Healing Book I am reading… Eastern Body Western Mind…


I love this book.  Not shocking to me, when I opened and started reading the acknowledgements started off with Iris, the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow. This after I already purchased the book, and it had been sitting in my bookcase for a long time.  The smiles, tears and joy when I started reading.. I had to stop to take in the feelings and love.  The understanding provided from an author whom encountered this love, and deity, blessed to write about her gifted wisdom provided and appreciation of that deity’s love, with the support of her family, children and husband friends and many wonderful experiences shared.  Their would not be a more truthful author to me, whom starts off a book referring thanks to a Deity. To me that means true wisdom gifted.  The meaning cannot come stronger, of the symbol given in regards of a Rainbow, only coming to me first as I opened this book, to understanding the word itself means in Turkish “Bridge”, a Rainbow Bridge between the Heavens and Earth. For starters.  The author, explains just as I have my understanding of different deities, that Iris was the first Deity she encountered. How they help us in times of our lives, if we are open and willing to being ready to receive.  I do understand that very well and I welcome her. Now, the understanding of a Rainbow Bridge, Heaven and Earth and the bridge towards healing, within our mind, body and soul, with wonderful new guided rainbow healing energies .  My Joseph.. you amaze me, and always give Mom that extra love when she needs that smile, you always show me your signs and love and give me gifts, from Heaven.   Thank you my son, for placing this book in mom’s hands, it is the best healing I can relate to. I believe IRIS has come into my life as a gift, of healing from you.  This wonderful book, blends all my loves/ beliefs of Spirituality, and understanding of our systems.  I recommend this to all.  The material has the best philosophical thought: The Enlightenment philosophies, The embodiment philosophies and the integrative philosophies of the opposites the mind and body, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and matter, light and shadow, male and female. With the best in depth psychology of Jung.  I love me my Carl Jung.  His explanation of the souls journey, in wholeness and transformation.

With love to you all, Joseph’s Mommy Julianne