine Schaefer, 18, died from an allergic reaction that led to a severe asthma attack. Full Story

Shalev Hazan, age unknown, died after eating a granola bar containing nuts. Full Story

Annie Legere, 13, died from anaphylactic shock after an unknown allergic reaction, likely to something she ate, according to her doctors. Full Story

Lois Tate, 13, died at the hospital while being treated for asthma. Parents suspect it was the food they served their food allergic child. Full Story & Full Story

Cody Steven Kimball-Godfrey, 17, died from an allergic reaction. Full Story

Rachel Cole, 18, suffered an anaphylaxis reaction to peanut oil and died 6 days later. Full Story & Full Story

Cameron Wahid, 7, died after eating a dish that may have contained dairy. Full Story

Morgan Elizabeth Crutchfield, 17, died from an allergic reaction. Full StoryFull Story

Simon Katz, 16, died from an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Full Story

Andrea Mariano, 18, died from an anaphylactic allergic reaction. Full Story 

Amanda Thompson, 50, died after having an allergic reaction to a Sorbet. Full Story

Dylan Hill, 18, died after eating at an Indian restaurant. Full Story

Maisie Durant, 21, died after eating a cereal bar containing nuts. Full Story

Shahida Shahid, 18, died from an allergic reaction after eating at a local restaurant. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2014:

Caroline Lorette, 14, died from an allergic reaction to dairy. Full Story

Brandon Dixon, 13, died after eating a candy bar given to him at school. Full Story

Deborah Mary Molloy, 52, died from an allergic reaction to lentils. Full Story

Richard Hugh Goins, 23, died after exposure to a food containing peanut. Full Story & Obituary

Aaron O’Farrell
, 11, died from anaphylactic reaction. Full Story & Full Story

Derek Landon Wood, 11, died after eating a cookie from a local grocery store. Full Story

Sergio Lopez, 24, died after eating a mole sauce containing peanuts. Full Story Obituary

Scott Johnson, 16, died from a milk allergy after eating pancakes at a restaurant. Full Story

Nutan Ajay
, 16, died from an allergic reaction to egg. Full Story

Casey Ryan, 29, died from an allergic reaction to peanut oil. Full Story

Edward Alfred Horan II, 24, died after exposure to a food he is allergic to. Full Story

Jaime E. Mendoza, 16, dies after allergic reaction to peanut butter cookie. Full Story

Chandler Swink, 19, dies from an allergic reaction to peanut. Full Story

Joseph DeNicola, 7, dies after suffering an allergic reaction on Halloween. Full Story

Dillon Mueller, 18, dies  helping his best friend with yard work when he got stung. Full Story

Jack Burden, 18, died from a severe allergic reaction. Partial Story

Paul Wilson, 38, died from anaphylaxis. He had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Lydia Lavoshan, age unknown, died after having an allergic reaction to tahini, which contained sesame. Full Story

Edward Debbage, 8, died from an anaphylaxis reaction. Allergies to various foods. Full Story 

Connor Donaldson, 12, dies after eating food containing peanut. Full Story 

Food Allergy Deaths in 2013:

Elin Wahlgren, 16, died from an allergic reaction after eating tacos. Full Story

Ronak Warty, 10, died after drinking a wrongly labelled drink containing dairy. Full Story

Cody Hardy, 17, died from an allergic reaction to milk. See comments section for full story.

Marcus Terranova, 8, died from an anaphylactic reaction caused by an unknown food allergy. Full Story

Dora Mae Coburn, 68, died from an allergic reaction to bananas. Full Story

Abbie Benford, 15, died from an anaphylaxis reaction. Full Story

Emma Slone, 14, died from a reaction to a nut based sauce. She had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Andrew Turner, 35, died from eating bread containing nuts. Full Story

Shimmer James, 6, died after an allergic reaction to peanut. Full Story

Taylor Brown, 11, died from an allergic reaction. Partial Story and Partial Story.

Marcus Sweet, 46, died after an allergic reaction to coconut. Full Story

Connor Donaldson, 12, died from a suspected allergic reaction from nut allergy. Full Story

Giovanni Cipriano, 14, died from an allergic reaction to peanuts. Full Story

Derek Stephenson, 31, died from an allergic reaction after eating a curry dish containing peanut. He had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Ethan Williams, 14, died from a suspected tree nut allergy. Full Story

Natalie Giorgi, 13, died from an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Full Story

Mason Wight, 11, died from an allergic reaction. Partial Story

Jackie Scott, 35, died from an allergic reaction caused by peanut allergy. Full Story

Tanner Henstra, 11, died from an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Full Story

Adrian Gutierrez, 8, died from a possible reaction to milk. Full Story

Maia Santarelli-Gallo, 12, died of an allergic reaction after eating ice cream at the mall. Full Story

Cameron Fitzpatrick, 19, died after eating a cookie that contained peanut oil. He had a peanut and tree nut allergy.  Full Story

Faith Tolbert, 2, died after from an allergic reaction to peanut. Partial story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2012:

Danika Rae, 17, died from complications related to an airborne allergic reaction and asthma attack. Full Story

Myriam Ducre-Lemay, 20, died after kissing her boyfriend that had eaten peanut butter. Full Story

Michael Saffioti, 22, died from dairy allergy after eating oatmeal containing dairy. Full Story

Jack Levee, 17, died from a severe allergic reaction and a asthma attack. Full Story

Jack Irvine, 15, died after eating a cookie containing nuts at camp. Full Story 

William Luckett, 15, died after eating Chinese takeaway. He had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Ethan Thomas
, 11, died from an allergic reaction to curry. He had a nut allergy. Full Story

Natalia Green
, 17, died from an allergic reaction to chicken satay containing peanut. Full Story

Diallo Robbins Brinson,15, died from of an allergic reaction after eating a cookie. Full Story 

Amaya Seraton, 8, died from an allergic reaction. Details are unknown. Full Story

Ammaria Johnson, 7, died at school after being exposed to something containing peanut. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2011:

Raymond Cho, 16, died after eating a cookie in class that contained walnuts. Full Story

Efrat Chen, 26, died after eating a dessert at a Tel Aviv restaurant. Full Story

Hayden Wileman, 9, died after eating a cereal. He had an unknown peanut allergy. Full Story

Jharell Dillard, 15, lost his life after eating a chocolate chip cookie, which unknowingly contained nuts. Full Story

Tyler Cody Davis, 20, died from an allergic reaction after eating at the KSU Campus Dining Hall. Full Story

Christopher Smith, 17, died after eating takeout food from a Wirral, England restaurant.  Full Story

Veronica Cirella, 8, died from allergic reaction. (undisclosed food allergy and cerebral palsy) food fed at home by mother (under investigation) Full Story

Mathew Lee, 26, died after eating a salad that contained nuts. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2010:

Ashley Frangella, 20, died from an allergic reaction to milk. Full Story

Megann Ayotte Lafort, 6, of Montreal died from asthma attack that is believed to be caused by a food allergic reaction. Full Story

Katelyn Carlson, 13, died after eating Chinese food with her class. Full Story

Yla Aquino, 17, died on prom night after accidentally digesting peanut butter. Full Story

Poppy Harvey, 19, died after unknowingly eating a cake that contained peanut. Full Story

Kevin Edouard, 21, died from suspected peanut allergy after eating on a cruise ship. Full Story

Emma Egerton, 18, died from takeaway curry. She had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Darren Taylor, 44, died from unknown fin-fish allergy. Full Story

Charlie Fidler, 8, died after an allergic reaction at a football barbecue. He was allergic to eggs, milk, wheat and certain nuts. Full Story

Molly Giles, 10, died from one spoonful of curry. She had a nut allergy. Full Story

Molly Dyer, 13, died from curry takeout. She had a nut allergy. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2009:

Danny Macpherson, 21, died from an allergic reaction after eating Indian takeout. Full Story

Robert Anderson, 15, peanut, tree nut, egg allergy and asthma. Treated as asthma but later identified as anaphylaxis. (unconfirmed report) Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2008:

Mercedes Mears, 10, died after suffering an asthma attack. Food allergies are suspected to have played a part in her death. Full Story & Video

B.J. Hom, 18, died from an allergic reaction while on a family vacation. Full Story

Andrew Michael Smith, 8, died from an allergic reaction while celebrating super bowl Sunday with family. Full Story

Daniel Sargent, 30, collapsed after taking a bite of a chocolate chip cookie. Full Story

Rodney Hawkins, 35, died from shellfish allergy after being served wrong. Full Story

Dexter Skinner, 16, died after eating a chocolate bar. He had a peanut allergy. Full Story

Christopher Gould, 14, died after eating a cashew. Full Story

Mark Nicholson, 28, died from peanut allergy after eating chili burgers. Full Story

Angus Myers, 32, nut allergy, died after eating take away curry. Full Story

Elizabeth Hoborough, 39, died days later after eating prawn soup. Full Story

Carol Lynn Winston Kiener, 66, died from a peanut allergy. Partial Story

Deja Vacey Hay, 7, died from milk allergy after drinking juice. Full Story

Paul Anthony Thurston, 30, died in jail when served a sandwich containing peanut butter. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2007:

Nathan Francis, 13, died after given a lunch of beef satay at camp. Full Story

Karim Oughton, 13, died after eating a Brazil nut. He had never had a reaction before. Full Story

Carley Janelle Kohnen, 13, died from a burrito. She had a peanut, egg and milk allergy. Full Story

Grant  Freeman, 38, Collasped and died after eating a tomato entree. He was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood and chicken. Full Story

Mohsen Hussain, 9, died after having a sweet from the pick and mix candy section. He had a  nut allergy and asthma. Full Story

Jessica Cordoroy, 10, died after eating a pie at a restaurant. She had a peanut allergy and asthma. (unconfirmed story)

Stephanie Faulkner, 14, died from a dish at a restaurant that unknowingly contained nuts. Full Story

Kylie Lynch, 20, died after eating a dessert at a cafe that contained nuts. Full Story 

Francesca Sanna Mimmy, 19, Collasped and died minutes after brushing her teeth. She had several food allergies. Full Story

Michelle Bray, 21, died from seafood allergy. She had a severe anaphylactic reaction to a dim sim and collapsed. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2006:

Emily Vonder Meulen, 13, died at the mall after eating a sandwich she had eaten many times before. Full Story

Amber Norman, 12, died after eating a sweet treat in school. Full Story

Paul Derrick Howard, 16, died from a sesame allergy most likely contained in a cereal bar he had eaten. Full Story

Brent Schivley, 16, died from a peanut reaction after eating a chocolate chip cookie. Full Story

Jane McVeigh, 17, died from nut allergy after unknowingly eating chicken satay at a birthday party. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2005:

Gina Marie Hunt, 14, died after having an allergic reaction after eating Chinese food at the mall with her friends. Full Story

Christina Desforges, 15, died after kissing her boyfriend, who had just eaten a peanut butter snack. Full Story

Thomas Schatten, 43, died an hour later after receiving treatment for his peanut allergy from an alternative medicine practitioner. Full Story

David Joseph Boutot, 17, died from drinking a protein shake that contained whey. Full Story

Kailey Brianna Bowles, 7, died from a taste of hot cocoa in her room. She had a milk allergy. Full Story

Alison Armstrong, 11, died after eating a candy apple at the Grants Pass, OR Boatnik Festival. According to friends and family, Alison tasted peanut right away. The apple had been cooked in peanut oil. She was highly allergic to peanuts. (Can’t locate full story)

Matthew Joseph Deluce, 24, died from peanut allergy after eating at a restaurant in Texas. Partial Story

Karen Lynn MacDonald, 27, died from accidential ingestion of peanut oil. Full Story

Chantelle Yambao, 13, died from peanut and nut allergy after eating a store-bought Nanaimo square. Full Story

Beverley Taylor, 37, died after eating a cashew that tasted like a peanut. She was allergic to peanuts, eggs, dairy, wheat and latex. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2004:

Jonathan Begley, 9, died from an allergic reaction to food while at school. Full Story

Amanda Mills, 19, died days after having an allergic reaction to a sandwich containing traces of nuts. Full Story.

Alex Baptist, 4, died after being exposed to peanuts at school. Full Story.

Chris Clements, 17, died after eating chocolate that unknowingly contained hazelnut. He had a  tree nut allergy. Full Story

Habib Khan, 10, died at school after eating a meal from home. He had asthma and a dairy allergy. He died from an asthma attack, but it is believed to be triggered from the dairy allergy. Full Story

Amy Bauer Topic, 34, died from peanut allergy after accidental ingestion. Full Story

Phillip Heywood, 19, died from a peanut allergy after eating half a portion of curry. Full Story

Emily Givner, 38, died shortly after eating a sandwich wrap. She was allergic to chocolate, nuts, seeds and animals. Full Story

Prasad Gajare, 9, died from milk allergy. Partial Story

Sam Pettett, 22, died from eating a curry dish. Allergy unknow, but died from allergic reaction.  Full Story

Raya French, 37, died from tomato allergy after eating spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Full Story

Laura Benson, 19, died after eating a Rice Krispy Treat that unknowingly contained peanut butter. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths 2003:

Matt Schmauch, 29, died after eating at a Chinese buffet. Full Story

Kate Obertelli, 21, died after eating takeout food containing curry paste. Full Story

Singh Bhamra, 49, died from egg allergy after unknowingly eating cake containing eggs. Full Story

Sabrina Shannon, 13, died from dairy protein that was still present on some school lunch tongs. The same tongs were used to pick up Sabrina’s french fries. Sabrina’s Law took effect on January 1, 2006. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2002:

Trent A. Hankins, 31, died after touching food containing peanut oil at a dinner party. Full Story

Thomas Egna, 5 months, died from milk allergy after being fed milk in a daycare. Full Story

Richard Sobrino, 38, had an allergic reaction to a candy bar and later died at the hospital. He had a peanut allergy.  Full Story

Hamidur Rahman, 14, died from peanut allergy while on a school excursion. Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2001:

Nathan Walters, 9, died on a class field trip after eating a sacked lunch offered to him which contained a peanut butter sandwich and cookies. Full Story

William Gallagher, 16, died after eating walnuts from his home economics class. Partial Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 2000:

Sarah Hubert, 13, died from Milk Allergy. Partial Story.

Nicola Ratcliffe, 18, died from a nut allergy after eating Indian food. Full Story

Luisa Dennis, 28, died from walnut allergy after eating bread that unknowingly contained walnuts. Partial Story

Patrick Maxeiner, 24, death is suspected to have been caused from a peanut allergy. (unconfirmed)  Partial Story

Food Allergy Death in 1999:

Joseph Murphy, 18, died after eating pistachio nuts. He knew he was allergic to peanuts, but not aware of his nut allergy. Full Story

Food Allergy Death 1998:

Mark Villa, died after eating a sugar cookie containing peanut butter.  Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 1996:

Kristen Wyak Norris, 13, died from anaphylactic shock due to complications from asthma and
allergies. She was allergic to nuts. Full Story

Joshua Ramirez, 21, died from peanut allergy after eating a cookie in a vending machine in his dormitory.Full Story

Food Allergy Deaths in 1991:

Johnny Robbins, 16, died after eating an egg roll containing peanut butter. See comments section for full story.

Food Allergy Death in 1989:

Cheryl Winegardner, 10, died from a peanut allergy while on a school field trip. Full Story

Food Allergy Death in 1986:

Katherine Brodsky, 18, died after eating chili from a restaurant that was flavored with peanut butter. Full Story

“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones
shine down to let us know they are happy.”

Best Regards Joseph’s Mom


Julianne Riceputo DeNicola

Love you son! Love and Blessings to you all!