Food Allergy Epidemic: A Breaking Point

If one could only imagine their child being one of the two, that created the breaking point. It still feels like day one. I love you Joseph.. and my heart and soul to all that have lost our children or loved one to Food Allergies.

Thank you Nut Free Wok for this beautiful article. Thank you to the FA Family who has help me. and my family on days we had been beyond grief. This does make a big difference. I know both myself and Joseph’s Father Anthony will be right there for all of you. We never go down without fighting with all of our might.. and the fight is not over for food allergies, it is not over for proper labeling, and it is not over for the proactive measures our medical community can put in place, like vaccines that contain allergies to having the children watched and ready with “just in case” Epi medicines, new born’s can not tell us what they are feeling.but the doctors know which vaccines might contain allergens, so just take more precaution, no one is saying do away with it, just precaution.. Just more proactive thinking, to keeping all safe… That is what I do, I fight for each day.

Halloween will never be the same for our family. so we are doing the best we can during that time to focus on safer options. Like Teal Pumpkin Project.. so please for us get involved.. .I thank and support all of you..I will stand with a sword with the honor of my son across my heart..if you ever need a voice..

Blessings and love… Joseph’s Mommy

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