Easter is the blessing of Birth, Love and the Eternal Life Renewal –

The best part about Easter is the blessing of Birth, Love and the Eternal Life Renewal.    Capture

The Easter Bunny or Rabbit represents the fertility of birth. As well the Birthing of an egg. The egg, representing creation and the universe. These symbols embody the time of year, in which most would take the time to place their loving wishes of renewal upon those eggs, names of loved ones, creations of our own wishes.

I will give you a little tradition I have become a custom to, is understanding this time as the renewal of man, into his creation of transformed energy of love and light, that is and will always be around us. As within death come new life, a birthing, and renewal. I understand this more deeply this year than most, for I will never be the same person I was yesterday. I am looking into the blessings, as I always do, knowing that within we are strengthened for a purpose, I do believe everything in life has a beautiful symbol of our own.

We love the colors of the holiday as well, most are that “light” tone of pastels. Soft and fluffy as the Rabbits hair. They do hold meaning that most are not too familiar so I will share with you to making you great holiday egg coloring even more special to heart :

Choose a color that strengthens your intention. Traditionally, these are the symbols of the colors used:
Green – new life, new growth, hope
Red – passion, energy, transformation
White – purity, innocence, birth
Yellow – happiness, community, youth
Orange – strength, endurance, sexuality
Black – darkness, the void.
Blue – the heavens, air, peace, and vision

When your egg is complete, hold it in your hands close to your mouth and whisper your prayers into it.

The result is a sacred egg. Why do we hide those eggs, dating back many many years ago, to the great Egyptian would color eggs “Gold” or “Silver “and place them on the graves of those that had passed away, with resurrection on to welcoming a new life to them. The same concept dating back to 1610 started in Christian faiths of the coloring of the egg red, eggs red in memory of the blood of Christ, shed at his crucifixion. Passover haminados are prepared with similar methods. A greater variety of color was often provided by tying on the onion skin with different colored woolen yarn

So the hiding of the egg very much a blessing. For it was a blessing of rebirth, transformation, and passion.

The Golden Egg coloring in Egypt today still completed. In Egypt, it’s a tradition to decorate boiled eggs during Sham el-Nessim holiday, which falls every year after the Eastern Christian Easter.

So color your eggs, with wishes and love, in hopes that our love is rebirthed with blessings into this new time of year.

Happy Holidays to you all.


Blessings to the new Earth, Life and Birthing … to you all !