National #DonateLife Month #LiveOnNY – I honor you my Angel Joseph DeNicola

In honor of my son Joseph DeNicola my Angel, I am sharing with you all the most wonderful letter I received from one of the earthly Angels who received his loving liver donate she was a 57-year-old woman and another letter from a 15-year-old girl who received his kidney. Forever in our hearts and within our souls, knowing that on that day all the prayers and miracles being requested for my son’s life was answered to pass that miracle forward.  I feel in my heart it was all HIS choice, I feel he selected those donations, as well.  I do believe that miracles do happen, and I do know that within the most pain of love, there can be a balance of most love.  It was within that moment, I knew those miracles would come true to others and should not be wasted.  It had been the hardest moment of my life, but for other mothers and fathers praying as we had, if it was just for a moment to knowing that out of the love my son had and held within his life, to continue and show that love forward.  I explained this to my older son, and we agreed with knowing it was Josephs choice, and with all the pain we all had been feeling and still going thru, the act of donation of his blessed gifts brings warmth in a way.  They are all blessed, for he was the most beautiful person in this world.  Now they all will be very much touched by that energy of love.  I already feel such when reading these letters.  The warmth of love to you all.  

We love you all, our extended family.
We miss you so much my baby Angel Joseph.

You shared seven years teaching us all about heaven, and feeling of such love, may you forever be known as a hero and our guiding Angel with your Rainbow Wings, you are golden.  Just as the Sun gives us life, you to my son created a life for so many.  I love you my son, Mommy… Julianne

Joseph Story 

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Mothers Day Brunch at P.S.4  Joseph and his Mom, Julianne Riceputo DeNicola
Mothers Day Brunch at P.S.4
Joseph and his Mom, Julianne Riceputo DeNicola