Earth Day 2015 April 22 – A Tradition of Love

Each year on Earth day no matter what was going on in my life, I stopped and shared the day with my children to celebrating Earth day.  We would spend the day together, and of course take in the newest DisneyNature Movie that would come out on that day, each year.

I prayed that they would continue in their lives as they had families to doing the same, tradition.  We always loved the movies, how can you not.  It is Nature.

So, for me, do this with your little loves for me… I would give my life to do it one last time.  Cherish the gifts you have.. earth and your loves.. please think about going with your little loves, celebrate Earth. I believe it was my most favorite day to look forward too.

Just me and my boys… most magickal place on earth spent…

Here is this year’s Movie set the time, it usually falls around the same time as bring your son or daughter to work day.  I always left work early, since celebration with them had been way more important.  You can always make money, you can never make up TIME… Cherish it. Love to you all.